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  • Wavelet Transform-Based Approach for Assess the Relationships between
           Stock Markets of Developed Countries and MENA Region

    • Abstract: This study develops an economic tool that investigates the relationship between the two developed stock market indices of the United States and the United Kingdom and the ten stock market indices of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries. The work is accomplished through a novel technique of combining wavelet filtering and the VEC model. Discrete wavelet filtering is used to eliminate noise in the daily dataset which covers the period from June 29, 2001 to May 5, 2009. The series generated by the discrete wavelet transform is then analyzed to determine the long-and short-term relationships between the stock markets by using a cointegration test and a VEC model. Results of the comparison between the proposed and traditional models demonstrate that the former (DWT with VEC model) outperforms the latter (VEC model) in performance and fitting the financial stock market series; furthermore, the former provides real information on the relationships among the stock markets. The cointegration test affirms the existence of cointegration between the studied series and a long-term relationship between the United States and United Kingdom stock markets and the MENA stock markets. The proposed model also shows the existence of a short-term relationship between the stock markets of the United States and the United Kingdom and the three stock markets of MENA region: Istanbul, UAE and Morocco.
      PubDate: 29 September, 2014
  • Determinants of the Real Exchange Rate as a Prerequisite for the GCC
           Monetary Union

    • Abstract: Monetary union plays an important role in introducing a single currency among the member states in a similar geographical region. It is therefore, necessary to analyze economic factors that lead to the establishment of monetary union in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) through real exchange rate. The main aim of this study was to investigate the determinants of the Real Exchange Rate (RER) across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries as a prerequisite for establishing a monetary union. To achieve this goal, different econometric techniques such as the Vector Error Correction (VEC) etc., were applied. Firstly, each relevant economic variable was tested according to the standard Augmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) unit root test in order to be able to apply. Secondly, the Engle-Granger two-step co-integration method was applied to determine the appropriateness of using the VEC for each GCC country. The results indicated that the most economic variables in the study have one order of integration. The study also showed that GCC countries have different economic variables that determine the RER. The study results indicated that the estimated error correction coefficients were not significant for all the GCC countries except the state of Qatar where the growth in RER will deviate by -0.240808 in the short term. The study highlighted the various determinants of RER helpful to establish monetary union in the GCC countries.
      PubDate: 29 September, 2014
  • Impact of Fabric Modifications Induced by Faunal Content on Thermal
           Conductivity, Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia

    • Abstract: Thermal conductivity refers to heat flow within a rock and is controlled by fabric. Primary rock fabric can be changed or modified by external factors. Faunal content modifies fabric. However, its impact on thermal conductivity remains unclear. The causes for these variations remain unclear as well. Sandstones from a sequence of stacked shallow marine sands and shale of late Miocene age (Upper Cycle V) were selected from offshore Sarawak. Fabric characterization was done using stereomicroscopy, petrography and mineralogy. The distribution of calcareous fauna was studied using Computer Tomography (CT) scan. Fossil fragments were detected at three different depths at different degrees of abundance. The fauna were randomly distributed with sizes upto 1 cm. Pores were randomly distributed and individual grains were moderately sorted. This contributes to the meso-scale variation in fabric. Change in porosity due to the presence of foraminifera is attributed to enhanced porosity within the foraminifera (dissolution, porous framework). The fabric is also modified by sand grains that imbricate around fossil fragments. CT scan confirms this variability in 3-D.
      PubDate: 29 September, 2014
  • A Novel Algorithm for Detecting Local Community Structure Based on Hybrid

    • Abstract: Community detection has been a research topic in the complex network area. The global information of the whole network, which is required by the traditional community detection algorithms, is hard to get when the scale of the network grows. The study presents a novel algorithm for detecting local community structure based on hybrid centrality. After identifying the network nodes with hybrid centrality, our algorithm can detect local community structure starting from some important nodes. In addition, to better understand the algorithm, a subsequent processing is continued. The present algorithm is applied to some simple examples, including computer-generated and real-world networks. And the experimental results are analyzed by comparing with other traditional algorithms.
      PubDate: 29 September, 2014
  • Empirical Analysis of Awareness and Behaviour of the Society Toward
           Environmental Issues: Case of Turkey

    • Abstract: This study aims to provide useful insights into the environmental behaviour of people living in Cankiri province, Turkey. 151 people were questioned in total. Study findings show that the ratio of people familiar with the concepts of Kyoto protocol (43.7%), sustainable development (17.9%) and carbon footprint (2.6%) is rather low. According to male respondents, traffic, housing and migration are the top three problems in their residence area while, female participants mentioned housing, air pollution and water pollution. The results of Chi-square test (χ2) indicates that there is a statistically significant relationship between gender (p = 0.012) and recycling symbols on packing packages and education (p = 0.002). Similarly, there is a statistically significant relationship between classifying garbage and gender (p = 0.016) or between classifying garbage and education (p = 0.004). In addition, residence (p = 0.001) and education (p = 0.001) have statistically significant relationship with not using the goods containing ozone-depleting substances. Environmental concepts and organisations are commonly known by male respondents, people residing in urban areas and individuals holding a university degree.
      PubDate: 29 September, 2014
  • An Empirical Study for Corporate Risk Index: CEO Characteristics Affecting
           Corporate Risk-Taking

    • Abstract: Using a sample population of CEOs from listed companies in China, we studied empirical important corporate risk index-risk-taking level by examining whether or not the CEO characteristics help explain their level of corporate risk taking. As corporate risk-taking level reflects CEOs’risk preference which was formed from their characteristics. We found that CEOs’ age and education level are significant negatively related with corporate risk taking level. Female CEOs tend to maintain less leverage than male CEOs. Risk-taking level is greater at firms where CEOs are younger. CEOs with a higher level of education tend to maintain low volatility of earnings and have significant less leverage. These results help understanding corporate risk control and management in China.
      PubDate: 29 September, 2014
  • Simulation of Aloe vera Gel as Organic Dielectric Material in
           Microelectronics Instead of SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide)

    • Abstract: Due to superior mechanical and electrical properties and the cost advantage associated with their processing, organic materials can be viewed as an important technology for an ample range of electronic applications. In this study, authors presented a comparison between silicon dioxide and Aloe vera gel with dielectric barrier discharge model and capacitive model in COMSOL Multiphysics. Effect of both AC and DC applied voltage on two dielectric plates with argon gas, dielectric barrier discharge current has been reported. In addition, terminal current between two aluminium electrodes separated by a dielectric material is also examined. It has been demonstrated that Aloe vera gel can be used as a dielectric material in microelectronic device.
      PubDate: 29 September, 2014
  • Effects of Adding Vitamins and Organic Acids into the Drinking Water on
           Growth Performance, Carcass Yield and Meat Quality of Broilers Raised
           Under Tropical Condition

    • Abstract: Above-normal temperatures and humidity levels limit the productivity as well as aggravate the survival rate of broilers raised under tropical conditions. This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of adding vitamins and organic acids into the drinking water on the growth performance, carcass yield and meat quality of broilers raised under hot environmental conditions. A total of 1,500 broilers were divided into 5 groups and distributed into 6 pens with each pen consisting 50 birds following a Completely Randomized Design technique. Throughout the 42 days of the feeding trial, all birds received 5 types of drinking water as follows: No vitamins nor organic acids added (control), vitamin C added at 40 mg L-1 water; vitamins C and E added at 40 mg and 85 mg L-1 water, respectively. A complete mixture of various vitamins at 1 g L-1 and a complete mixture of various vitamins, plus 1 g organic acids, added at 1 mL L-1 water. Feeding and flock management were done in accordance with commercial practices. During the 42 days of experiment, the average lowest and highest temperatures were 27.21±1.16 and 34.12±1.15°C, respectively. The results indicated that birds given vitamin C in the drinking water had trended higher body weight and lower mortality rate. When vitamins C and E mixture was combined with organic acids and was added into the drinking water, the increase in body weight was highly significant (p
      PubDate: 29 September, 2014
  • Modelling Mode Choice Preference to Access the Electrified Train Station
           (ETS): A Case Study in Ipoh City, Malaysia

    • Abstract: This study presents an analysis of the access mode choice by the travellers of the Electrified Train System (ETS) at the Ipoh train station. Data collection was done in conjunction with the Chinese New Year holiday to get an understanding on the mode choice preference of the ETS travellers during the peak season. Respondents in this study were required to fill in the survey form with the assistance of the project staffs. The results showed that most of the passengers intended to get a car ride with the help of other people to go the train station followed by self-driving and use of taxi. However, only a small percentage of the respondents were likely to use the bus. Logistic regression analysis was performed to examine the factors that affect the passengers mode choice preference to access the Ipoh train station. Factors such as the location, from where the passengers begin and end their journey, significantly affected the preferable choice of mode. In addition, the travel cost and travel time also showed the substantial influence. The passengers that intended to get a ride from others were likely to save their travel cost and travel time. The passengers who used the taxi saved their travel time at the expense of excessive taxi fare. In contrast, the passengers, who used bus, preferred to travel longer over the travel cost. The findings from this study can be utilized in the future development of the infrastructure (providing accessibility) and public transportation network to the Ipoh train station.
      PubDate: 29 September, 2014
  • Efficient Routing Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks

    • Abstract: In Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), sensor nodes perform sensing, processing and relaying operations that consume the energy of a sensor node. WSN routing protocols are concerned with forwarding data from the source to destination with less energy consumption to extend the network lifetime. Among the different WSNs routing protocols, the advantages of network structure classes (flat-based, hierarchical-based and location-based) routing protocols are considered here to introduce routing protocols that are suitable for different environments. Two clustering based routing protocols; Fixed-environment Location-based Clustering Routing Protocol (FLCRP) and a Mixed-environment Location-based Clustering Routing Protocol (MLCRP) are introduced in this study. The performance of the proposed protocols is evaluated and compared with Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH) and Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy-Centralized (LEACH-C) protocols using NS2-Software with different scenarios. The results have shown that the proposed systems are better than LEACH and LEACH-C for small networks in terms of throughput, packet delivery ratio, delay, energy consumption. On the other hand and for large networks, LEACH and LEACH-C are better in terms of jitter and energy consumption.
      PubDate: 29 September, 2014
  • Sinusoidal PWM Based Cascaded H-bridge Five Level Inverter Using Fuzzy
           Logic Controller

    • Abstract: This study demonstrates the potential of a Single Phase Cascaded H-bridge five level inverter governed by the fuzzy logic controller to improve the power quality by reducing the total harmonic distortion at the output voltage. A Sinusoidal pulse width modulation control technique is adopted in the firing circuit to provide an acceptable control in the inverter output voltage. Hence, the efficiency of the system will be improved. The proposed system offers improved performance over conventional three level inverters. The analysis has been simulated using MATLAB/Simulink.
      PubDate: 29 September, 2014
  • Herbivore-Plant Interactions: Case of Zonocerus variegatus and Chromolaena
           odorata in Ghana

    • Abstract: In Sub Saharan Africa seasonal outbreaks of Zonocerus variegatus coincide with the introduction of the neophyte Chromolaena odorata. Zonocerus variegatus is known to feed on the flowers of C. odorata which contain Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids (PAs), known to protect the grasshopper. A study was carried out with the objective to establish any possible link between the introduction of C. odorata and the outbreak of Z. variegatus. Questionnaire and field surveys were carried out in Ghana to determine the distribution, density and pest status of Z. variegatus and C. odorata and also to assess the seasonal populations of Z. variegatus with respect to the occurrence of flowers of C. odorata. The results indicated that C. odorata has spread as far north as latitude 8°30', an increase of 15' within a decade. The occurrence, density and outbreak of the dry season population of the uni-voltine Z. variegatus are related to the distribution of C. odorata which is also dependent on the rainfall pattern. In areas with dry season outbreaks of Z. variegatus, C. odorata occurs and the rainfall pattern is bi-modal. In the north where C. odorata is absent with only one population of Z. variegatus, the latter assumes pest status in isolated spots. The results indicate a strong linkage between the outbreak of dry season populations of Z. variegatus and the presence of Pas from the flowers of C. odorata, thus proving the existing pharmacophagous relationship proposed between the insect and the weed.
      PubDate: 29 September, 2014
  • Adsorption of Phosphorus Using Water Treatment Sludge

    • Abstract: In line with global sustainable development the search for cost effective and eco-friendly disposal options for water treatment sludge continues to be an urgent priority. In this study, the phosphate adsorption potential of three types of water treatment sludge, namely; alum sludge, lime sludge and lime-iron sludge were investigated through a series of batch experiments. All three sludges exhibited potential for phosphate removal however; lime-iron sludge produced the highest adsorption capacity which was 34 and 52% higher than that for lime sludge and alum sludge, respectively. Phosphate adsorption using alum sludge favoured slightly acidic conditions (pH 4) while lime sludge and lime-iron sludge favoured slightly basic conditions at pH 8. Mathematical simulation of the adsorption process was conducted using linear and non-linear regression. Adsorption kinetics was analyzed using the pseudo-first-order, pseudo-second-order, intraparticle diffusion and diffusion-chemisorption models. The goodness of fit was assessed using the coefficient of determination (R2), the Relative Percent Error (RPE) Marquardt’s Percent Standard Deviation (MPSD) and Hybrid Error Function (HYBRID). The diffusion-chemisorption model produced the highest correlation to reaction variables for all sludges tested. It was successfully used to predict process kinetics which can aid in the eventual development of full-scale design.
      PubDate: 29 September, 2014
  • Effects of Stress, Repetition, Fatigue and Work Environment on Human Error
           in Manufacturing Industries

    • Abstract: Safety and health at work are extremely important yet they still appear to be one of the most neglected factors in the industry. Almost 90% of accidents that occur in the workplace are due to human errors. While studies suggest that the lack of skills and experience among workers can significantly increase the prevalence of human errors, few studies actually investigate how stress, repetition, fatigue and environment can affect human error. Hence, this study aims to explore the significances of the effects of stress, repetition, fatigue and work environment on human error in manufacturing industries. Questionnaires were constructed and distributed to several manufacturing firms across Peninsular Malaysia. A total of 200 questionnaire responses were collected back. The responses were analysed using descriptive, reliability, correlations and multiple linear regression analyses. It was found that human error is significantly affected by the 4 major factors explored in this study. A total of 48.8% of the variance in human error can be explained by stress, repetition, fatigue and work environment. The results of this study can act as useful protocols for manufacturing managers and policymakers in identifying critical factors to iron out problems such as human error and accidents at the workplace.
      PubDate: 29 September, 2014
  • Reduction Operators for Magnetic Optimization Algorithm

    • Abstract: Solving Berth Allocation Problem (BAP) plays an important role at the container terminals due to the increase demands in global supply chains. Since the problem is a NP-Hard problem, manual scheduling is inapplicable in the real world applications. Thus, computer based scheduling have become more popular and several approaches such as metaheuristic have been used for solving berth allocation problem. However, each algorithm has its own weakness in solving BAP such as premature convergence in particle swarm optimization and unbalance between exploration and exploitation in genetic algorithm. Based on literature, Magnetic Optimization Algorithm (MOA) has presented a better searching approach, compared to Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). Therefore, this study aims to investigate the effectiveness of applying MOA in solving BAP. In addition, two reduction operators are introduced for improving MOA search process. The performance of MOA is evaluated on a real data extracted from literature (from Gioia Tauro in Italy) and compared it with GA. Results demonstrate that the MOA performances are better than GA and pseudo-simulated annealing operator can be considered as a potential component for enhancing MOA viability. This indicates the applicability of MOA in solving BAP.
      PubDate: 29 September, 2014
  • Synthesis of Cellulose Acetate Membrane from the Egyptian Rice Straws

    • Abstract: In Egypt, approximately 4.5 million tons from 35 million tons of the annual production of recoverable cereal are disposed by burning and it creates a big problem. Isolation of cellulose with high yield and purity is a long-standing goal in cellulose development because of the complexity of cell wall structure of rice straw. Chemical composition of Egyptian rice straw was determined (moisture, ash, LMWC, wax and protein) and total carbohydrates. Cellulose was extracted by different alkaline NaOH concentration till optimum conditions determined. A series of acetylated celluloses with various degrees of substitution were prepared by homogeneous acetylation of celluloses. The FT-IR, 1H NMR and 13C NMR were used to investigate the changes of chemical structures and physical characteristics. Three cellulosic membranes fabricated from cellulose acetate/polyethersulfone composite. The scanning electron microscope was measured and characterized by pore-free upper surface and a porous bottom surface. A water uptake ratio was measured at room temperature for three membranes of crude (M1), soluble acetone (M2) and soluble chloroform cellulose acetate (M3) as 708, 527 and 710% (w/w), respectively.
      PubDate: 29 September, 2014
  • Organized Crime in Kazakhstan: The Past, the Present, Development
           Tendencies and Social Consequences

    • Abstract: The aim of this study is to investigate the organized crime in Kazakhstan, identify the trends of its development and forecast its social impact. In the present article, the authors consider the issues of fighting the modern organized crime in Kazakhstan at the turn of the twentieth and twenty first centuries. It reflects the structure and dynamics of the organized crime, the features and tendencies of its development, the scope and activities as well as assessment of its severity. Special attention has been paid to the impact of the Russian and Chinese criminal organizations on the process of the organized crime development in Kazakhstan, also their increasing internalization and interaction noted. In addition, the organizational, legal and other measures taken by law enforcement agencies in the fight against organized crime have been provided. Based on the international experience, the idea of reasonable supervising within the socially acceptable limits was discussed.
      PubDate: 29 September, 2014
  • Introducing the Theory of Constraints-Based Methodology to Identify the
           Hospital Supply Chain Shortcomings

    • Abstract: Performance improvement of the healthcare supply chain with minimum costs and maximum responsiveness is an important challenge of the hospitals. Theory of Constraints (TOC) as a continuous improvement philosophy can be applied to help organizations for achieving the above goals. In this study, we applied one of the TOC’s Thinking Process (TOC-TP) tools to find critical constraints of the Hospital Supply Chain (HSC) in five major hospitals in Tehran the capital city of Iran. In particular, study on pharmaceutical supply chain and main drug distribution hub of country is discussed. Using questionnaire, the Current Reality Tree (CRT) was drawn to illustrate the Undesired Effects (UDEs), Root Causes (RCs) and finally Core Problem (CP) of the supply chain. It is found that environmental instability is the CP of the HSC in Iran which is located beyond the span of control and sphere of influence of HSC members. It is discovered that eight RCs in which four of them are in span of control and three are in sphere of influence of HSC members and one left out of both areas.
      PubDate: 21 October, 2014
  • Potential Benefits of the Wireless Village Programme in Malaysia for Rural

    • Abstract: The main attempt of this study is to identify the potential benefits of Malaysia Wireless Village programme to rural communities in Malaysia. This is a conceptual study in which reviews of the literature and document analyses have been performed to reveal the potential benefits offered by the Wireless Village programme. A total of six potential benefits have been identified and discussed by the authors. It is hoped that such discussions will assist concerned parties in constructing concrete strategies for improving ICT usage among rural communities in Malaysia.
      PubDate: 21 October, 2014
  • Oral Communication Problems of Yemeni High School EFL Students in Malaysia

    • Abstract: This study aimed to investigate oral communication problems among Yemeni high school English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students in Malaysia. The data was collected through a questionnaire and interviews. The questionnaire was adapted, as it dealt with possible problems experienced by EFL students. Therefore, 40 Yemeni high school students studying at an international Arabic school in Kuala Lumpur participated in the study. To triangulate the questionnaire data, six students were interviewed. The results revealed that the oral communication problems of Yemeni high school EFL students could be categorised into three factors. Firstly, teachers were focused on the grammatical aspect while neglecting the practical side of the language and they did not encourage their students to speak English in class. Secondly, the curriculum was not designed to promote and enhance oral communication since students had very limited drills to practise orally. Thirdly, most of the students were not confident using English as a means of communication both inside and outside the classroom.
      PubDate: 21 October, 2014
  • Seismic Behavior Evaluation of Knee Braced Frames Based on Push-over and
           Cyclic Analyses

    • Abstract: Knee braced steel frame is a new kind of energy dissipating frame system which combines excellent ductility and lateral stiffness. In this framing system, a special form of diagonal brace is connected to a knee element instead of beam-column joint. In this study frames with similar dimensions in three systems concentric, eccentric and knee braced frame are designed according to Iranian code of practice for seismic resistant design of building. Then based on a non-linear push over static analysis and cyclic analysis the seismic parameters such as hysteretic behavior and dissipated energy are compared. Two-dimensional frames were modeled; OpenSees finite element software package is used to perform the numerical and nonlinear analyses. Finally the inelastic performances of knee braced frames are investigated, in terms of available ductility, energy dissipation capacity and equivalent viscous damping ratio.
      PubDate: 21 October, 2014
  • Zipfs Law and Urban Dynamics in an Indian State: Kerala (1951-2001)

    • Abstract: This study examines the evolution of size distribution of cities and towns in a region viz., Kerala state in India during 1951-2001. An attempt is made to study in depth a region’s multi-scale urban system evolution from the perspective of regional and sub-regional levels. The data in respect of urban size class under Indian Census is used for the study. The reference period of study is from 1951-1961. Urban evolutionary trend is analyzed using Zip’s exponent. The expansion methodology is used to investigate the dynamics of temporal dimension. The Zipf’s law clearly captures main trends of urban system in the region and Zipf’s plots overtime reflects the temporal dynamics of urban system evolution at the regional and sub-regional levels. The rank size clock is used to identify the trajectories.
      PubDate: 21 October, 2014
  • Saas Quality of Service Attributes

    • Abstract: Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of the cloud computing branch and it is rapidly growing. Quality of Service (QoS) for SaaS cloud is considered as an important concern among researchers. The QoS specification, particularly, for SaaS is known as a big gap in current researches. Therefore, in this study, the main QoS attributes for SaaS consisting of 33 attributes have been reviewed. The results show a comprehensive specification of QoS attributes for SaaS which cover more aspects of QoS for SaaS excluding the business perspective. The attributes then have been classified in terms of both user and provider perspectives and can be useful as a guideline for both users and providers.
      PubDate: 21 October, 2014
  • Red Blood Cells Counting by Circular Hough Transform Using Multispectral

    • Abstract: This study propose a new approach to count red blood cells using multispectral images. The proposed approach first uses the Canny edge filter applied independently in each spectral band and combines them into a single segmented image and next, the system uses the Circular Hough Transform (CHT) to detect the shape of the cells. The main contribution of this study consists in the use of multispectral images in order to take advantage from the peculiarity of CHT. The result obtained, show that the red blood cells detection and counting rate of the proposed approach was 98.07% for 25 samples with regard to manual counting.
      PubDate: 21 October, 2014
  • Characterisation of Mechanical Properties Using I-Kaz Analysis Method
           under Steel Ball Excitation Technique

    • Abstract: The evaluation and design of more productive and cheaper materials and products can be improved by measuring their long lasting mechanical properties. In this study, vibration signals emitted from a steel ball were measured using a regular pulsing excitation method based on ASTM E1876 and at the same time, data was obtained from the configurations of an accelerometer and a piezofilm sensor. The polymeric materials selected for the proposed design were made up of rectangular bars consisting of cross-sections of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and cast nylon (MC), acrylic (AC) and polyethylene (PE) with the same dimensions as the sample. The time domain and the frequencies of the vibration signals that were produced during the experiment were examined by means of an alternative statistical analysis method known as the Integrated Kurtosis-Based Algorithm for Z-Filter (I-KazTM) which was used to decipher the information that was gathered. Two correlation processes were obtained from the material properties (Compressive strength and Bulk modulus) and the I-KazTM, Z∞ coefficients of the vibration signals picked up by an accelerometer and piezofilm sensor. The results prove that correlation processes can be used with the I-KazTM methods as standards for determining the properties of materials and that this technique is efficient, safe and cheap.
      PubDate: 21 October, 2014
  • Popularity and Familiarity of Slang among ESL Students

    • Abstract: Slang is a set of colloquial words or phrases in a language. It is the use of highly informal words and expressions that are not considered standard in the speaker’s dialect or language. Slang is very often colloquial; the language and dialect tend to be specific to a particular territory and it is a central part of young’s experience but contrary to many adults perception of slang as more or less uniform “Youth language”. Though, slangs are language and culture specific but they are often transmitted from one culture and language to another. Recent electronic communications contribute a lot in this process. The aim of this study was to show that whether Malaysian youth use English slang in their language. The two major objectives were: to illustrate to what degree Malaysian youth are familiar with slang and to examine what kind of slang they use more in compare with other kinds of slang. A test consists of 20 slang items was administered to 60 students. The respondents were in final semester of bachelor of English language at UPM. The data obtained from the study was coded and analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The analysis of data showed that the internet slang, abbreviations slang and movie slang are used frequently by youth. It seems that they are familiar with these sorts of slang. The reasons can be because of using internet and social media nowadays, another reason can be media which has the most important role in this case.
      PubDate: 21 October, 2014
  • Application of Ground-Penetrating Radar to Archaeological Remains in Wat
           Phra Si Sanphet, Central Thailand

    • Abstract: The application of ground-penetrating radar was executed at Wat Phra Si Sanphet, located to the south of the Ayutthaya Royal Palace on the western bank of Koh Muang, Ayutthaya city. The aim of this study was to prove archaeologists’ assumptions about the areas which expected that on the pathway of the western side of the temple and Wiharn Chaturamuk is the original area of the chapel. The GPR survey used the SIR 300 system connected to a 400 MHz antenna. The area under examination covered 28x16 m on the western side of the temple. A total of 24 GPR profiles was presented as time slice maps in 2D and 3D to identify the underground structures. The anomalies of GPR were confirmed by the excavation of the test units, revealing the archaeological remains at depths of 0.2 to 3 m DTL. The underground structures appear as a long brick pathway in the west-east orientation with a length of 5 m and connected to the base of the Wiharn.
      PubDate: 21 October, 2014
  • Vortex Induced Vibration on Two Equal Diameter Cylinders with Low Mass
           Ratio in Tandem

    • Abstract: Tests have been performed on two equal diameter cylinders with low mass ratio in tandem subjected to uniform flows in a towing tank at subcritical Reynolds numbers. Qualisys video motion capture system was used to measure VIV and spring bars were used instead of commonly used parallel linkage mechanism for this kind of test. Two circular cylinders of 100 mm in diameter and 1.5 m in length were towed vertically at constant speeds through the towing tank to simulate uniform current condition. Some key VIV parameters such as amplitude over diameter, lift and drag coefficients are presented against a non dimensional parameter known as reduced velocity to understand the effect of one riser’s motion to another. It was found that the downstream cylinder motion was influenced by the phase difference between upstream and downstream cylinders along with the displacement of upstream cylinder. Results of this study can be used as validation materials for CFD analysis that is very important to design riser system for oil and gas industry, also mentioned experiment procedure can be treated as a guide for future endeavor to perform similar kind of tests.
      PubDate: 21 October, 2014
  • Effects of Combined Treatment with Vitamin C and E on Endothelial
           Inflammation Biomarkers and Oxidative Stress in Diabetic Rats

    • Abstract: The study was designed to investigate the effects of combined antioxidants of vitamins C [L-ascorbic acid] and E [DL-α-tocopherol] on endothelial inflammation biomarkers and oxidative stress in liver and kidney in streptozotocin (an i.p. single 40 mg kg-1 dose) induced diabetic rats. Concentrations of interleukin-6 (IL-6), Tumor Necrosis Factor-α (TNF-α), intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1) and vascular cell adhesion molecule-1(VCAM-1), lipid peroxidation product, thiobarbituric acid reacting substance (TBARS) and activities of glutathione peroxidase (GHP-Px), catalase (CAT) and superoxide dismutase (SOD) enzymes were compared in 3 groups of 10 rats each: control nondiabetic rats [group I], untreated diabetic rats [group II] and diabetic rats treated with vitamins C (200 mg kg-1day-1 i.p.) and E (100 mg kg-1day-1 i.p.) for four weeks [group III]). The rats in groups II had significantly (p
      PubDate: 21 October, 2014
  • An Efficient Algorithm for Constructing D-Optimal Designs

    • Abstract: The main aim of the study was to develop an efficient search algorithm for locating D-optimal exact design. Within a design class, the procedure requires not more than 25% search on the total available designs. Specifically, under some arrangements, there exists a D-optimal exact design within a set of designs constituting about 25% of the total designs. An interesting property of the algorithm is that it eliminates as much as 80% of the total available designs, a lot of which are inferior to the optimal design. Also the new algorithm gives reduction in the number of determinant evaluations. With some rules of selection, the algorithm is certain to locate the required D-optimal exact design. The working of the algorithm has been tested using first order bivariate model defined on a design region that is supported by the points of the Circumscribed Central Composite Design.
      PubDate: 21 October, 2014
  • Effects of Personality Traits on the Degree of Exercise Participation,
           Physical Self-Description and Social Physique Anxiety of Hospital

    • Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of personality traits on the degree of exercise participation, job stress, physical self-description and social physique anxiety of hospital employees in Central Taiwan, including those who work in medical centers, regional hospitals and district hospitals. Additionally, in the study model, the concept of personality traits is proposed as a formative second-order construct comprising openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. The questionnaires were distributed to 500 employees and 307 completed questionnaires were retrieved, yielding a response rate of 61.4%. The validity and reliability of the scale were verified and the data was analyzed by conducting statistical analysis; SPSS for Windows 18.0 and SmartPLS were used for analyzing frequencies and means and for performing reliability analysis, factor analysis and path analysis. The results demonstrated that: (1) The model developed in this study has excellent reliability and validity, (2) The five dimensions of traits are key components of personality traits, (3) Personality traits have a substantial, direct and positive effect on degree of exercise participation and physical self-description, (4) Personality traits and degree of exercise participation have a substantial, direct and negative effect on job stress and (5) Physical self-description has a substantial, direct and negative effect on social physique anxiety. After using SmartPLS for analysis, the study results can be referenced for developing strategies for human resource management in Taiwanese hospitals.
      PubDate: 21 October, 2014
  • Strategy of Optimization Inventory: Case Study in Private Manufacturing in
           Construction Field Company in Indonesia

    • Abstract: The purpose of this study is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of inventory management and find the alternative that can minimize the cost of inventory. The research methods used are Forecasting method to calculate the data from company, Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) to optimize the cost and quantity of raw materials and Decision trees to analyze the best alternative solution for company. The study is descriptive research and cross-sectional secondary data. The results show that the Forecasting method is necessary to determine inventory and using EOQ model that can reduce the inventory cost. Therefore, this study concludes that in order to manage inventory effectively and efficiently and minimize cost, EOQ model is needed to obtain reasonable quantities for its raw materials.
      PubDate: 21 October, 2014
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