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  • Bayesian Adaptive Randomization Designs for Clinical Trial

    • Abstract: Bayesian Adaptive Randomization Design (BARD) is widely used in clinical trials, this design allow to adaptively assign patients to the better treatment. The aim of this study is to compare the potential of Simple Bayesian Adaptive Randomization Design (SBARD) with two common designs (Pocock and O’Brien Flemming), in detecting the effect of treatments. The 5,000 simulations are done to evaluate the performance of SBARD and the two common designs under the same clinical scenarios. The operating characteristics of the SBARD and two common designs are presented. We found that, under scenario 4, the SBARD has greater power (0.938) than the Pocock and O’Brien Flemming designs in detecting the difference between control and treatment arms, using small number of total subjects (116 vs., 292, 600). The SBARD design would be one of the simplest design incorporates with the short term outcomes in clinical trial.
      PubDate: 10 December, 2014
  • Relationship Between Strategic Thinking and Knowledge Management (Case
           Study: Irans Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance)

    • Abstract: This study is an attempt to study the relationship between each of the knowledge Management processes (knowledge creation, knowledge storage and maintenance, knowledge transfer and applying knowledge) with dimensions of strategic thinkingi n the organization's (vision, creativity, systemic thinking). Participants were 110 managers and expert engaged in ministry of Economic affairs and Finance, chosen by random, who were asked to fill a modified standard questionary of KM and ST. Result showed that average KM and ST among managers and expert engaged in ministry of economic affairs and Finance is lower than average. Pearson correlation coefficient showed that there is a significant relationship between all KM and ST dimensions in ministry of economic affairs and Finance. Findings from the pilot study revealed that that knowledge transfer, applying knowledge and knowledge storage had the greatest impact on Strategic thinking while knowledge creation had the smallest impact. The results of this study provided the suggestions for improving the knowledge management process and enhance strategic thinking and increasing the level of staffs' strategic thinking and provided suggestions for future research.
      PubDate: 10 December, 2014
  • Comparative Study for Some Mentha Species and Varieties under Sandy Soil

    • Abstract: The present study was conducted with the objective of finding out the concordance between growth and yield production, biochemical (the volatile oil) and molecular genetic (RAPD and ISSR-PCR) characteristics of three species of genus Mentha (Mentha viridis; Mentha piperita; Mentha aquatica) and two subspecies (Mentha spicata var. Morocana; Mentha spicata var. Longofolia). Mentha species and subspecies were collected from the Experimental Farm of the El-Kasaseen Research Station, Horticulture Research Institute, A.R.C. The highest oil percentage of fresh and dry Mentha herb obtained of Mentha aquatica (0.46, 2.11), respectively and Mentha piperita (0.40, 2.09), respectively in the second season. While the production yield of herb/fed. Mentha piperita recorded (3.148, 3.047 t) in the first and second season,respectively while Mentha aquatica recorded (1.513, 1.418 t) in the first and second season, respectively. GC analysis of the volatile oil prepared by hydrodistillation from aerial parts of spearmint, the major constituents of the oils in Mentha viridis were limonene (15.73%) and carvone (75%) while the major ones in Mentha piperita oil were limonene (10.57%), 1, 8-cineol (8%), menthone (14.74%), isomenthone (8.34%), menthol (13%) and -caryophyllene (28.85%) which was the main one in Mentha spicata var. Longofolia oil by (46.75%) and (70.3%) in Mentha spicata var. Morocana. Menthyl acetate (86.11%) was the major constituents of Mentha aquatica oil. For molecular study Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) was performed which was efficient in detecting polymorphism and genetic variation within and between Mentha species and varieties. In RAPD analysis, 5 selected primers displayed a total of 71 amplified fragments, in which 55 (77.46%) were polymorphic fragments. The number of total amplified fragments scored per primer ranged from 7 (primer OP-E19) to 26 (primer OP-Ax06). Thirty-three out of 71 RAPD-PCR fragments were found tobe useful as cultivar specific markers. The largest number of RAPD-PCR markers was scored for Mentha viridis (9 markers) while the lowest (5 markers) was scored for Mentha aquatica and Mentha spicata var. Morocana. In the meantime, the largest number of RAPD-PCR cultivar-specific markers was generated by primer OPAX-6 (12 markers) while the lowest number of RAPD-PCR specific markers (2 markers) was generated by primer OP-E19. In ISSR analysis, 5 of the tested ISSR primers generated variable banding patterns. A total of 50 out of 64 ISSR fragments were polymorphic. Twenty-six DNA amplified fragments were considered as cultivar-specific markers. Genetic similarities among the Mentha species/varieties were estimated according to the RAPD and ISSR data. Results of the combination of the banding patterns of the two techniques (RAPD and ISSR) data exhibited that the most two closely related cultivars were Mentha piperita and Mentha spicata var. Morocana with the highest similarity index (1.00). On the other hand, the two most distantly related cultivars were Mentha aquatica and Mentha spicata var. Longofolia with low similarity index (0.00). In conclusion, RAPD and ISSR polymorphisms could be used as efficient tools for the detection of similarities and phylogenetic relationships of the studied genotypes which could be useful in the breeding programs.
      PubDate: 10 December, 2014
  • Supplementary Effects of Networks and Clusters on Firm Innovation

    • Abstract: A conceptual model is develop to show the firms network and cluster supplements each other in improving the firm’s possibility of technological innovations. Innovation accelerators consciousness, innovation obstacle, resource restriction, organizational inflexibility and ambiguity are recognize. The present conceptual model explains how some factors in the cluster such as competitive, social interaction, cluster energy and network factors such as resource, network energy impact innovation accelerators, obstacles, succeeding the firm’s possibility of generating incremental and progress innovations. Result shows that the design and management of the firm's network must be a key strategic consideration of managers to ensure that the network continues to furnish innovation opportunities and resources and it decreases underlying innovation obstacle. Competitive and collaborative outlook of cluster and network have provided a differential roles of clusters and networks on innovation. Therefore, high competition intensity and the firm's knowledge base increases the co-located challenger’s motivation to obtain the knowledge from the central firm and high social interaction intensity may furnish them with the means to do so. Conceptual framework suggests complete comprehension with clusters and networks and explicates their limitations at the same time.
      PubDate: 10 December, 2014
  • Theorizing Globalization and Minorities in Asian Cities: Viewed from the
           Language Contact Zone of Thailand in the Making of Languages and

    • Abstract: In this study, I draw on academic literature, survey data, interviews and observations over a four-year period (2010-2014) to explore language contact and language use in Thailand. This study is conceptual in that it attempts to reconsider language contact by proposing an integrated model that takes into consideration the joint effects of concurrent trends on minorities. It is not a definite account but a modest endeavor to offer a state-of-the-art description of language contact and language use in Thailand. Yet this study also hypothesizes the globalization of English, the regionalization of Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese and Korean languages, the nationalism inherent in the use of Standard Thai and the localization of speech communities and language-user groups in Thailand.
      PubDate: 10 December, 2014
  • Selection of Some Seedling Apricot Strains at Al-Amar Region

    • Abstract: The present study was carried out to study physical, chemical fruit properties and molecular genetic analysis between Canino cultivar and ten selected seedling apricot strains. The present survey included fruit weight, length, fruit diameter, firmness, flesh weight and flesh thickness, Total Soluble Solids (TSSs) and acidity contents in fruit juice. The results revealed that, Amar 2 (A2) had the highest average fruit weight and each of fruit length and fruit diameter were highest in Amar 1 and Amar 2, respectively. Whereas, Canino cultivar have highest fruit firmness . On the other hand, strain Amar 2 have highest flesh weight, the strain Amar 6 have highest flesh thickness and Hamawy 4 strain have highest seed weight. The TSS percentage of the Canino cultivar and apricot selected strains changed between Hamawy 1 and Amar 6. While, Hamawy 4 strain have lower acidity than others. In this study we attempted to characterize molecular genetic analysis between the ten Al-Amar selected apricot strains and Canino cultivar to detect the genetic relationship between them. Data of RAPD and ISSR analysis generated a sum of 144 bands, these bands were identified as 81 polymorphic bands out of them 19 unique bands were found to be as genotype-specific markers and considered as useful markers for apricot strains and canino cultivar. From the previous results, it can be recommended to spread these selected strains especially, Amar 1 (A1), Amar 2 (A2) and Amar 6 (A6) strains in desert land conditions and also these strains can be used in breeding programs with Canino cultivar in future according to their genetic relationship data.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • Weak Imposition of Essential Boundary Conditions in Isogeometric Analysis
           of Depth Averaged Advection Dispersion Equation

    • Abstract: The “depth averaged advection dispersion” equation is the governing equation in two-dimensional (2D) modelling of contaminant transport in shallow open channel flows. Isogeometric analysis (IGA) is a good method used for accurate geometrical modeling and approximation of the solution space. So, the aim of this study is to conduct the IGA of the depth averaged advection dispersion equation. Due to the non-interpolatory nature of NURBS basis functions the properties of Kronecker Delta are not satisfied, thus imposition of the essential BCs needs special treatment. Therefore, in order to improve the accuracy of the IGA in solution of depth averaged advection dispersion equation, the essential BCs are imposed in three weak forms, including: The Least Square Method (LSM), Lagrange Multiplier Method (LM) and the Penalty Method (PM). For this purpose, the numerical modeling is initially developed and the lateral diffusion problem is solved for a rectangular straight channel and the results of three models are compared with each other. Results indicate that the LSM has the best accuracy while the PM has the poorest. Likewise, despite accurate results, the system of the equation suffers from dimensional enlargement in LM which requires more calculation time. Moreover, in the case of skew advection, adapting the LM produces lower RMSE value and thus more accurate results in contrast to the strong enforced essential BCs in classical FEA and IGA solutions.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • A Review on the Effects of Emulsions on Flow Behaviours and Common Factors
           Affecting the Stability of Emulsions

    • Abstract: The main objective of this review study is to present the current state of available research results and understanding on the effects of emulsions on flow behaviours and flow properties, as well as common factors affecting the stability of emulsions. Emulsions occur in many areas of daily life and industry settings but this review study only intends to discuss emulsions associated with upstreams crude oil production, particularly the oil pipelines transporting system. In the transporting pipelines, there are possibly water-in-oil emulsions, oil-in-water emulsions and multiple emulsions. Generally, adverse effects caused by emulsions are related to higher viscosity, larger pressure drop and more oil-water separation difficulty. This correspondingly results in the need for higher pumping capacity and larger capacity of vessels or pipelines. The adverse effects are significant only when the emulsions are stable, so this necessitates the study to manipulate the stability of emulsions.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • Cultural Dimensions of Housing Entrance Spaces: Lessons for Modern HDVD

    • Abstract: Using spatial concept of the traditional housing can play a vital role to enhance the spatial quality of housing within modern era. Based on research hypothesis, the spatial organization of the related spaces of entrance within Iranian high-density vertical development housing does not conform to the values of Iranian family life pattern. The main aim of this study is to identify the cultural values of traditional Iranian housing and trying for betterment of spatial organization of housing units within Iranian middle-class modern High-Density Vertical Development (HDVD) housing by referring to learnt values from the past. In this regard, through constructivism paradigm, qualitative approach, criterion sampling and instrumental multiple case study strategy, the spatial organization of the entrance spaces of traditional Iranian housing was investigated. To increase the accuracy of findings, the data collection methods through triangulation are a combination of direct observation, open-ended expert interview and taking photo for traditional and direct observation, semi-structured single face to face and focus group interviewing and taking photo for collecting data from modern Iranian middle-class HDVD housing. The findings of the research show that the entrance spatial layers of traditional Iranian housing shaped based on family life pattern and residents’ socio-cultural values which is ignored within modern Iranian middle-class HDVD housing. The results of the study can be recommended to enhance the quality of life in the modern Iranian HDVD housing.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • Development and Implementation of Sea: A Comparative Review of
           Draft Regulation in Turkey and Germany Experiences

    • Abstract: SEA can be defined as a systematic process, evaluating the environmental, economic and social results of any suggested policy, plan or programme. Therefore; it has more advantages than project-level environmental assessment. Also, it provides a more holistic approach towards sustainable development. SEA applications have mostly been seen in developed countries; however, they are also important for developing and underdeveloped countries in order to keep with the principles of their sustainable development. Till now, the development process for these countries has worked with an approach aiming more income in the short term. This approach has often caused the environmental factors to be ignored. For this reason, SEA is a part of the foreign aid policy of supranational organizations like the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) or the project support by the World Bank today. In developing countries, one of which is Turkey, international relationships, volunteer institutions and public have shown influential impression on the efforts to develop preventive policies such as SEA and EIA against environmental problems in recent years. However, different problems have emerged during the integration of SEA into the legal systems of countries. This integration process is more difficult than expected for some countries. During the adaptation process into the EU laws, some actions about integration of EU-SEA Directive were taken with the support of the Netherlands Government and a draft SEA regulation was prepared in Turkey. Establishment efforts of an institutional base for the effective utilization of SEA are in progress at the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and at other institutions. This study has focused on the development of SEA in Turkey and the integration of EU Directive on SEA. The draft SEA regulation framework has been compared with the procedure and experience in Germany.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • Social Influence among Rural Youth in Using the Rural Library Services in

    • Abstract: The main attempt of this study is to identify the social influence among the youth that might impinge them to go and use the rural library services offered at their areas. This was a quantitative study where a developed questionnaire was used in the data collection process. The study was conducted at Johor, Terengganu, Kedah and Perak and involves a total of 400 rural youth aged between 15-40 years old. The analysis performed that all of the social sources listed recorded a high level of mean score whereby good communication with rural library staffs recorded the highest mean score while encouragement from village leaders recorded the lowest mean score. A number of recommendations were placed and hoped that such recommendations can assist the concerned parties in constructing strategic planning for rural library development.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • Routines in Promoting Characteristics of the Region

    • Abstract: The study reflects the scientific idea of use of achievement of the evolutionary theory of economic changes for the solution of problems of development of regional economy. It is offered to consider routines as abilities to make a unique product or to provide unique service. Identification of routines can become a basis for a choice of activities of marketing of territories, strategic development and increase of image of the region. It is claimed that the combination of multidirectional projects of economic entities of the region in a unique complex product has to become a necessary condition for increase of efficiency of actions in the field of regional marketing. The present study was conducted on the materials concerning regions of Russia, however conclusions are universal and can be used when forming programs of regional development of other countries.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • Dynamic Modeling of a Giant Magnetostrictive Actuator Based on PSO

    • Abstract: In order to predict the output displacement of Giant Magnetostrictive Actuator (GMA), a dynamic model is established based on J-A model; the algorithm of modified Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is employed to identify the parameters of the proposed model. The calculated outputs using the identified model is compared with the test curves, with high agreement, the effectiveness of the proposed model and identification method is validated.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • Effect of Religion on the Type of Materials Used in Spiritual Architecture

    • Abstract: “Spiritual or Traditionalist Approach” is concerned with recognition of symbols, meanings and concepts hidden as the result of architecture. “Pragmatic Approach” reviews the functional features of a building and believes that all parts of a building should be functional. This is while “Form-oriented Approach” is opposite to that approach and addresses aesthetical aspects more than function. In the present study, therefore, 37 religious and non-religious buildings in the Middle East were studied and compared in view of consumed materials in order to review the role of materials in establishment of physical proportions in spiritual architecture. For the purpose of this comparison, the materials used in each building were first specified and coded and then they were compared by inputting the codes into SPSS software and by using Kruskal Wallis nonparametric descriptive and inferential statistics. The results of study indicated that the calculated chi square was equal to 11.272 and that the difference observed in the type of consumed materials in each group of Islamic, Christian, Zoroastrian and non-religious buildings was a significant difference. In other words, the hypothesis indicating that religion affects the type of consumed materials in conceptual buildings is confirmed with a probability of 95%.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • Lexical Difficulty of Fixed Word Combinations in the Writing of EFL

    • Abstract: The present study has explored one of the most important types of word combination, collocations, which are two or more words that have a strong tendency to co-occur in a language and prefabricated combination of two or more words in a context. Thirty postgraduate students participated in this study and their academic writings were analyzed to identify the basis for their difficulties in producing this type of word combination. The findings revealed that students produced 367 collocations and the total number for lexical collocations were 270. The results showed that learners have difficulties with lexical collocations in their writing. Among the lexical collocations subtypes, verb+noun type was the most difficult for the participants to produce. The results also indicated that learners are not aware of word combinations that they produced in their writings.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • FLVQ Based GMM in Speaker Verification

    • Abstract: In order to improve the verification rate of automatic speaker verification system, a novel training algorithm for Gaussian Mixture Model is proposed in this study. A novel feature extraction method for automatic speaker verification system is also presented. This system includes extraction of discrete wavelet transform based Mel frequency cepstral coefficients from speech and Fuzzy Learning Vector Quantization based gaussian mixture model training. This feature extraction approach utilizes the dynamic spectral features which are useful for recognizing the speaker. The proposed training method for speaker model not only reduces the number of features vectors used to train the model but also increases the verification rate than the conventional GMM-expectation maximization algorithm. The proposed method of speaker verification is evaluated using TIMIT database. Experiments are also conducted with other vector quantization algorithms: (1) Learning vector quantization, (2) K-means, (3) Fuzzy C-means and (4) Linde-buzo-grey algorithm as training algorithms for GMM. Experimental results demonstrate that the performance of the proposed system is better when compared to conventional systems in terms of verification rate.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • On the Likelihood Ratio Order for Convolution of Independent Generalized
           Gamma Distribution

    • Abstract: The generalized gamma distribution with three parameters a, d, p, is an important distribution which includes many important distributions. In this study, the likelihood ratio ordering for convolutions of generalized gamma distributions in the sense of majorization of shape parameter d was considered. Suppose that ,..., and ,..., are independent random variables from generalized gamma
      distributions with parameters a, di, p and a, p, i = 1,..., n. In this study, it was proved that for p≥1, if ,..., majorizes (d1,...,dn), then is larger than according to the likelihood ratio ordering.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • Landfill Methane Oxidation: Predictive Model Development

    • Abstract: Methane (CH4) emissions from landfills are continually increasing due to population growth and growing per capita waste generation. Microbial CH4 oxidation in landfill cover soils might provide a means of controlling CH4 emissions. This study proposes an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) approach to predict CH4 oxidation in sandy landfill cover soils based on the soil moisture content, soil temperature and oxygen (O2) concentration at a depth of 10 cm in the cover soil. The optimum ANN model giving the lowest Mean Square Error (MSE) was trained with the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm and comprised of three layers, with 50 and 20 neurons at the first and the second hidden layers, respectively and a logistic sigmoid (logsig) transfer function between the hidden and output layers. This study revealed that the ANN oxidation model can predict CH4 oxidation with a MSE of 0.001475 and a coefficient of determination (R2) between the measured and predicted outputs of up to 0.91. In conclusion, the ANN oxidation model provides an effective tool for predicting the percentage of CH4 oxidized in landfill cover soil.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • Lyrics-Based Genre Classification Using Variant tf-idf Weighting Schemes

    • Abstract: Music documents are often classified based on genre and mood. In recent years, features from lyrics text have been used for classification of musical documents and the feasibility of lyrics features to classify musical documents has been shown. In this study an approach to lyrics based musical genre classification was presented which utilizing mood information. From the analysis of the lyrics text in the data collection, correlation of terms between genre and mood was observed. Based on this correlation of terms, new weighting equation with combine weights from genre and mood was introduced and implemented in two different ways. Ten musical genre and mood categories were selected respectively based on a summary from the literature. Musical genre classification experiments were performed using a test collection consists of 1000 English songs. To confirm present approach can improve the genre classification, experiments were conducted using similar weighting metric from previous study. Experimental results with new weighting equation reveal improvement in musical genre classification.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • Understanding the Determinants of Implementing Telehealth Systems: A
           Combined Model of the Theory of Planned Behavior and the Technology
           Acceptance Model

    • Abstract: This study investigated the factors that affect the adoption of telehealth systems by users belonging to hospitals. This research involved synthesizing the perceived service availability, Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) to hypothesize a theoretical model for explaining and predicting user behavioral intentions toward using telehealth systems. For this study, self-report questionnaires in the form of hardcopy interview surveys were distributed in Taiwan. Of the 1,500 distributed questionnaires, 1,274 responses were received which yielded a response rate of 84.9%. The responses were analyzed using descriptive statistics, confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling methods and suggested that perceived service availability positively affects perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use, perceived ease of use positively affects perceived usefulness, perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use positively affect attitude and attitude, subjective norm and perceived behavioral control positively affects behavioral intention. In addition, the path coefficients of perceived usefulness on behavioral intention were nonsignificant. This study contributes to the application of health care systems in hospitals through using a wide range of variables. The findings can also help hospitals consider their information technology investments when implementing novel telehealth systems.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • Compression of Market Research Data Using Clustering

    • Abstract: The emergence of consumer sovereignty has its direct impact on the collection of qualitative and quantitative data for various business purposes. Some of the data set contains comprehensive data relating to household and national level. Identification of useful dimensions underlying the data is therefore crucial. Traditionally clustering is one of the most widely used techniques for data reduction to detect common characteristics for marketing decisions. However this is only one of its uses. What is little known is its application in compressing data to save limited server space. Clustering method can also be efficiently used to encrypt and decrypt the behavioural, categorical and ratio data on some common attributes. This study contributes to the usage of cluster centroid based compression and indicates its use of centroid based dictionary coding for future decompression.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • Automatic Video Annotation Framework Using Concept Detectors

    • Abstract: Automatic video annotation has received a great deal of attention from researchers working on video retrieval. This study presents a novel automatic video annotation framework to enhance the annotation accuracy and reduce the processing time in large-scale video data by utilizing semantic concepts. The proposed framework consists of three main modules i.e., pre-processing, video analysis and annotation module. The framework support an efficient search and retrieval for any video content analysis and video archive applications. The experimental results on widely used TRECVID dataset using concepts of Columbia374 demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed framework in assigning appropriate and semantically representative annotations for any new video.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • Assessment of Urban Sprawl on El Minya Archeological Sites, Egypt

    • Abstract: In Egypt, thousands of known and unknown archaeological sites are at risk of destruction from urban sprawl and expanding development. Population growth is the main factor driven urban sprawl, Egypt’s population has witnessed a remarkable increase over the previous decades. The population rose from 35.3 million in 1970 to around 90 million today, doubling in less than 40 years. Hence, population issues are of the highest priority to the Government of Egypt. El Minya Governorate have a high population growth )i.e., 3.1% per year( and hence the urban sprawl over the archeological sites in the desert fringes of the Nile valley is expected. Remote sensing and GIS are now providing new tools for advanced ecosystem management. The collection of remotely sensed data facilitates the synoptic analysis of earth’s system function patterning and change at local, regional and global scales. Overtime such data also provide an important link between intensive localized ecological research and regional, conservation and management of archeological areas. The basic premise in using remote sensing data and GIS for change detection is that the process can identify change between two or more dates that is uncharacteristic of normal variation. This research aims to assess the extent of urban sprawl and its impact on archeological sites in El Minya Governorate, Egypt.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • Moderating Effect of Environmental Turbulence on New Product Development
           Cycle Time in the Telecom Industry

    • Abstract: The present study designated the impact of teamwork quality on New Product Development (NPD) cycle time through the moderated environmental turbulence in the telecommunication industry in Saudi Arabia. The aim of this study was to obtain the moderating effect of environmental turbulence on new product development cycle time in the telecom industry. Random sampling was used to select respondents for a survey. The PLS-SEM was used to analyze the direct and indirect relationships between teamwork quality, environmental turbulence and NPD cycle time while path coefficient and assessment of measurement and structural model used to test the research hypotheses. Findings indicated that environmental turbulence moderated the relationship between two factors of teamwork quality, namely, communication and coordination and NPD cycle time. Environmental turbulence did not moderate balance of member contribution, mutual support, effort and cohesion. The study also provides a theoretical understanding of how teamwork qualities drive new product development cycle time.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • Effects of Firms Market Orientation Dimensions on Shop Managers Attitudes

    • Abstract: Existing research on market orientation area has the lack of the whole interpretation on the effects of firms’ market orientation dimensions on shop managers’ attitudes. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of firms’market orientation dimensions (customer orientation, competitor orientation and inter-functional coordination) on shop managers’attitudes (customer orientation, role obviousness, role conflict, job satisfaction and organizational commitment). As the results of final analysis using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with survey data from 152 shop managers in Korea, firms’ customer orientation increases shop managers’ customer orientation, role obviousness and organizational commitment. Firms’ inter-functional coordination increases shop managers’ customer orientation, role obviousness, job satisfaction, organizational commitment and decreases role conflict. However, firms’ competitor orientation has no significant effect on all shop managers’ attitudes. The results bring the importance of inter-functional coordination into relief and guide firms to make the best use of market orientation’s value. A comprehensive investigating the effects of firms’ market orientation dimensions on shop managers’ attitudes will enable practitioners and academics to obtain significant implications.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • Investigation of Seismic Footing Settlement Due to Subsidence for the Sand
           Aquifer with Pumping Wells Using PLAXIS

    • Abstract: Using PLAXIS to evaluate land subsidence due to the extraction of groundwater (i.e., pumping) has long been of interest to researchers. Similarly, the effect of earthquake on land subsidence is an issue worth considering. This study mainly focuses on the effect of groundwater extraction through wells while the site is exposed to seismic forces. The acceleration time series are from two real earthquake cases, one representing small quakes that happen more frequently and the other representing large and extreme quakes. The results showed that a small earthquake with a magnitude of 4.4 has little effect on footing subsidence while a very strong earthquake with a magnitude of 8.8 will increase footing subsidence by one time as compared to the subsidence from a small earthquake. In the meantime, the contribution of the groundwater pumping to the land subsidence is not significant. However, the combination of groundwater pumping and earthquake activity leads to a larger degree of subsidence than other scenarios.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • A Study of Geology and Geochemistry of Trace Elements in Central Alborz
           Coals, Northern Iran

    • Abstract: This study focused on bituminous coals of Galandrud region of central Alborz in northern Iran. Coals of this region within carbonaceous sediments of Shemshak formation with the age of upper Triassic-lower Jurassic have been deposited in the form of 32 coal beds. These coals are characterized by relatively high percentage of ash content (6.40-12.73%), high volatile matters (33.32-37.45%) and calorific value (7430-8880 kcal kg-1). Total sulphur amount of Galandrud coals is low (0.45-1.01% wt.) which indicate this region’s coals have been deposited in fresh water liminic sedimentary environment. Detected minerals in Galandrud coals are of dolomite (more than 80%), siderite, quartz, sphalrite, galena and kaolinite. Mineral sulphur is seen only in the form of fine and dispersal pyrite within coals of coal layers. Macercals, forming organic part of these coals are mostly of vitrinite (collotelinite) and inertinite (fusinite) group which their pores and fissures have been filled with carbonate and silica. Major elements correlate positively with ash contents demonstrating an association with inorganic constituents. Based on statistical analyses, concentrations of the trace elements such as Co (51.3-152.9 ppm), Ba (368-3297.4 ppm), Cr (65.5-194.2 ppm), Mo (5.6-18.2 ppm), Ni (72.9-152.9 ppm) and V (245.5-520 ppm) are higher than world coal average. However, these coals have low concentration of some volatile elements such as As, Hg and U.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • Mediating Effect of Internal Market Orientation on New Product Development
           in the Telecom Industry

    • Abstract: The research indicated a gap in existing knowledge regarding the impact of teamwork quality on New Product Development (NPD) cycle time through the mediation of internal market orientation in the telecommunication industry in Saudi Arabia. The aim of this study was to obtain the mediating effect of market orientation on the relationships the independent variables of top management, inter-departmental dynamics, organizational system and the dependent variable of business performance. Random sampling was used to select respondents for a survey from among members of NPD teams in Saudi telecommunications firms with total respondents 149 teams and response rate of 88.67%. Findings indicated that internal market orientation was found to affect positively NPD cycle time. Internal market orientation fully mediated the relationship between balance of member contribution, mutual support and NPD cycle time. Internal market orientation partially mediated communication, coordination, efforts and cohesion and NPD cycle time.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
  • Two Echelon Architecture Using Relay Node Placement in Wireless Sensor

    • Abstract: A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is composed of a large number of tiny sensor nodes, relay nodes and a sink that are deployed in an environment to collect information. Irregular placement of sensor nodes in WSN causes unbalanced energy depletion and reduces the overall performance of WSN. The extra cost of processing and redundant links occurrence of sensor nodes in the congested sensor node topology maximizes the overhead of wireless sensor network. In proposed two-echelon architecture, minimum sensor node deployment algorithm is used to achieve full coverage and relay node deployment algorithm is used to reduce redundant data links. In first echelon, the sensor node sends its data to relay nodes. In second echelon, the relay node forwards the incoming packets to the sink. Simulation result presents that our proposed work enhanced the lifetime of the network and data delivery. It also ensures more than 95% of the total energy utilization of the network.
      PubDate: 06 December, 2014
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