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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences    [311 followers]  Follow    
  Full-text available via subscription Subscription journal
     ISSN (Print) 0027-8424 - ISSN (Online) 1091-6490
     Published by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) Homepage  [1 journal]   [SJR: 5.473]   [H-I: 485]
  • Antimicrobial peptide delocalizing proteins [Microbiology]
    • Authors: Wenzel, M; Chiriac, A. I, Otto, A, Zweytick, D, May, C, Schumacher, C, Gust, R, Albada, H. B, Penkova, M, Kramer, U, Erdmann, R, Metzler–Nolte, N, Straus, S. K, Bremer, E, Becher, D, Brotz–Oesterhelt, H, Sahl, H.–G, Bandow, J. E.
      Pages: E1409 - E1418
      Abstract: Short antimicrobial peptides rich in arginine (R) and tryptophan (W) interact with membranes. To learn how this interaction leads to bacterial death, we characterized the effects of the minimal pharmacophore RWRWRW-NH2. A ruthenium-substituted derivative of this peptide localized to the membrane in vivo, and the peptide also integrated readily into...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1319900111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1319900111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Short-term diversification of biofilm populations [Microbiology]
    • Authors: McElroy, K. E; Hui, J. G. K, Woo, J. K. K, Luk, A. W. S, Webb, J. S, Kjelleberg, S, Rice, S. A, Thomas, T.
      Pages: E1419 - E1427
      Abstract: Generation of genetic diversity is a prerequisite for bacterial evolution and adaptation. Short-term diversification and selection within populations is, however, largely uncharacterised, as existing studies typically focus on fixed substitutions. Here, we use whole-genome deep-sequencing to capture the spectrum of mutations arising during biofilm development for two Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains....
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1314340111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1314340111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Light causes formation of retinoid adducts in rods [Neuroscience]
    • Authors: Maeda, A; Palczewska, G, Golczak, M, Kohno, H, Dong, Z, Maeda, T, Palczewski, K.
      Pages: E1428 - E1437
      Abstract: Atrophic age-related and juvenile macular degeneration are especially devastating due to lack of an effective cure. Two retinal cell types, photoreceptor cells and the adjacent retinal pigmented epithelium (RPE), reportedly display the earliest pathological changes. Abca4−/−Rdh8−/− mice, which mimic many features of human retinal degeneration, allowed us to determine the...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1317986111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1317986111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Two KCNE1 subunits in IKs channels [Physiology]
    • Authors: Plant, L. D; Xiong, D, Dai, H, Goldstein, S. A. N.
      Pages: E1438 - E1446
      Abstract: KCNE1 (E1) β-subunits assemble with KCNQ1 (Q1) voltage-gated K+ channel α-subunits to form IKslow (IKs) channels in the heart and ear. The number of E1 subunits in IKs channels has been an issue of ongoing debate. Here, we use single-molecule spectroscopy to demonstrate that surface IKs channels with human subunits...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1323548111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1323548111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • eIF2{gamma} targets GLC7 to dephosphorylate yeast eIF2{alpha}
    • Authors: Rojas, M; Gingras, A.-C, Dever, T. E.
      Pages: E1344 - E1353
      Abstract: Whereas the protein kinases GCN2, HRI, PKR, and PERK specifically phosphorylate eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 (eIF2α) on Ser51 to regulate global and gene-specific mRNA translation, eIF2α is dephosphorylated by the broadly acting serine/threonine protein phosphatase 1 (PP1). In mammalian cells, the regulatory subunits GADD34 and CReP target PP1 to...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1400129111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1400129111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Crop photosynthesis captured by fluorescence [Environmental Sciences]
    • Authors: Guanter, L; Zhang, Y, Jung, M, Joiner, J, Voigt, M, Berry, J. A, Frankenberg, C, Huete, A. R, Zarco-Tejada, P, Lee, J.-E, Moran, M. S, Ponce-Campos, G, Beer, C, Camps-Valls, G, Buchmann, N, Gianelle, D, Klumpp, K, Cescatti, A, Baker, J. M, Griffis, T. J.
      Pages: E1327 - E1333
      Abstract: Photosynthesis is the process by which plants harvest sunlight to produce sugars from carbon dioxide and water. It is the primary source of energy for all life on Earth; hence it is important to understand how this process responds to climate change and human impact. However, model-based estimates of gross...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1320008111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1320008111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Hydrophobic gate control by the P4-ATPase ATP8A2 [Biochemistry]
    • Authors: Vestergaard, A. L; Coleman, J. A, Lemmin, T, Mikkelsen, S. A, Molday, L. L, Vilsen, B, Molday, R. S, Dal Peraro, M, Andersen, J. P.
      Pages: E1334 - E1343
      Abstract: P4-ATPases (flippases) translocate specific phospholipids such as phosphatidylserine from the exoplasmic leaflet of the cell membrane to the cytosolic leaflet, upholding an essential membrane asymmetry. The mechanism of flipping this giant substrate has remained an enigma. We have investigated the importance of amino acid residues in transmembrane segment M4 of...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1321165111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1321165111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Citrate in bone [Biophysics and Computational Biology]
    • Authors: Davies, E; Muller, K. H, Wong, W. C, Pickard, C. J, Reid, D. G, Skepper, J. N, Duer, M. J.
      Pages: E1354 - E1363
      Abstract: We provide evidence that citrate anions bridge between mineral platelets in bone and hypothesize that their presence acts to maintain separate platelets with disordered regions between them rather than gradual transformations into larger, more ordered blocks of mineral. To assess this hypothesis, we take as a model for a citrate...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1315080111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1315080111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Distinct Wilson disease mutation phenotype [Cell Biology]
    • Authors: Braiterman, L. T; Murthy, A, Jayakanthan, S, Nyasae, L, Tzeng, E, Gromadzka, G, Woolf, T. B, Lutsenko, S, Hubbard, A. L.
      Pages: E1364 - E1373
      Abstract: Wilson disease (WD) is a monogenic autosomal-recessive disorder of copper accumulation that leads to liver failure and/or neurological deficits. WD is caused by mutations in ATP7B, a transporter that loads Cu(I) onto newly synthesized cupro-enzymes in the trans-Golgi network (TGN) and exports excess copper out of cells by trafficking from...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1314161111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1314161111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Shp2 cKO results in impaired cardiac innervation [Developmental Biology]
    • Authors: Lajiness, J. D; Snider, P, Wang, J, Feng, G.-S, Krenz, M, Conway, S. J.
      Pages: E1374 - E1382
      Abstract: Autonomic innervation is an essential component of cardiovascular regulation that is first established from the neural crest (NC) lineage in utero and continues developing postnatally. Although in vitro studies have indicated that SH2-containing protein tyrosine phosphatase 2 (SHP-2) is a signaling factor critical for regulating sympathetic neuron differentiation, this has...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1319208111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1319208111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Sensory hair cell regeneration genes [Developmental Biology]
    • Authors: Jiang, L; Romero-Carvajal, A, Haug, J. S, Seidel, C. W, Piotrowski, T.
      Pages: E1383 - E1392
      Abstract: Deafness caused by the terminal loss of inner ear hair cells is one of the most common sensory diseases. However, nonmammalian animals (e.g., birds, amphibians, and fish) regenerate damaged hair cells. To understand better the reasons underpinning such disparities in regeneration among vertebrates, we set out to define at high...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1402898111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1402898111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Mantle-cell gene expression [Developmental Biology]
    • Authors: Steiner, A. B; Kim, T, Cabot, V, Hudspeth, A. J.
      Pages: E1393 - E1401
      Abstract: Hearing loss is most commonly caused by the destruction of mechanosensory hair cells in the ear. This condition is usually permanent: Despite the presence of putative hair-cell progenitors in the cochlea, hair cells are not naturally replenished in adult mammals. Unlike those of the mammalian ear, the progenitor cells of...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1318692111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1318692111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Beta cyclodextrins bind and remove A2E from RPE [Medical Sciences]
    • Authors: Nociari, M. M; Lehmann, G. L, Perez Bay, A. E, Radu, R. A, Jiang, Z, Goicochea, S, Schreiner, R, Warren, J. D, Shan, J, Adam de Beaumais, S, Menand, M, Sollogoub, M, Maxfield, F. R, Rodriguez–Boulan, E.
      Pages: E1402 - E1408
      Abstract: Accumulation of lipofuscin bisretinoids (LBs) in the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) is the alleged cause of retinal degeneration in genetic blinding diseases (e.g., Stargardt) and a possible etiological agent for age-related macular degeneration. Currently, there are no approved treatments for these diseases; hence, agents that efficiently remove LBs from RPE...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1400530111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1400530111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Livestock methane emissions in the United States [Physical Sciences]
    • Authors: Hristov, A. N; Johnson, K. A, Kebreab, E.
      Pages: E1320 - E1320
      Abstract: The recent study by Miller et al. (1) provides a comprehensive, quantitative analysis of anthropogenic methane sources in the United States using atmospheric methane observations, spatial datasets, and a high-resolution atmospheric transport model. The authors conclude that “…emissions due to ruminants and manure are up to twice the magnitude of...
      Keywords: Letters
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1401046111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1401046111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Linking methane emissions to atmospheric data [Physical Sciences]
    • Authors: Miller, S. M; Michalak, A. M, Wofsy, S. C.
      Pages: E1321 - E1321
      Abstract: Hristov et al. (1) argue that our study “provides a comprehensive, quantitative analysis of anthropogenic methane sources,” but that the conclusion “that US EPA [US Environmental Protection Agency] estimates for livestock methane emissions are grossly underestimated appears to be unsubstantiated by … [a] ‘bottom-up’ approach” outlined in their letter. In...
      Keywords: Letters
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1401703111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1401703111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • p21 induces SAMHD1 phosphorylation [Biological Sciences]
    • Authors: Pauls, E; Ruiz, A, Riveira–Munoz, E, Permanyer, M, Badia, R, Clotet, B, Keppler, O. T, Ballana, E, Este, J. A.
      Pages: E1322 - E1324
      Abstract: Allouch et al. (1) have shown that CDKN1A (p21) restricts HIV-1 replication in monocyte-derived macrophages (MDM) by controlling the expression of the ribonucleotide reductase subunit R2 (RNR2) of the ribonucleotide reductase enzyme that, in turn, controls the intracellular deoxynucleotide (dNTP) pool required for HIV-1 reverse transcription. dNTP levels are also...
      Keywords: Letters
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1322059111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1322059111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • p21 as a master HIV regulator in macrophages [Biological Sciences]
    • Authors: Allouch, A; David, A, Amie, S. M, Lahouassa, H, Chartier, L, Margottin–Goguet, F, Barre–Sinoussi, F, Kim, B, Saez–Cirion, A, Pancino, G.
      Pages: E1325 - E1326
      Abstract: We thank Pauls et al. for their comments (1) on our article describing that p21 restricts reverse transcription of HIV-1 in monocyte-derived macrophages (MDM) by blocking the synthesis of deoxynucleotides (dNTPs) through the repression of the transcription factor E2F1 and the subsequent inhibition of the expression of ribonucleotide reductase subunit...
      Keywords: Letters
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1322699111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1322699111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • In This Issue [This Week in PNAS]
    • Pages: 5061 - 5062
      Abstract: Genome sequences illuminate pepper evolution, domestication General fruit variability within peppers (Capsicum annuum L.). Domesticated by Native Americans around 6000 BC, peppers represent a commercially important food, medicinal, and ornamental crop, with 34.6 million tons of fresh fruit harvested worldwide in 2011. Yet the molecular mechanisms underlying pepper fruit size,...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:28-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/iti1414111|hwp:resource-id:pnas;111/14/5061
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Sex, equity, and science [Opinion]
    • Authors: Woodruff; T. K.
      Pages: 5063 - 5064
      Abstract: It’s clear that 2014 has the potential to be a big year for realizing equality in women’s health research and care. Teresa K. Woodruff. First came an announcement from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) on new partnerships that are being formed between the NIH, drug companies, and nonprofit organizations...
      Keywords: Opinions
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:28-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1404203111|hwp:resource-id:pnas;111/14/5063
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Stoichiometry of the cardiac IKs complex [Physiology]
    • Authors: Kobertz; W. R.
      Pages: 5065 - 5066
      Abstract: Nothing is easy for ion channels that assemble with membrane-embedded regulatory subunits. Something as trivial yet as fundamental as counting the number of subunits in an ion channel complex can be challenging and marred with controversy. The most infamous stoichiometric debate in the ion channel field has been over the...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:28-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1403171111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1403171111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Environmentally significant consumption [Sustainability Science]
    • Authors: Dietz; T.
      Pages: 5067 - 5068
      Abstract: Consumer choices can have major impacts on the environment. For example, the United States could reduce its total greenhouse gas emissions by 7% through modest policies to encourage more efficient household energy consumption (1). This “behavioral wedge” would make a substantial and low-cost contribution to climate-change mitigation (2, 3). Shifts...
      Keywords: Sustainability Science
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1403169111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1403169111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Chile pepper genome [Agricultural Sciences]
    • Authors: Albert, V. A; Chang, T.-H.
      Pages: 5069 - 5070
      Abstract: The chile pepper has a long and important human history. Chiles, members of the plant genus Capsicum in the Solanaceae family, evolved in the New World and were domesticated there several millennia ago (1). Although it is hard to imagine a Mexican, Szechuan, or Indian dinner without chiles, these characteristic...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1402378111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1402378111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Extraordinary elephant perception [Psychological and Cognitive Sciences]
    • Authors: Plotnik, J. M; de Waal, F. B. M.
      Pages: 5071 - 5072
      Abstract: When it comes to people, elephants can be very discriminating, especially those under human care in Southeast Asia. There is the story of the orphaned elephant who, at the age of 10, pulled her drowning mahout out of a lake after hearing his cries for help a kilometer away, or...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1403064111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1403064111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Mathematical approaches to modeling pluripotency [Developmental Biology]
    • Authors: Morris, R; Sancho-Martinez, I, Sharpee, T. O, Izpisua Belmonte, J. C.
      Pages: 5076 - 5082
      Abstract: Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) are created by the reprogramming of somatic cells via overexpression of certain transcription factors, such as the originally described Yamanaka factors: Oct4, Sox2, Klf4, and c-Myc (OSKM). Here we discuss recent advancements in iPSC reprogramming and introduce mathematical approaches to help map the landscape between...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1317150111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1317150111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Shape matters in protein mobility within membranes [Biophysics and
           Computational Biology]
    • Authors: Quemeneur, F; Sigurdsson, J. K, Renner, M, Atzberger, P. J, Bassereau, P, Lacoste, D.
      Pages: 5083 - 5087
      Abstract: The lateral mobility of proteins within cell membranes is usually thought to be dependent on their size and modulated by local heterogeneities of the membrane. Experiments using single-particle tracking on reconstituted membranes demonstrate that protein diffusion is significantly influenced by the interplay of membrane curvature, membrane tension, and protein shape....
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1321054111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1321054111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Mesoscopic structural universality with diffusion [Biophysics and
           Computational Biology]
    • Authors: Novikov, D. S; Jensen, J. H, Helpern, J. A, Fieremans, E.
      Pages: 5088 - 5093
      Abstract: Measuring molecular diffusion is widely used for characterizing materials and living organisms noninvasively. This characterization relies on relations between macroscopic diffusion metrics and structure at the mesoscopic scale commensurate with the diffusion length. Establishing such relations remains a fundamental challenge, hindering progress in materials science, porous media, and biomedical imaging....
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1316944111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1316944111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Polydispersity-driven topological defects [Applied Physical Sciences]
    • Authors: Yao, Z; Olvera de la Cruz, M.
      Pages: 5094 - 5099
      Abstract: The engineering of defects in crystalline matter has been extensively exploited to modify the mechanical and electrical properties of many materials. Recent experiments on manipulating extended defects in graphene, for example, show that defects direct the flow of electric charges. The fascinating possibilities offered by defects in two dimensions, known...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1403679111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1403679111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Indonesian paleoclimate since 60,000 y B.P. [Environmental Sciences]
    • Authors: Russell, J. M; Vogel, H, Konecky, B. L, Bijaksana, S, Huang, Y, Melles, M, Wattrus, N, Costa, K, King, J. W.
      Pages: 5100 - 5105
      Abstract: The Indo-Pacific warm pool houses the largest zone of deep atmospheric convection on Earth and plays a critical role in global climate variations. Despite the region’s importance, changes in Indo-Pacific hydroclimate on orbital timescales remain poorly constrained. Here we present high-resolution geochemical records of surface runoff and vegetation from sediment...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1402373111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1402373111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Giant pressure-induced volume collapse in MnS2 [Earth, Atmospheric, and
           Planetary Sciences]
    • Authors: Kimber, S. A. J; Salamat, A, Evans, S. R, Jeschke, H. O, Muthukumar, K, Tomić, M, Salvat–Puȷol, F, Valenti, R, Kaisheva, M. V, Zizak, I, Chatterȷi, T.
      Pages: 5106 - 5110
      Abstract: Dramatic volume collapses under pressure are fundamental to geochemistry and of increasing importance to fields as diverse as hydrogen storage and high-temperature superconductivity. In transition metal materials, collapses are usually driven by so-called spin-state transitions, the interplay between the single-ion crystal field and the size of the magnetic moment. Here...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1318543111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1318543111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • On the sensitivity of FET-based nanobiosensors [Engineering]
    • Authors: Shoorideh, K; Chui, C. O.
      Pages: 5111 - 5116
      Abstract: Electrostatic counter ion screening is a phenomenon that is detrimental to the sensitivity of charge detection in electrolytic environments, such as in field-effect transistor-based biosensors. Using simple analytical arguments, we show that electrostatic screening is weaker in the vicinity of concave curved surfaces, and stronger in the vicinity of convex...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1315485111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1315485111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • A method for data mining [Biophysics and Computational Biology]
    • Authors: Cacciatore, S; Luchinat, C, Tenori, L.
      Pages: 5117 - 5122
      Abstract: Here we describe KODAMA (knowledge discovery by accuracy maximization), an unsupervised and semisupervised learning algorithm that performs feature extraction from noisy and high-dimensional data. Unlike other data mining methods, the peculiarity of KODAMA is that it is driven by an integrated procedure of cross-validation of the results. The discovery of...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1220873111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1220873111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Greeble expertise in acquired prosopagnosia [Psychological and Cognitive
    • Authors: Rezlescu, C; Barton, J. J. S, Pitcher, D, Duchaine, B.
      Pages: 5123 - 5128
      Abstract: Face recognition is generally thought to rely on different neurocognitive mechanisms than most types of objects, but the specificity of these mechanisms is debated. One account suggests the mechanisms are specific to upright faces, whereas the expertise view proposes the mechanisms operate on objects of high within-class similarity with which...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1317125111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1317125111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Perceptions of water use [Sustainability Science]
    • Authors: Attari; S. Z.
      Pages: 5129 - 5134
      Abstract: In a national online survey, 1,020 participants reported their perceptions of water use for household activities. When asked for the most effective strategy they could implement to conserve water in their lives, or what other Americans could do, most participants mentioned curtailment (e.g., taking shorter showers, turning off the water...
      Keywords: Sustainability Science
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1316402111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1316402111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Whole-genome sequencing of peppers [Agricultural Sciences]
    • Authors: Qin, C; Yu, C, Shen, Y, Fang, X, Chen, L, Min, J, Cheng, J, Zhao, S, Xu, M, Luo, Y, Yang, Y, Wu, Z, Mao, L, Wu, H, Ling–Hu, C, Zhou, H, Lin, H, Gonzalez–Morales, S, Treȷo–Saavedra, D. L, Tian, H, Tang, X, Zhao, M, Huang, Z, Zhou, A, Yao, X, Cui, J, Li, W, Chen, Z, Feng, Y, Niu, Y, Bi, S, Yang, X, , Cai, H, Luo, X, Montes–Hernandez, S, Leyva–Gonzalez, M. A, Xiong, Z, He, X, Bai, L, Tan, S, , Liu, D, Liu, J, Zhang, S, Chen, M, Zhang, L, , Zhang, Y, Liao, W, , Wang, M, Lv, X, Wen, B, Liu, H, Luan, H, , Yang, S, Wang, X, Xu, J, Li, X, Li, S, Wang, J, Palloix, A, Bosland, P. W, Li, Y, Krogh, A, Rivera–Bustamante, R. F, Herrera–Estrella, L, Yin, Y, Yu, J, Hu, K, Zhang, Z.
      Pages: 5135 - 5140
      Abstract: As an economic crop, pepper satisfies people’s spicy taste and has medicinal uses worldwide. To gain a better understanding of Capsicum evolution, domestication, and specialization, we present here the genome sequence of the cultivated pepper Zunla-1 (C. annuum L.) and its wild progenitor Chiltepin (C. annuum var. glabriusculum). We estimate...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1400975111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1400975111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Rootworm resistance to Bt maize [Agricultural Sciences]
    • Authors: Gassmann, A. J; Petzold-Maxwell, J. L, Clifton, E. H, Dunbar, M. W, Hoffmann, A. M, Ingber, D. A, Keweshan, R. S.
      Pages: 5141 - 5146
      Abstract: The widespread planting of crops genetically engineered to produce insecticidal toxins derived from the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) places intense selective pressure on pest populations to evolve resistance. Western corn rootworm is a key pest of maize, and in continuous maize fields it is often managed through planting of Bt...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1317179111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1317179111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Humanization of six megabases of mouse Ig genes [Applied Biological
    • Authors: Macdonald, L. E; Karow, M, Stevens, S, Auerbach, W, Poueymirou, W. T, Yasenchak, J, Frendewey, D, Valenzuela, D. M, Giallourakis, C. C, Alt, F. W, Yancopoulos, G. D, Murphy, A. J.
      Pages: 5147 - 5152
      Abstract: Genetic humanization, which involves replacing mouse genes with their human counterparts, can create powerful animal models for the study of human genes and diseases. One important example of genetic humanization involves mice humanized for their Ig genes, allowing for human antibody responses within a mouse background (HumAb mice) and also...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1323896111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1323896111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Antibodies from megabase Ig-gene humanized mice [Applied Biological
    • Authors: Murphy, A. J; Macdonald, L. E, Stevens, S, Karow, M, Dore, A. T, Pobursky, K, Huang, T. T, Poueymirou, W. T, Esau, L, Meola, M, Mikulka, W, Krueger, P, Fairhurst, J, Valenzuela, D. M, Papadopoulos, N, Yancopoulos, G. D.
      Pages: 5153 - 5158
      Abstract: Mice genetically engineered to be humanized for their Ig genes allow for human antibody responses within a mouse background (HumAb mice), providing a valuable platform for the generation of fully human therapeutic antibodies. Unfortunately, existing HumAb mice do not have fully functional immune systems, perhaps because of the manner in...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1324022111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1324022111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Glucose-insensitive yeast xylose transporters [Applied Biological
    • Authors: Farwick, A; Bruder, S, Schadeweg, V, Oreb, M, Boles, E.
      Pages: 5159 - 5164
      Abstract: All known d-xylose transporters are competitively inhibited by d-glucose, which is one of the major reasons hampering simultaneous fermentation of d-glucose and d-xylose, two primary sugars present in lignocellulosic biomass. We have set up a yeast growth-based screening system for mutant d-xylose transporters that are insensitive to the presence of...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1323464111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1323464111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Cyclic HSV1-TK reporter [Applied Biological Sciences]
    • Authors: Wang, F; Wang, Z, Hida, N, Kiesewetter, D. O, Ma, Y, Yang, K, Rong, P, Liang, J, Tian, J, Niu, G, Chen, X.
      Pages: 5165 - 5170
      Abstract: The coordination of cell proliferation and programmed death (apoptosis) is essential for normal physiology, and imbalance in these two opposing processes is implicated in various diseases. Objective and quantitative noninvasive imaging of apoptosis would significantly facilitate rapid screening as well as validation of therapeutic chemicals. Herein, we molecularly engineered an...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1321374111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1321374111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Structure of the CP bond cleaving oxygenase PhnZ [Chemistry]
    • Authors: van Staalduinen, L. M; McSorley, F. R, Schiessl, K, Seguin, J, Wyatt, P. B, Hammerschmidt, F, Zechel, D. L, Jia, Z.
      Pages: 5171 - 5176
      Abstract: The enzymes PhnY and PhnZ comprise an oxidative catabolic pathway that enables marine bacteria to use 2-aminoethylphosphonic acid as a source of inorganic phosphate. PhnZ is notable for catalyzing the oxidative cleavage of a carbon–phosphorus bond using Fe(II) and dioxygen, despite belonging to a large family of hydrolytic enzymes, the...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1320039111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1320039111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Interaction between NAF-1 and Bcl-2 [Physics]
    • Authors: Tamir, S; Rotem-Bamberger, S, Katz, C, Morcos, F, Hailey, K. L, Zuris, J. A, Wang, C, Conlan, A. R, Lipper, C. H, Paddock, M. L, Mittler, R, Onuchic, J. N, Jennings, P. A, Friedler, A, Nechushtai, R.
      Pages: 5177 - 5182
      Abstract: Life requires orchestrated control of cell proliferation, cell maintenance, and cell death. Involved in these decisions are protein complexes that assimilate a variety of inputs that report on the status of the cell and lead to an output response. Among the proteins involved in this response are nutrient-deprivation autophagy factor-1...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1403770111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1403770111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • NCR247 peptide in bacteroid differentiation [Biochemistry]
    • Authors: Farkas, A; Maroti, G, Durgő, H, Gyorgypal, Z, Lima, R. M, Medzihradszky, K. F, Kereszt, A, Mergaert, P, Kondorosi, E.
      Pages: 5183 - 5188
      Abstract: Symbiosis between rhizobia soil bacteria and legume plants results in the formation of root nodules where plant cells are fully packed with nitrogen fixing bacteria. In the host cells, the bacteria adapt to the intracellular environment and gain the ability for nitrogen fixation. Depending on the host plants, the symbiotic...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1404169111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1404169111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Structural mechanism of AA amyloidosis [Biochemistry]
    • Authors: Lu, J; Yu, Y, Zhu, I, Cheng, Y, Sun, P. D.
      Pages: 5189 - 5194
      Abstract: Serum amyloid A (SAA) represents an evolutionarily conserved family of inflammatory acute-phase proteins. It is also a major constituent of secondary amyloidosis. To understand its function and structural transition to amyloid, we determined a structure of human SAA1.1 in two crystal forms, representing a prototypic member of the family. Native...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1322357111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1322357111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Crystal structure of EML1 [Biochemistry]
    • Authors: Richards, M. W; Law, E. W. P, Rennalls, L. P, Busacca, S, O'Regan, L, Fry, A. M, Fennell, D. A, Bayliss, R.
      Pages: 5195 - 5200
      Abstract: Proteins of the echinoderm microtubule-associated protein (EMAP)-like (EML) family contribute to formation of the mitotic spindle and interphase microtubule network. They contain a unique hydrophobic EML protein (HELP) motif and a variable number of WD40 repeats. Recurrent gene rearrangements in nonsmall cell lung cancer fuse EML4 to anaplastic lymphoma kinase...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1322892111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1322892111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Prion structural complexity and self-propagation [Biochemistry]
    • Authors: Wan, W; Stubbs, G.
      Pages: 5201 - 5206
      Abstract: The highly ordered and reproducible structure of the fungal prion HET-s makes it an excellent model system for studying the inherent properties of prions, self-propagating infectious proteins that have been implicated in a number of fatal diseases. In particular, the HET-s prion-forming domain readily folds into a relatively complex two-rung...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1322933111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1322933111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • LYR protein subunit of mitochondrial complex I [Biochemistry]
    • Authors: Angerer, H; Radermacher, M, Małkowska, M, Steger, M, Zwicker, K, Heide, H, Wittig, I, Brandt, U, Zickermann, V.
      Pages: 5207 - 5212
      Abstract: Mitochondrial complex I is the largest and most complicated enzyme of the oxidative phosphorylation system. It comprises a number of so-called accessory subunits of largely unknown structure and function. Here we studied subunit NB4M [NDUFA6, LYR motif containing protein 6 (LYRM6)], a member of the LYRM family of proteins. Chromosomal...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1322438111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1322438111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Temperature-dependent solvation of IDPs [Chemistry]
    • Authors: Wuttke, R; Hofmann, H, Nettels, D, Borgia, M. B, Mittal, J, Best, R. B, Schuler, B.
      Pages: 5213 - 5218
      Abstract: For disordered proteins, the dimensions of the chain are an important property that is sensitive to environmental conditions. We have used single-molecule Förster resonance energy transfer to probe the temperature-induced chain collapse of five unfolded or intrinsically disordered proteins. Because this behavior is sensitive to the details of intrachain and...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1313006111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1313006111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Mechanism of dimer dissociation in UVR8 [Biophysics and Computational
    • Authors: Voityuk, A. A; Marcus, R. A, Michel-Beyerle, M.-E.
      Pages: 5219 - 5224
      Abstract: UV-B absorption by the photoreceptor UV resistance locus 8 (UVR8) consisting of two identical protein units triggers a signal chain used by plants in connection with protection and repair of UV-B induced damage. X-ray structural analysis of the purified protein [Christie JM, et al. (2012) Science 335(6075):1492–1496] [Wu D, et...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1402025111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1402025111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Homology detection [Biophysics and Computational Biology]
    • Authors: Scheraga, H. A; Rackovsky, S.
      Pages: 5225 - 5229
      Abstract: We show that a Fourier-based sequence distance function is able to identify structural homologs of target sequences with high accuracy. It is shown that Fourier distances correlate very strongly with independently determined structural distances between molecules, a property of the method that is not attainable using conventional representations. It is...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1403599111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1403599111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Biomechanics of breast-feeding [Biophysics and Computational Biology]
    • Authors: Elad, D; Kozlovsky, P, Blum, O, Laine, A. F, Po, M. J, Botzer, E, Dollberg, S, Zelicovich, M, Ben Sira, L.
      Pages: 5230 - 5235
      Abstract: How do infants extract milk during breast-feeding' We have resolved a century-long scientific controversy, whether it is sucking of the milk by subatmospheric pressure or mouthing of the nipple–areola complex to induce a peristaltic-like extraction mechanism. Breast-feeding is a dynamic process, which requires coupling between periodic motions of the infant’s...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1319798111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1319798111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Nucleosome crowding in yeast [Biophysics and Computational Biology]
    • Authors: Chereji, R. V; Morozov, A. V.
      Pages: 5236 - 5241
      Abstract: Nucleosomes may undergo a conformational change in which a stretch of DNA peels off the histone octamer surface as a result of thermal fluctuations or interactions with chromatin remodelers. Thus, neighboring nucleosomes may invade each other’s territories by DNA unwrapping and translocation, or through initial assembly in partially wrapped states....
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1321001111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1321001111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Nr4a receptors regulate islet {beta}-cell expansion [Cell Biology]
    • Authors: Tessem, J. S; Moss, L. G, Chao, L. C, Arlotto, M, Lu, D, Jensen, M. V, Stephens, S. B, Tontonoz, P, Hohmeier, H. E, Newgard, C. B.
      Pages: 5242 - 5247
      Abstract: Loss of functional β-cell mass is a hallmark of type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and methods for restoring these cells are needed. We have previously reported that overexpression of the homeodomain transcription factor NK6 homeobox 1 (Nkx6.1) in rat pancreatic islets induces β-cell proliferation and enhances glucose-stimulated insulin secretion,...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1320953111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1320953111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • In vivo radiation response of proneural glioma [Cell Biology]
    • Authors: Halliday, J; Helmy, K, Pattwell, S. S, Pitter, K. L, LaPlant, Q, Ozawa, T, Holland, E. C.
      Pages: 5248 - 5253
      Abstract: Glioblastoma is the most common adult primary brain tumor and has a dismal median survival. Radiation is a mainstay of treatment and significantly improves survival, yet recurrence is nearly inevitable. Better understanding the radiation response of glioblastoma will help improve strategies to treat this devastating disease. Here, we present a...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1321014111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1321014111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Superresolution two-photon microscopy [Cell Biology]
    • Authors: Ingaramo, M; York, A. G, Wawrzusin, P, Milberg, O, Hong, A, Weigert, R, Shroff, H, Patterson, G. H.
      Pages: 5254 - 5259
      Abstract: Multifocal structured illumination microscopy (MSIM) provides a twofold resolution enhancement beyond the diffraction limit at sample depths up to 50 µm, but scattered and out-of-focus light in thick samples degrades MSIM performance. Here we implement MSIM with a microlens array to enable efficient two-photon excitation. Two-photon MSIM gives resolution-doubled images...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1314447111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1314447111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • {alpha}-Catenin inhibits gene expression [Cell Biology]
    • Authors: Daugherty, R. L; Serebryannyy, L, Yemelyanov, A, Flozak, A. S, Yu, H.-J, Kosak, S. T, deLanerolle, P, Gottardi, C. J.
      Pages: 5260 - 5265
      Abstract: α-Catenin (α-cat) is an actin-binding protein required for cell–cell cohesion. Although this adhesive function for α-cat is well appreciated, cells contain a substantial amount of nonjunctional α-cat that may be used for other functions. We show that α-cat is a nuclear protein that can interact with β-catenin (β-cat) and T-cell...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1308663111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1308663111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Soil biodiversity and multifunctionality [Ecology]
    • Authors: Wagg, C; Bender, S. F, Widmer, F, van der Heijden, M. G. A.
      Pages: 5266 - 5270
      Abstract: Biodiversity loss has become a global concern as evidence accumulates that it will negatively affect ecosystem services on which society depends. So far, most studies have focused on the ecological consequences of above-ground biodiversity loss; yet a large part of Earth’s biodiversity is literally hidden below ground. Whether reductions of...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1320054111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1320054111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Global patterns of marine megafauna bycatch [Ecology]
    • Authors: Lewison, R. L; Crowder, L. B, Wallace, B. P, Moore, J. E, Cox, T, Zydelis, R, McDonald, S, DiMatteo, A, Dunn, D. C, Kot, C. Y, Bjorkland, R, Kelez, S, Soykan, C, Stewart, K. R, Sims, M, Boustany, A, Read, A. J, Halpin, P, Nichols, W. J, Safina, C.
      Pages: 5271 - 5276
      Abstract: Recent research on ocean health has found large predator abundance to be a key element of ocean condition. Fisheries can impact large predator abundance directly through targeted capture and indirectly through incidental capture of nontarget species or bycatch. However, measures of the global nature of bycatch are lacking for air-breathing...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1318960111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1318960111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Fish navigate dams by modulating experience [Environmental Sciences]
    • Authors: Goodwin, R. A; Politano, M, Garvin, J. W, Nestler, J. M, Hay, D, Anderson, J. J, Weber, L. J, Dimperio, E, Smith, D. L, Timko, M.
      Pages: 5277 - 5282
      Abstract: Navigating obstacles is innate to fish in rivers, but fragmentation of the world’s rivers by more than 50,000 large dams threatens many of the fish migrations these waterways support. One limitation to mitigating the impacts of dams on fish is that we have a poor understanding of why some fish...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1311874111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1311874111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Heritable genome dominance [Evolution]
    • Authors: Woodhouse, M. R; Cheng, F, Pires, J. C, Lisch, D, Freeling, M, Wang, X.
      Pages: 5283 - 5288
      Abstract: Whole-genome duplications happen repeatedly in a typical flowering plant lineage. Following most ancient tetraploidies, the two subgenomes are distinguishable because one subgenome, the dominant subgenome, tends to have more genes than the other subgenome. Additionally, among retained pairs, the gene on the dominant subgenome tends to be expressed more than...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1402475111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1402475111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Distinct roles of epigenome and Foxp3 for Tregs [Immunology]
    • Authors: Morikawa, H; Ohkura, N, Vandenbon, A, Itoh, M, Nagao-Sato, S, Kawaji, H, Lassmann, T, Carninci, P, Hayashizaki, Y, Forrest, A. R. R, Standley, D. M, Date, H, Sakaguchi, S, the FANTOM Consortium
      Pages: 5289 - 5294
      Abstract: Naturally occurring regulatory T (Treg) cells, which specifically express the transcription factor forkhead box P3 (Foxp3), are engaged in the maintenance of immunological self-tolerance and homeostasis. By transcriptional start site cluster analysis, we assessed here how genome-wide patterns of DNA methylation or Foxp3 binding sites were associated with Treg-specific gene...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1312717110|hwp:master-id:pnas;1312717110
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • T cell suppressing innate hyperinflammation [Immunology]
    • Authors: Inoue, M; Arikawa, T, Chen, Y.-H, Moriwaki, Y, Price, M, Brown, M, Perfect, J. R, Shinohara, M. L.
      Pages: 5295 - 5300
      Abstract: Endotoxemia is caused by excessive inflammation, but the immune system has various mechanisms to avoid collateral organ damage in endotoxemia. A handful of reports have shown that innate immune responses are suppressed by the adaptive immune system. However, the molecular mechanism by which adaptive immune cells suppress innate inflammatory responses...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1321427111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1321427111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Properdin protects against bacterial infection [Immunology]
    • Authors: Ali, Y. M; Hayat, A, Saeed, B. M, Haleem, K. S, Alshamrani, S, Kenawy, H. I, Ferreira, V. P, Saggu, G, Buchberger, A, Lachmann, P. J, Sim, R. B, Goundis, D, Andrew, P. W, Lynch, N. J, Schwaeble, W. J.
      Pages: 5301 - 5306
      Abstract: Modern medicine has established three central antimicrobial therapeutic concepts: vaccination, antibiotics, and, recently, the use of active immunotherapy to enhance the immune response toward specific pathogens. The efficacy of vaccination and antibiotics is limited by the emergence of new pathogen strains and the increased incidence of antibiotic resistance. To date,...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1401011111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1401011111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Persistence of skin TRM within an epidermal niche [Immunology]
    • Authors: Zaid, A; Mackay, L. K, Rahimpour, A, Braun, A, Veldhoen, M, Carbone, F. R, Manton, J. H, Heath, W. R, Mueller, S. N.
      Pages: 5307 - 5312
      Abstract: Barrier tissues such as the skin contain various populations of immune cells that contribute to protection from infections. These include recently identified tissue-resident memory T cells (TRM). In the skin, these memory CD8+ T cells reside in the epidermis after being recruited to this site by infection or inflammation. In...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1322292111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1322292111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • FAT10 impacts adiposity and aging [Medical Sciences]
    • Authors: Canaan, A; DeFuria, J, Perelman, E, Schultz, V, Seay, M, Tuck, D, Flavell, R. A, Snyder, M. P, Obin, M. S, Weissman, S. M.
      Pages: 5313 - 5318
      Abstract: The HLA-F adjacent transcript 10 (FAT10) is a member of the ubiquitin-like gene family that alters protein function/stability through covalent ligation. Although FAT10 is induced by inflammatory mediators and implicated in immunity, the physiological functions of FAT10 are poorly defined. We report the discovery that FAT10 regulates lifespan through pleiotropic...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1323426111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1323426111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Crenolanib is a type I pan-FLT3 inhibitor [Medical Sciences]
    • Authors: Smith, C. C; Lasater, E. A, Lin, K. C, Wang, Q, McCreery, M. Q, Stewart, W. K, Damon, L. E, Perl, A. E, Jeschke, G. R, Sugita, M, Carroll, M, Kogan, S. C, Kuriyan, J, Shah, N. P.
      Pages: 5319 - 5324
      Abstract: Tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) represent transformative therapies for several malignancies. Two critical features necessary for maximizing TKI tolerability and response duration are kinase selectivity and invulnerability to resistance-conferring kinase domain (KD) mutations in the intended target. No prior TKI has demonstrated both of these properties. Aiming to maximize selectivity, medicinal...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1320661111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1320661111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Tuberculosis preventive therapy and cure in HIV+ [Medical Sciences]
    • Authors: Houben, R. M. G. J; Sumner, T, Grant, A. D, White, R. G.
      Pages: 5325 - 5330
      Abstract: Trials of isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT) for people living with HIV in southern Africa have shown high rates of tuberculosis disease immediately after cessation of therapy. This could be due to the lack of cure following preventive therapy or reinfection with rapid progression to disease. Using a model fitted to...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1317660111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1317660111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Dynamin and miR-199a regulate HIF and metastasis [Medical Sciences]
    • Authors: Joshi, H. P; Subramanian, I. V, Schnettler, E. K, Ghosh, G, Rupaimoole, R, Evans, C, Saluja, M, Jing, Y, Cristina, I, Roy, S, Zeng, Y, Shah, V. H, Sood, A. K, Ramakrishnan, S.
      Pages: 5331 - 5336
      Abstract: Hypoxia-driven changes in the tumor microenvironment facilitate cancer metastasis. In the present study, we investigated the regulatory cross talk between endocytic pathway, hypoxia, and tumor metastasis. Dynamin 2 (DNM2), a GTPase, is a critical mediator of endocytosis. Hypoxia decreased the levels of DNM2. DNM2 promoter has multiple hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF)-binding...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1317242111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1317242111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Lifelong skeletal benefits of physical activity [Medical Sciences]
    • Authors: Warden, S. J; Mantila Roosa, S. M, Kersh, M. E, Hurd, A. L, Fleisig, G. S, Pandy, M. G, Fuchs, R. K.
      Pages: 5337 - 5342
      Abstract: The skeleton shows greatest plasticity to physical activity-related mechanical loads during youth but is more at risk for failure during aging. Do the skeletal benefits of physical activity during youth persist with aging' To address this question, we used a uniquely controlled cross-sectional study design in which we compared the...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1321605111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1321605111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • LRP5 mutations associated with cystogenesis [Medical Sciences]
    • Authors: Cnossen, W. R; te Morsche, R. H. M, Hoischen, A, Gilissen, C, Chrispijn, M, Venselaar, H, Mehdi, S, Bergmann, C, Veltman, J. A, Drenth, J. P. H.
      Pages: 5343 - 5348
      Abstract: Polycystic livers are seen in the rare inherited disorder isolated polycystic liver disease (PCLD) and are recognized as the most common extrarenal manifestation in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease. Hepatic cystogenesis is characterized by progressive proliferation of cholangiocytes, ultimately causing hepatomegaly. Genetically, polycystic liver disease is a heterogeneous disorder with...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1309438111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1309438111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Self-renewal of embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma [Medical Sciences]
    • Authors: Chen, E. Y; DeRan, M. T, Ignatius, M. S, Grandinetti, K. B, Clagg, R, McCarthy, K. M, Lobbardi, R. M, Brockmann, J, Keller, C, Wu, X, Langenau, D. M.
      Pages: 5349 - 5354
      Abstract: Embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma (ERMS) is a common pediatric malignancy of muscle, with relapse being the major clinical challenge. Self-renewing tumor-propagating cells (TPCs) drive cancer relapse and are confined to a molecularly definable subset of ERMS cells. To identify drugs that suppress ERMS self-renewal and induce differentiation of TPCs, a large-scale chemical...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1317731111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1317731111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • TG2 is essential for adherence of P. gingivalis [Microbiology]
    • Authors: Boisvert, H; Lorand, L, Duncan, M. J.
      Pages: 5355 - 5360
      Abstract: Porphyromonas gingivalis is the major causative agent of periodontitis, and it may also be involved in the development of systemic diseases (atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis). P. gingivalis is found on and within oral and gingival epithelial cells following binding to surface components of host cells, which serve as receptors for the...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1402740111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1402740111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Levinthal's paradox for virus assembly [Microbiology]
    • Authors: Dykeman, E. C; Stockley, P. G, Twarock, R.
      Pages: 5361 - 5366
      Abstract: One of the important puzzles in virology is how viruses assemble the protein containers that package their genomes rapidly and efficiently in vivo while avoiding triggering their hosts’ antiviral defenses. Viral assembly appears directed toward a relatively small subset of the vast number of all possible assembly intermediates and pathways,...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1319479111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1319479111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Optogenetic neural circuit control [Engineering]
    • Authors: Wu, M.-C; Chu, L.-A, Hsiao, P.-Y, Lin, Y.-Y, Chi, C.-C, Liu, T.-H, Fu, C.-C, Chiang, A.-S.
      Pages: 5367 - 5372
      Abstract: We present an automated laser tracking and optogenetic manipulation system (ALTOMS) for studying social memory in fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster). ALTOMS comprises an intelligent central control module for high-speed fly behavior analysis and feedback laser scanning (∼40 frames per second) for targeting two lasers (a 473-nm blue laser and a...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1400997111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1400997111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Role of granule-cell transmission in motor memory [Neuroscience]
    • Authors: Wada, N; Funabiki, K, Nakanishi, S.
      Pages: 5373 - 5378
      Abstract: Adaptation of the optokinetic response (OKR) is an eye movement enhanced by repeated motion of a surrounding visual field and represents a prototype of cerebellum-dependent motor learning. Purkinje cells and vestibular nuclei (VN) receive optokinetic and retinal slip signals via the mossy fiber-granule cell pathway and climbing-fiber projections, respectively. To...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1402546111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1402546111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Drinking control [Neuroscience]
    • Authors: Saker, P; Farrell, M. J, Adib, F. R. M, Egan, G. F, McKinley, M. J, Denton, D. A.
      Pages: 5379 - 5384
      Abstract: The instinct of thirst was a cardinal element in the successful colonization by vertebrates of the dry land of the planet, which began in the Ordovician period about 400 million y ago. It is a commonplace experience in humans that drinking water in response to thirst following fluid loss is...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1403382111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1403382111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Active neurons phosphorylate glucose in vivo [Neuroscience]
    • Authors: Patel, A. B; Lai, J. C. K, Chowdhury, G. M. I, Hyder, F, Rothman, D. L, Shulman, R. G, Behar, K. L.
      Pages: 5385 - 5390
      Abstract: Previous 13C magnetic resonance spectroscopy experiments have shown that over a wide range of neuronal activity, approximately one molecule of glucose is oxidized for every molecule of glutamate released by neurons and recycled through astrocytic glutamine. The measured kinetics were shown to agree with the stoichiometry of a hypothetical astrocyte-to-neuron...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:29-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1403576111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1403576111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Cingulate cortex and emotional regulation [Neuroscience]
    • Authors: Rudebeck, P. H; Putnam, P. T, Daniels, T. E, Yang, T, Mitz, A. R, Rhodes, S. E. V, Murray, E. A.
      Pages: 5391 - 5396
      Abstract: The subgenual anterior cingulate cortex (subgenual ACC) plays an important role in regulating emotion, and degeneration in this area correlates with depressed mood and anhedonia. Despite this understanding, it remains unknown how this part of the prefrontal cortex causally contributes to emotion, especially positive emotions. Using Pavlovian conditioning procedures in...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1317695111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1317695111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Cell-type-based model of brain-wide coexpression [Neuroscience]
    • Authors: Grange, P; Bohland, J. W, Okaty, B. W, Sugino, K, Bokil, H, Nelson, S. B, Ng, L, Hawrylycz, M, Mitra, P. P.
      Pages: 5397 - 5402
      Abstract: Spatial patterns of gene expression in the vertebrate brain are not independent, as pairs of genes can exhibit complex patterns of coexpression. Two genes may be similarly expressed in one region, but differentially expressed in other regions. These correlations have been studied quantitatively, particularly for the Allen Atlas of the...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1312098111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1312098111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Variable synaptic timing in unipolar brush cells [Neuroscience]
    • Authors: van Dorp, S; De Zeeuw, C. I.
      Pages: 5403 - 5408
      Abstract: The cerebellum ensures the smooth execution of movements, a task that requires accurate neural signaling on multiple time scales. Computational models of cerebellar timing mechanisms have suggested that temporal information in cerebellum-dependent behavioral tasks is in part computed locally in the cerebellar cortex. These models rely on the local generation...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1314219111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1314219111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Inhibition of EAE with a CX3CR1 inhibitor [Neuroscience]
    • Authors: Ridderstad Wollberg, A; Ericsson–Dahlstrand, A, Jureus, A, Ekerot, P, Simon, S, Nilsson, M, Wiklund, S.–J, Berg, A.–L, Ferm, M, Sunnemark, D, Johansson, R.
      Pages: 5409 - 5414
      Abstract: One hallmark of multiple sclerosis (MS) and experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) is infiltration of leukocytes into the CNS, where chemokines and their receptors play a major mediatory role. CX3CR1 is a chemokine receptor involved in leukocyte adhesion and migration and hence a mediator of immune defense reactions. The role of...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1316510111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1316510111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Synaptic vesicle cycling at the active zone [Neuroscience]
    • Authors: Schikorski; T.
      Pages: 5415 - 5420
      Abstract: During the synaptic vesicle cycle, synaptic vesicles fuse with the plasma membrane and recycle for repeated exo/endocytic events. By using activity-dependent N-(3-triethylammoniumpropyl)-4-(4-(dibutylamino) styryl) pyridinium dibromide dye uptake combined with fast (
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1321541111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1321541111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Protonergic synaptic transmission [Neuroscience]
    • Authors: Highstein, S. M; Holstein, G. R, Mann, M. A, Rabbitt, R. D.
      Pages: 5421 - 5426
      Abstract: Present data support the conclusion that protons serve as an important neurotransmitter to convey excitatory stimuli from inner ear type I vestibular hair cells to postsynaptic calyx nerve terminals. Time-resolved pH imaging revealed stimulus-evoked extrusion of protons from hair cells and a subsequent buildup of [H+] within the confined chalice-shaped...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1319561111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1319561111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Molecular basis for auxin response repression [Plant Biology]
    • Authors: Korasick, D. A; Westfall, C. S, Lee, S. G, Nanao, M. H, Dumas, R, Hagen, G, Guilfoyle, T. J, Jez, J. M, Strader, L. C.
      Pages: 5427 - 5432
      Abstract: In plants, the AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR (ARF) transcription factor family regulates gene expression in response to auxin. In the absence of auxin, ARF transcription factors are repressed by interaction with AUXIN/INDOLE 3-ACETIC ACID (Aux/IAA) proteins. Although the C termini of ARF and Aux/IAA proteins facilitate their homo- and heterooligomerization, the...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1400074111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1400074111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Elephants use voice cues to assess human threat [Psychological and
           Cognitive Sciences]
    • Authors: McComb, K; Shannon, G, Sayialel, K. N, Moss, C.
      Pages: 5433 - 5438
      Abstract: Animals can accrue direct fitness benefits by accurately classifying predatory threat according to the species of predator and the magnitude of risk associated with an encounter. Human predators present a particularly interesting cognitive challenge, as it is typically the case that different human subgroups pose radically different levels of danger...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1321543111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1321543111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
  • Population structure of NTHi by genome sequencing [Systems Biology]
    • Authors: De Chiara, M; Hood, D, Muzzi, A, Pickard, D. J, Perkins, T, Pizza, M, Dougan, G, Rappuoli, R, Moxon, E. R, Soriani, M, Donati, C.
      Pages: 5439 - 5444
      Abstract: One of the main hurdles for the development of an effective and broadly protective vaccine against nonencapsulated isolates of Haemophilus influenzae (NTHi) lies in the genetic diversity of the species, which renders extremely difficult the identification of cross-protective candidate antigens. To assess whether a population structure of NTHi could be...
      PubDate: 2014-04-08T10:01:30-07:00
      DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1403353111|hwp:master-id:pnas;1403353111
      Issue No: Vol. 111, No. 14 (2014)
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