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     ISSN (Print) 1812-5654 - ISSN (Online) 1812-5662
     Published by Asian Network for Scientific Information (ANSInet) Homepage  [30 journals]   [SJR: 0.351]   [H-I: 16]
  • Finite Element Model for Rutting Prediction in Asphalt Mixes in Various
           Air Void Contents

    • Abstract: Asphalt pavement rutting is one of the most commonly observed pavement distresses and is a major safety concern to transportation agencies. Millions of dollars are spent annually to repair rutted asphalt pavements. Researches into improvements of hot-mix asphalt materials mix designs, methods of pavement evaluation and design can provide extended pavement life and significant cost savings in pavement maintenance and rehabilitation. The three objectives of this study are to investigate the rutting behaviour of asphalt mixes with different air void contents, to link these behaviours to an accelerated testing tool using wheel track tester and to develop a finite element model based on creep model parameters. The creep model parameters C1, C2 and C3 were obtained from the dynamic creep test results using multiple regression analysis. The dynamic creep test was conducted at temperature of 40°C using two selected stress levels of 100 and 200 kPa. Five superpave mixes with five levels of air void contents ranged from 2.5-10.5% were used to investigate the rutting behaviour of asphalt mixes. The variation between the value of measured rut depth and the predicted one bye finite element simulation is found to be 4-7%. This illustrates that the developed finite element model can be used in the finite element analysis for giving a good prediction of rutting depth of a bituminous mixture. Three dimensions axisymmetric slice analyses have been used in this study. This study indicated that air void contents have significant influence on the behaviour of rutting under repeated wheel loadings. Finally it can be concluded that creep model based on finite element method can be used as an effective tool to analyze rutting of asphalt pavements.
      PubDate: 29 July, 2014
  • Synthesis of Conventional and Hybrid Cryogenic Distillation Sequence for
           Purification of Natural Gas

    • Abstract: Synthesis of efficient cryogenic distillation sequence for purifications of natural gas having medium and high concentration of carbon dioxide content, has been explored in the present study. Calculations were performed for conventional and hybrid distillation column sequences by using the heuristic and evolutionary strategies. Different feed compositions were selected from literature and the possible sequence for different feed composition is computed. Three different sequences, namely direct, in-direct and mixed were chosen for each of the feed. Total minimum vapor flow and marginal vapor flow calculations were performed for each of the sequences. Capital and energy requirements were compared to show the advantage of hybrid network over conventional cryogenic network.
      PubDate: 29 July, 2014
  • Coding of Clinical ROI Using S-FCM and WBCT

    • Abstract: Medical imaging plays a vital role in the field of diagnosis and surgical planning. Compression of medical images differs from standard image coding as it needs to preserve the clinically critical information with reduction in storage space required. Recent research has demonstrated the merit of encoding the Clinical ROI separately and encoding the insignificant part of the image using standard SPIHT technique. One unaddressed combination is the segmentation of CROI using soft computing approaches such as spatial FCM. This study proposes a technique for extracting the clinical ROI using spatial FCM and encoding the segmented portion using a suitable transform with directionality and multi resolution capability. The goal of the proposed technique is to preserve the clinical useful information with smooth contours to obtain a better compression ratio. In the proposed study, modified set partitioning in hierarchical tree (modified SPIHT) is used to code the wavelet based contourlet transformed coefficients of the Clinical Region of Interest (CROI) and remaining portion is encoded using DWT and SPIHT. The proposed study produces a better compression ratio for the MRI brain images with increased PSNR. Also it provides efficient representation of smooth edges in Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) images.
      PubDate: 29 July, 2014
  • An Ordered Selective Imaging and Distributed Analysis Computer Forensics

    • Abstract: The traditional computer forensics procedures and tools collect and analyze the entire user data. This scenario has been proven to be not appropriate any more due to increased size of user data and storage. Accordingly, selective imaging and distributed analysis concepts have been introduced in the literature to reduce the digital evidences collection and analysis costs (time and resources). Current selective imaging approaches image the relevant data according the order of their selection and not according to their physical offsets order inside the targeted storage. Furthermore, integrating the selective imaging and distributed analysis has not been considered yet. This study proposed a computer forensics investigation process that provides an efficient imaging and scalable analysis. The selected data artifacts are first ordered upon their physical offsets. Then, based on the selected data size and available investigation time, the selected data are imaged into one or more partial forensic image in such a way that the produced images can be analyzed by different investigators and using several machines. An Advanced Forensic File Format 4 (AFF4) is used as a container for the collected relevant data. An experiment study has been used to evaluate the performance of the selected imaging process. The result shows that, even if ordering the selected digital evidences has a small performance negative impact but it has a positive effect on the performance of the selective imaging process itself. A qualitative study has been also used to evaluate the system and management scalability of the distributed analysis.
      PubDate: 29 July, 2014
  • Attributes Influencing Wedding Studio Choice

    • Abstract: The wedding ceremony has great meaning and importance to lovers. Setting the wedding day involves many processes and details. Wedding studio businesses provide convenience by enabling couples to find everything they need in one place. The purpose of this study was to investigate Thai wedding couples’ perception of the importance of wedding studio attributes. This research obtained data via questionnaire. Among the 25 studio attributes that were identified, convenience and speed of service were viewed by the 318 respondents as the most important, followed by good service from employees, provision of photograph file without having to buy all photos, outdoor photograph service with ability to select location, availability of many dresses for pre-wedding photograph and suitable price. Results from the ANOVA test show that significant perceptions of studio attributes exist across age, education level, monthly income and expenses spent at the wedding studio.
      PubDate: 29 July, 2014
  • An Environmental Impact Assessment of the Open Burning of Scrap Tires

    • Abstract: This study aimed to evaluate the environmental impact assessment of actual field measurements of the open burning of scrap tires and the level of health risk associated with such activities. The quality and quantity of polluted ambient air including smoke, gases, heavy metals, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH’s) on the surrounding environment and its potential impact on human health were evaluated. The results showed that the mean concentrations of Particulate Matter (PM10) for a full day burning (24 h) period was 280 μg m-3, which is seven times higher than the blank samples concentration obtained from the ambient air at the same location prior to the open burning of scrap tires. The results greatly exceeded the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maximum allowable limits standards for PM10 concentration. The summation of the total means all PAH’s compounds reached a concentration of 2918 μg m-3, indicating high levels of PAH’s concentration in the surrounding environment. Sulfur dioxide emission from the open burning of scrap tires exceeded the EPA standards by three fold which causes major concerns for human health and air pollution in the study area.
      PubDate: 29 July, 2014
  • Design of Simulators for Automated Information Systems of Engineers

    • Abstract: Training simulators help to increase the skills of engineers and operators in handling emergency situations. Their application in training contributes to a deeper understanding of the essence of production processes, the principles of the process equipment and developing the required level of practical skills to manage technical systems. The article states the problem of design of a training simulator and focuses on the elements of mathematical models of a human operator, who manages the technical system of chemical production in routine and emergency modes of operation. An algorithm for the development of a virtual simulator as a functional diagram in IDEF0 notation was described. The developed sets of production rules and sequences of actions formed the basis for the creation of software modules for a training simulatorin LabVIEW graphical programming environment.
      PubDate: 29 July, 2014
  • Remodelling the Earnings Management with the Appearance of Leverage,
           Financial Distress and Free Cash Flow: Malaysia and Thailand Evidences

    • Abstract: This study examines the relationships between earnings management with leverage, financial distress and free cash flow for both Malaysia and Thailand. The main focus of this study is on accruals earnings management which proxy by discretionary accruals. Data is based on 335 public listed companies in Malaysia and 224 public listed companies in Thailand period from 2010-2012. The study finds that the different in mean for leverage, financial distress and earnings management between Malaysia and Thailand is significant. The study also shows that financial distress has a significant impact on earnings management for Malaysia, Thailand and full set sample of test. However, there are mix support for relationship between earnings management with leverage and free cash flow. The sensitivity analysis provides mix supports when using different earnings management detection model. These results should be of interest to public listed companies, regulators and various stakeholders to assist proper guideline and understanding on earnings management.
      PubDate: 29 July, 2014
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Perceptions and Corporate Performances

    • Abstract: This study examines the effect of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) perceptions on corporate performances (corporate identification, reputation, trust, loyalty and word-of-mouth intention). To confirm that the effect of CSR perceptions on corporate performances is constant, this study uses values-driven attribution as a moderator. The results from a survey of 200 consumers in Korea indicate that CSR perceptions have positive effect on trust, loyalty and word-of-mouth intention but don’t have a significant effect on corporate identification and reputation. Values-driven attribution has no moderating effect on each relationship between CSR perceptions and corporate performances, which means that the effect of CSR perceptions on corporate performances is constant. The results have important implications for corporate managers including CSR or human resource managers and practitioners wishing to understand the mechanism underlying the relationship between CSR perceptions and corporate performances and wishing to gain more effective and efficient corporate performances. The results of this study enable more corporate managers including CSR or human resource managers to engage in and utilize CSR activities.
      PubDate: 29 July, 2014
  • Lattice Instability of 2H-TaS2

    • Abstract: At low temperatures, the layered compound such as 2H-TaS2 are commonly found to exhibit super-lattice which is commensurate with the primitive lattice. Transition from normal to In-Commensurate Charge Density Wave (ICCDW) is driven by the coupling of strong electron-phonon and favored by the particular form of the Fermi surface of these systems. On set, temperature of ICCDW influences the electrical as well as the thermal properties of this system. In this study, Born-von Karman is used in calculating the phonon frequency distribution curves of 2H-TaS2 in ICCDW and normal phases. In this phase, a folding technique has been used for the estimation and the distributions of the phonon and the thermal properties have been evaluated and reported for both the phases and the results are compared with the existing literature results.
      PubDate: 29 July, 2014
  • Study of the Relationship between Knowledge Management and Project Quality

    • Abstract: The purpose of this study is to analyze the relationship between knowledge management and project quality management and the effect of knowledge management on project quality management. This study determines the component of knowledge management and its highest effect on project quality management. Result show that the project quality management is affected by knowledge management. The conceptual model of this study for analyzing the relationship among these variables was designed and the model was used to analyze the relationship among these variables in construction industries of Kurdistan province. The statistical population of this study is 176 managers and experts from 444 companies and contractors. To test the conceptual model, structural equations and path analysis of LISREL were used. The result of the study indicated that knowledge management has positive and significant effects on key knowledge factors. And key knowledge factors has a significantly positive effect on project quality management. However, the influence of knowledge management on project quality management is not directly significant, the indirect influence of it through key knowledge factors in construction industry is positive and significant.
      PubDate: 29 July, 2014
  • How to Reduce Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) from Industrial
           Boilers under the Context of Thailand?

    • Abstract: PAH emissions from several types of industrial boilers (i.e., two different size classes of boilers namely, a small-scale Light Fuel Oil boiler (LFO) and a medium scale Heavy Fuel Oil boiler (HFO)), fuel types (i.e., heavy oil, diesel, biodiesel, natural gas, biomass materials) and boiler’s operating conditions (i.e., slumber mode and full frame mode) were investigated by literature review. The sum of 30 PAHs emitted from LFO and HFO was 17,060 and 9,906 ng mg-1, respectively. Another report on PAH emissions from small wood boiler showed the values varied from 66-180 mg MJ fuel input-1 depending on the load of the boiler. Operating conditions of industrial boilers also play an important role in governing PAH emissions from the stacks. For instance, the PAH emissions from 50 kW Arimax 340 fixed retort system, biomass boiler were relatively low in “slumber condition” in comparison with those of “full frame mode” regardless of numerous types of biomass materials (i.e., larch, chestnut, oak and an unspecified mixture) used for the examination. Since, Thailand is currently facing both environmental and energy crisis, the use of shoot and leaf from sugarcane coupled with stem from cassava appear to be the most practical choice that can provide alternative biomass fuels with comparatively low PAH emissions.
      PubDate: 18 August, 2014
  • Spatial Recognition Performance of RFID Tags Integrated With Interior
           Decorating Panels

    • Abstract: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has not only application in the construction production stage but also has high potential in the operation and maintenance stage after construction is complete. However, it is necessary to understand the operational features and limitations of RFID technology within interior spaces. Through experiments, this study proposes to determine the best method and location to install RFID tags within interior design projects and establish the limitations and best applications of RFID technology for the inspection of interior decorating materials. The results show that when the RFID reader is oriented horizontally and moves toward the wall surface to which the tag is affixed, the recognition accuracy ratio of tags located on the two lateral sides and the underside (parallel to the antenna) of the reader is very low.
      PubDate: 18 August, 2014
  • Estimation of a System Performance in Pareto Distribution with Two
           Independent Random Variables

    • Abstract: This study relied on applications of statistical methods used in the field of physics, specifically study the relationship between the strength and stress of a component in the mechanical system and so the performance of the mechanical system can be estimated. The study dealt with the estimation of the system performance R where R is equal to P[Y
      PubDate: 18 August, 2014
  • Diversity Block Code: A Trade-off for Multiplexing and Diversity Gains

    • Abstract: Multiple antennas at both transmitter and receiver have been proposed in the literature to obtain spatial multiplexing or diversity based on the system requirement. Analytical approaches have been found in the literature, suggesting obtainable trade-off between multiplexing and diversity. However, there exists no implementable demonstration to achieve the same. In this study, a generator polynomial for a block code namely diversity block code has been proposed that demonstrates achievable trade-off between multiplexing and diversity. It is found that at low signal to noise ratio, the proposed codes provides the best bit error rate performance in comparison to its counterparts, systems with spatial multiplexing and transmit diversity. Beyond 7dB SNR, the system with the proposed code is being superior to the system with spatial multiplexing.
      PubDate: 18 August, 2014
  • Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between the Consumption and Income
           Levels of Rural Residents in Anhui Province, China, Based on Econometric
           Tests and the Error Correction Model

    • Abstract: In this study, the error correction model and econometric tests were used to empirically analyze the correlation of the income and consumption levels of rural residents during 1990-2012 in Anhui province, China, by means of the software Eviews 6.0. Based on the data generated and analyzed, the relationship between the rural consumption and income levels were confirmed and further explored. It was found that there was a statistically significant correlation between the levels of the rural income and the rural consumption from the point of view of elasticity coefficient, i.e., 0.858616, while the Pair-wise Granger causality test suggested the authors to accept the hypothesis that income precedes consumption in Anhui province. Together with the Granger causality tests, it was indicated that the elasticity of the variable X (income level) driving or promoting the variable Y (consumption level) was 0.858616 estimated in the Error Correction Model (ECM). That is to say, whenever the rural income level increases by 1%, the rural consumption level will be driven or promoted by 0.858616 in Anhui province.
      PubDate: 18 August, 2014
  • Research on Vehicle Safety Warning System Based on Data Fusion

    • Abstract: Vehicle dynamic safety warning system based on data fusion is researched and designed in this study. Dynamic information of vehicle, road and environment can be collected in real time. By analyzing and processing these data, active safety warning information is achieved for individual vehicle on different work condition. Security characteristic parameter, road conditions and traffic meteorological information can be detected automatically by the vehicle dynamic security supervision system. Active warning and supervision of comprehensive vehicle safety performance are achieved. The warning system owns the function of data acquisition, operation, wireless data transmission, information distribution and parameter preserving. Warning information is transferred by wireless network in real time. Research work in this study is applied to road traffic control area. This vehicle warning system is of value to removing incipient fault of running vehicle, improving reliability, rational maintaining and proper inspection.
      PubDate: 18 August, 2014
  • Characteristics Study on Biosynthesized Au Nanoparticles Supported onto
           Cross-Linked Chitosan Beads

    • Abstract: In this study chitosan beads were synthesized and cross-linked using glutaraldehyde in order to enhance the chemical resistance and mechanical stability of chitosan beads. Herein the biopolymer chitosan-GLA beads were used as a support for Au nanoparticles. This process contains two steps; using chitosan-GLA beads to adsorb Au(III) ion from aqueous solution of HAuCl4 followed by reduction of adsorbed Au(III) ion to Au(0) using the aqueous Psidium guajava leaf extract as reducing and stabilizing agent. The chitosan-GLA/Au(0) characterized using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, field emission scanning electron microscope/energy dispersive scanning electron microscopic (FESEM), (EDX), X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) and BET surface area analyses which proves the successful immobilization and reduction of Au(III) ion to Au(0) form.
      PubDate: 18 August, 2014
  • Mathematical Programming Model on Joint and Recovery of Paper Scrap

    • Abstract: The joint and recovery of paper scrap was an optimal matching issue. The automatic restoration technology for the broken document was designed according to different cutting ways of the paper shredder. As the fragment data was one-side print file, a nonlinear programming model with no constraint conditions was established for the straight-cutting broken paper scrap from a given print file of the same page and the nonlinear programming model with restraint programming model was established for the broken scrap with straight cut and cross cut. For the paper scrap data from a one-page print file in English printed on both sides, the joint was accomplished by the ant colony algorithm.
      PubDate: 18 August, 2014
  • Inter-regional Clusters: The Theoretical Aspect of the Study

    • Abstract: This study provides an overview of information-analytical theories of cluster development. The authors show the Russian concept of interregional clusters. It was concluded that the inter-regional clusters should become a place where are circulating human resources, organizations and technologies which undoubtedly, will allow to raise competitiveness of the Russian economy on national and international levels.
      PubDate: 18 August, 2014
  • Research on Logistics Mode Selection of High-tech Enterprise Based on
           Cloud Theory

    • Abstract: In order to solve the question about logistics mode selection of high-tech enterprises, according to the cloud theory, a cloud model for logistics mode selection is constructed by integrated using of cloud barycenter evaluation and analytic hierarchy process method. The logistics mode selection is realized by calculating the weighted deviation degree and utilizing the qualitative evaluating cloud generator. The instance of logistics mode selection of Sipping City Steering Gear Co. Ltd., is given to prove that the method is simple and easy to operate and it can offer reference for similar evaluation with the purpose of providing solutions for the high-tech enterprises logistics running smoothly.
      PubDate: 18 August, 2014
  • Red Cheese Production from Soymilk by Monascus purpureus and Lactobacillus

    • Abstract: Cheese is a dairy product with high nutrition and usually made from cows, sheep and goat milk. In this study, cheeses production from soymilk by using Lactobacillus casei (L), Monascus purpureus (M) and combination of L. casei and M. purpureus (LM) were investigated. The result found that protein coagulation of soymilk could be performed by direct inoculated with Lactobacillus casei and combination of L. casei and M. purpureus which L. casei produced lactic acid to decrease pH to pI of protein in soymilk. While the curd was not occur in the soymilk inoculated with only M. purpureus. Red cheese was produced by adding LM to the cultured soymilk at 8 weeks of cultivation time compared with using M for protein coagulation. The growth of M. purpureus changed chemical compositions of the red cheese from both M and LM especially fat and protein contents. Fat content dramatically increased from 15.84±0.18-18.97±0.58% during ripening contrary to cheese using L. casei fermentation for protein coagulation without M. purpureus adjunction. Adhesiveness of red cheese M and LM increased from 12.58±0.26-0.17±0.70% and 19.36±0.75-6.99 ±0.63%, respectively. In contrast, protein content was decreased from 44.56±0.55-0.09±0.47% during ripening of cheese L. Red cheese M and LM decreased from 45.24±0.44-5.34±0.57% and 43.97±0.64-1.20±0.52%, respectively. In the sensory evaluation, the red cheese from soymilk had accepted more than that from cow’s milk and blue cheese in aspect of odour.
      PubDate: 18 August, 2014
  • An Alert Message Propagation Scheme Considering Various Densities in VANET

    • Abstract: Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) have the potential to increase the safety, efficiency and convenience of transportation systems. Therefore, VANETs present many unique networking research challenges and the design of an effective routing protocol for VANETs is very crucial. Traditional position based approaches try to forward data with best-known neighbour finding that is typically the neighbour closest to the next junction in a greedy forwarding way. The aim of this study is to design an Opportunistic Position Based (OPB) approach which is based on forwarding data packets using the optimal path without using any location service. Also this schema, instead of flooding a message to all reachable vehicles, immediately will maintain the message for duration of time. Therefore, it can substantially reduce hop count. Moreover, without using the traditional flooding scheme in Ad-hoc and mobile network, we can guarantee the delivery of the message to all reachable vehicles for a period of time in sparse and dense traffic scenarios. Lastly, OPB compares with three other techniques under realistic scenarios and the effects of changing vehicles density are analyzed.
      PubDate: 18 August, 2014
  • A Spatial Econometric Analysis on the Location Determinants of FDI in
           Producer Services

    • Abstract: This study analyzes the location determinants of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in producer services from spatial correlation and traditional factors and employs Moran’s I index, Spatial Autoregressive Model (SAR) and Spatial Error Model (SEM) to perform empirical test based on the data of 24 provinces of China in the years of 2004-2011. The results indicate that spatial correlation is an important factor influencing the location choice of FDI in producer services, the distribution of FDI in producer services of China presents the feature of spatial agglomeration and positive spatial correlation, adjacent regions share similar values of FDI and the inflow of FDI in producer services of a certain region is correlated to those of its neighbors. As for the traditional factors, the degree of agglomeration in producer services is the most important among the positively correlated factors and the scale of FDI in manufacturing industry is the second important, followed by the degree of openness, the development level of the manufacturing industry and the condition of human capital, while the inflow of FDI in producer services is negatively correlated to system and policy restraints but the correlation is not significant.
      PubDate: 18 August, 2014
  • Barriers to Child Abuse Identification and Reporting

    • Abstract: Child abuse is an increasing phenomenon globally and is divided into four dimensions: physical, sexual, emotional and negligence. As in all countries in the world, child abuse is underreported in Arab countries, including Palestine. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine the potential barriers to child abuse identification and reporting by the Palestinian nurses. A total of 84 nurses from a major hospital in Ramallah city in Palestine constituted the sample of this study and returned the distributed questionnaire. The majority of the sample were young junior nurses holding BSc degrees. Interestingly, none of the nurses had received any training about child abuse. Almost 70% of nurses think that child abuse is a problem in the society, but that it is underreported due to different factors such as being concerned about child abuse identification, training about abuse identification, lack of time for identification of the abuse and child abuse not being considered a medical problem; these were the barriers most identified by the nurses. In conclusion, the presence of a well-organized system to deal with this phenomenon seems crucial. Protecting children from being abused is not the responsibility of a single agency or a governmental institution. Clear, concise and structured child protection policy is necessary to enable nurses to report and deal with abuse cases and to improve the effectiveness of reporting and caring for such cases.
      PubDate: 18 August, 2014
  • A Multimodal Approach for Determining Optimal Public Transport Fares

    • Abstract: In this study a model for the optimisation of mass-transit fares is proposed and tested both on a trial and a real-scale network. Formulated as a multidimensional constrained minimisation model, the problem considers a multimodal transportation system under the assumption of elastic demand for simulating the impacts of fare policies on modal split and network performance. It was suggested that the proposed model is applied with the adoption of two objective functions in order to take into account all system and social costs: Firm costs and external costs. Numerical tests show that the main constraints in fare definition are related to the size of public transport subsidies provided by public administration.
      PubDate: 18 August, 2014
  • Positive Youth Development and Life Satisfaction among Youths

    • Abstract: The main aim of this study was to examine the effects of the different aspects of positive youth development on life satisfaction among Malay youths. In addition, the study was undertaken to identify the differences in the different aspects of positive youth development and life satisfaction between male and female youths. In Malaysia, the link between positive youth development and life satisfaction has been inadequately explored. This study adopted a cross-sectional research design involving a total of 246 male and 226 female youths. The respondents were selected using a two-step sampling technique that started with an area sampling and followed by a systematic sampling. The data was collected using self-administered questionnaires comprising items to measure the two major constructs in the study, positive youth development and life satisfaction. Structural Equation Modelling was used to test the proposed model’s goodness of fit and hypotheses. An independent t-test was performed to identify differences in life satisfaction between the male and female groups. The findings of the study revealed that different aspects of positive youth behaviour had different influence on youths’ life satisfaction. The study also indicated that female youths had higher pro-social norm and life satisfaction compared to their male counterpart.
      PubDate: 18 August, 2014
  • Mediating Role of Board of Directors Functions Between Intellectual
           Capital Components and Overall Firm Performance in Iranian High IC Firms

    • Abstract: The main purpose of this investigation was to examine the relationships among Intellectual Capital (IC) factors, Board of Directors’ Functions (BoDF) and Overall Firm Performance (OFP). Moreover, the role of BoDF as a mediator in the development of OFP (includes non-financial and financial performance) as the dependent variable also was investigated. In this study, six research questions and twelve hypotheses were surveyed. The population of this study was top management. A questionnaire containing 84 questions with a likert-type scale from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree) was used as the vital instrument in gathering data and a total of 314 respondents were involved in the survey. This study utilized the survey method to describe IC components, BoDF factors which are the determinants for OFP and propose that all these factors would contribute to better performance in practice. The collected data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics and inferential analysis through the SEM and SPSS. As an analytical method, structural equation modeling was selected using AMOS 20.0 version. The outcomes of this study recognized the mediating role of board of directors functions in the relationship between IC factors [including of Human Capital (HC), Structural Capital (SC), Relational Capital (RC) and Spiritual Capital (SpC)] and OFP. However, the results of the SEM analysis also exposed that “board of directors functions” do not have a significant role between SpC and OFP. The results also showed that RC and SC, respectively have directly the highest contribution toward the prediction of BoDF and OFP, while HC and SpC were the second and third predictors, respectively. From an academic point of view, the results of this study, especially its mediating relationship helps scholars understand the processes further which might be supportive in discovering further mediator at different levels of analysis.
      PubDate: 18 August, 2014
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