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Journal Cover   International Journal of Business Excellence
  [SJR: 0.31]   [H-I: 6]   [3 followers]  Follow
   Hybrid Journal Hybrid journal (It can contain Open Access articles)
   ISSN (Print) 1756-0047 - ISSN (Online) 1756-0055
   Published by Inderscience Publishers Homepage  [402 journals]
  • ISM for understanding the enablers of telecom service supply chain
    • Authors: V.R. Pramod, D.K. Banwet
      Pages: 537 - 565
      Abstract: The objective of this paper is to delineate the interrelationship between the enablers of a telecom service supply chain in the Indian context. Interpretive structural modelling has been explored to find the interrelationships between the enablers. Elicitations of the experts from industry and academia have been explored in this regard. Based on the interrelationships matrices named: 1) initial reachability metrics; 2) final reachability metrics have been framed. Diagraph has been developed and further it has been transformed to ISM. The hierarchy of various enablers has been established based on the outcomes of the final reachability metrics and finally driving power-dependence diagram has been developed to categorise the enablers in to four clusters. The results indicated that there exists higher degree of interrelationship between the enablers. The paper is concluded with action plan and scope for future work.
      Keywords: interpretive structural modelling; ISM; telecom services; SSCM; enablers; driving power-dependence diagrams; telecommunications industry; supply chain management; SCM
      Citation: International Journal of Business Excellence, Vol. 8, No. 5 (2015) pp. 537 - 565
      PubDate: 2015-08-19T23:20:50-05:00
      DOI: 10.1504/IJBEX.2015.071277
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 5 (2015)
  • Integrated waste management framework: a business case from
           hospitality industry
    • Authors: V.R. Pramod, D.K. Banwet
      Pages: 566 - 583
      Abstract: Environment sustainability in tourism industry is an upcoming area of research that can benefit from integrated approach to waste management. Recent developments in waste management of hospitality sector have experimented with different methods, but less attention has been paid to integrate it as a strategic opportunity in the greening of services. Also, literature from the developing world have contributed with prescriptive and empirical studies on environmental performance of organisations, but limited on-the-ground kind of studies to explore the practical and contextual aspects of implementing waste management as a part of organisational process. This research article is based on a case study conducted in two co-located Ecotel® certified hotels in India and examines the role of waste management as a business strategy. The study has used inputs from extant literature and learning from the case study to propose integrated waste management framework as a business strategy and to shift it stand-alone backend practice, which can help the firms from hospitality sector develop waste management as a part of its competitive differentiator.
      Keywords: environmental sustainability; tourism industry; hotels; integrated waste management; hospitality industry; case study; India; business strategy
      Citation: International Journal of Business Excellence, Vol. 8, No. 5 (2015) pp. 566 - 583
      PubDate: 2015-08-19T23:20:50-05:00
      DOI: 10.1504/IJBEX.2015.071278
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 5 (2015)
  • Performance appraisal: a review and case study
    • Authors: Zahra Honarmand Shahzileh, Ali Mashhadi Aghajan
      Pages: 584 - 600
      Abstract: Every organisation for its survival and growth requires committed and qualified employees. Managers for the decisions such as the promotion, salary increase, appointment, fire, and replacement require evaluating the performances of their employees. With the assist of an appropriate performance appraisal system, companies will be able to overcome the problems related to employees' weak performances and can prepare plans for their performance improvement. In this paper based on the prior researches and studies, first the performance appraisal system, its objectives, content and process will be reviewed and then, the most recognised methods of performance appraisal and the effectiveness of performance appraisal system will be explained. And finally the performance appraisal system of an Iranian company will be examined and some improvement recommendations will be suggested.
      Keywords: performance appraisal; performance evaluation; performance management; employee performance; employee appraisal; Iran
      Citation: International Journal of Business Excellence, Vol. 8, No. 5 (2015) pp. 584 - 600
      PubDate: 2015-08-19T23:20:50-05:00
      DOI: 10.1504/IJBEX.2015.071279
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 5 (2015)
  • A longitudinal analysis of work-life balance perspectives of future
           business professionals
    • Authors: Stefan Linnhoff, Katherine Taken Smith, L. Murphy Smith
      Pages: 601 - 631
      Abstract: People face the difficulty of how to allocate their limited time between work and non-work activities; this is the age-old problem of work-life balance. Facilitating work-life balance for its employees is a vital aspect of best practices in business management, which will engender higher levels of employee job performance and ethical behaviour. This study compares findings of prior research with results of a current survey of work-life balance perspectives of future business professionals. A key finding is that work-life balance is still of high importance. In addition, some interesting gender-related changes were observed. Comparing the results for 2013 and 2008, findings show that regarding WLB-related issues that were of more concern to females than males in the past are now essentially of shared interest for both sexes.
      Keywords: work-life balance; productivity; human resources; ethics; business professionals; job performance; ethical behaviour; gender
      Citation: International Journal of Business Excellence, Vol. 8, No. 5 (2015) pp. 601 - 631
      PubDate: 2015-08-19T23:20:50-05:00
      DOI: 10.1504/IJBEX.2015.071273
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 5 (2015)
  • Impact of key human dimensions on SCM performance - qualitative and
           empirical analysis
    • Authors: Pratima Mishra, Rajiv Kumar Sharma
      Pages: 632 - 661
      Abstract: The main aim of the study is to develop a framework and provide empirical evidence to support the conceptual and descriptive statements in the literature regarding the impact of human dimensions (HDs) to improve supply chain management (SCM) performance. The research is conducted in two phases. In phase I, after extant review of literature, various human dimension critical to SCM performance were identified and further analytical hierarchy process (AHP) is used to perform pair-wise comparison and prioritise the dimensions. Based upon theoretical envelope, in phase II various research hypotheses were formulated to investigate empirical relationship (using SEM) between human dimensions and their effect on SCM performance. The finding reveals that managerial support (0.74), communication and cooperation (0.70), training (0.63), self-management (0.60), has greater effect on SCM performance. Overall effect of human dimensions on SCM performance is observed to be around 0.73, which is quite significant.
      Keywords: supply chain performance; supply chain management; SCM; performance measurement; human dimensions; structural equation modelling; SEM; analytical hierarchy process; AHP
      Citation: International Journal of Business Excellence, Vol. 8, No. 5 (2015) pp. 632 - 661
      PubDate: 2015-08-19T23:20:50-05:00
      DOI: 10.1504/IJBEX.2015.071274
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 5 (2015)
  • How supplier exercised power affects the cooperative climate, trust and
           commitment in buyer-supplier relationships
    • Authors: Pratima Mishra, Rajiv Kumar Sharma
      Pages: 662 - 673
      Abstract: Facing rapid changes in technology and the globalisation of markets, it is now increasingly important for firms to work together to survive. Cooperation between buyers and suppliers helps to improve the efficiency of a supply chain as a whole for the benefit of all the parties involved, the exercise of power by suppliers is a critical factor that influences such cooperation. This study aims to investigate how supplier use of power affects the cooperative climate between a buyer and a supplier, buyer trust in the supplier, and buyer commitment, all from buyer's perspective. The relationships are hypothesised and investigated based on the empirical data collected from companies in the Taiwanese semiconductor industry. The results demonstrate that the supplier's use of non-coercive power can improve cooperation and trust between the buyer and supplier, and this can then enhance buyer's commitment. Practical suggestions are made based on the insights derived in this paper with the aim of achieving closer buyer-supplier relationships in highly competitive environments.
      Keywords: exercise of power; cooperation; trust; commitment; suppliers; buyer-supplier relationships; supply chain management; SCM; Taiwan; semiconductor industry; non-coercive power
      Citation: International Journal of Business Excellence, Vol. 8, No. 5 (2015) pp. 662 - 673
      PubDate: 2015-08-19T23:20:50-05:00
      DOI: 10.1504/IJBEX.2015.071275
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 5 (2015)
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