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Journal Cover Journal of Applied Sciences
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  This is an Open Access Journal Open Access journal
     ISSN (Print) 1812-5654 - ISSN (Online) 1812-5662
     Published by Asian Network for Scientific Information (ANSInet) Homepage  [30 journals]   [SJR: 0.351]   [H-I: 16]
  • Factors Affecting Wedding Banquet Venue Selection of Thai Wedding Couples

    • Abstract: The wedding day is one of the most important days for couples, so they want their ceremony to be as near to perfect as possible. Finding a venue for the wedding banquet is the first stage of the couple’s planning and many factors affect this decision. The objective of this research was to study the factors that affect the selection of wedding banquet venues among Thai wedding couples. This study obtained data via questionnaires and used statistical tests such as the Mann-Whitney U test and one-way analysis of variance. Results showed that among the 30 factors that were assessed by 222 respondents, good service from employees, food quality, the venue’s atmosphere, size of the event room and facilities in the wedding room were the five most important factors determining the attractiveness of a wedding banquet venue. The results demonstrated that respondents who organized a wedding banquet at a hotel prioritized the atmosphere. In contrast, respondents who organized a wedding banquet at a restaurant placed highest priority on the facilities of the wedding room. Results showed that significant differences regarding the factors that affect the selection of wedding banquet venues exist across groups with different demographic variables (i.e., age, income, education level).
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
  • Service Compositon Based on Enhanced Logic Petri Nets

    • Abstract: With the development of information technology, the quantity of web services in internet has increased rapidly. The time complexity of service composition becomes higher. To solve this problem, a new method of service composition is proposed based on Enhanced Logic Petri nets (ELPNs) in this study. The main innovation is the construction of a composition library. The experiment in this study shows the time complexity of service composition is decreased. Firstly, web services and service compostion are modeled by ELPNs. Then, the reachability of ELPNs is analyzed. All cases of service composition are obtained based on the ELPNs model of service composition. A composition library is constructed. The method of service composition is proposed based on the composition library. Moreover, some theorems are given, such as enabled conditions of transitions, marking computing. Some algorithms are introduced, such as reachable markings, service composition and so on. Finally, the validity and advantages of proposed methods are illustrated by experiments and comparative analysis.
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
  • Coastline Changes in Vicinity of Runway Platform of Sultan Mahmud Airport,
           Kuala Terengganu: Comparative Analysis of One-line Model Versus Satellite

    • Abstract: The aim of the research is to quantify the changes of coastline nearby the reclamation of sand for runway of airport Sultan Mahmud, Kuala Terengganu. The reclamation was built towards sea with beach nourishment in order to accommodate the operation of 747-400 aircraft landing at the airport. From the visual observation the offset changes from the original position of shoreline due to erosion was more than 10 m during 2010 to 2011. The numerical method that used for solve coastline case in this research is Littoral Processes and Coastline Kinetics numerical model (LITPACK). The results from the numerical model were then compared and verified with data from satellite. The computation of shoreline evolution was calibrated and validated by changing the bed roughness of the seabed. The method of Root Mean Square Percentage Error (RMSPE) was performed to find the percentage error of the simulation against the actual data. From the results obtain, it is found that the bed roughness of 0.004 m shows the good agreement with the actual data where the RMSPE is 0.76%. It is also found that the reclamation of sand for runway platform contributes severe erosion on an average of 21.3 m at the north side and accretion on an average of 24.8 m at the south sides of the between in year 2010-2013.
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
  • Climate Variability and its Possible Interactions with Water Resources in
           Central Africa

    • Abstract: The rainfall and temperature variations would produce crucial impacts on water quantity and quality. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in its fourth report already predicted an eventual warming of 2°C in 2050 for so-called “optimistic” and “median” scenarios. The main objectives of this study were (1) To evaluate the climate variability and its impacts on the water resources in the Central Africa area, (2) To forecast the variability trend for the following years and (3) To heighten the local decision-makers on its impacts on water resources using data collected from the local weather stations. This study has established an inventory of available water resources and water needs. It also emphasized warming and drought expansion in this region thanks to analytical and geostatistical methods. The results show that, climate is changing in this region: the average temperature (ranged from 21-29°C) increases; the average annual precipitation (ranged from 800-1600 mm) decreases and the groundwater table increased up to 4 m in 15 years. Despite this general downward trend, the rate of variation in rainfall compared to the average over the study period remains positive in several localities ranging from -6 to +10%. The average Standard Precipitation Index (SPI) value also decreases and varies from -0.6 to +0.6. All these results and observations in the first approximation can explain the draining of wetlands and surface water, the dryness of wells and the rise of static and piezometric levels in boreholes drilled in certain localities in the region. The results from this article can be extended to better control climate change phenomenon and its impacts on water resources in Central Africa zone and in similar regions in the world.
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
  • High-Performance Mobile Technology LTE-A using the Stream Control
           Transmission Protocol: A Systematic Review and Hands-on Analysis

    • Abstract: Long-Term Evolution-Advanced (LTE-A) is a new mobile radio standard of Long-Term Evolution (LTE) that uses orthogonal frequency division multiple access for the downlink and single carrier frequency division multiple access for the uplink. To relay nodes, LTE-A uses carrier aggregation aside from short delay time addition. This review attempts to shed some light on reviews and analyses performed on the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) behavior over LTE/LTE-A to encourage researchers to contribute to this area. In particular, systematic models of various types of TCP are implemented and compared with the proposed SCTP protocol model. Given its high-rate data stream, LTE-A is considered the fourth generation of wireless mobile technology. A built-up visual diagram has highlighted LTE-A as a gene technology addendum enhanced version of LTE which is operated by frequency division duplex and time division duplex carriers. Nevertheless, multiple input and multiple output technologies have been presented and focused on the transport layer and protocols working underneath it. We conducted an in-depth review of the LTE-A features and how the TCP works on LTE/LTE-A. The strengths and weaknesses of two systematic models, namely, TCP and SCTP, are provided. Both systematic models are implemented to evaluate the performance of the protocols which highlighted the exchange process in congested environments. TCP seems to be in the middle of a crisis, especially with the development and growth of new wireless technologies, such as LTE-A. As such, this study proposed the use of the SCTP protocol because of its impressive architecture and unique functionalities.
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
  • Research-oriented Teaching Pattern of the Exercise Physiology Course Based
           on the Internet

    • Abstract: Exercise physiology course is one of the backbone courses of the sports major in the colleges and universities of China. Due to the contents are various and theoretical for the students, so it is difficulty for those students to learn well. Also, there present a significant conflict between reduce of the teaching hours and adjustment of the teaching plan. To solve those problems and improvement the teaching effects, it is proposed the feasibility that the teaching pattern of research-oriented teaching on the exercise physiology course based on the internet environment. Also, it is put forward the construction scheme and the teaching evaluation system for the curriculum of exercise physiology under the condition of the internet environment. At last, some suggests and advices are put forward to improve exercise physiology teaching effects based on the internet.
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
  • Use of Compost to Enhance the Growth of Tomatoes in Soil Contaminated with
           Nigerian Crude Oil

    • Abstract: This laboratory study measured the growth of tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) in soils artificially contaminated with Bonny light crude oil at 5, 7.5 and 10% level (w/w). Tomatoes grown in nursery trays were supplemented with compost at a mix ratio of compost/soil 1:1 which is equivalent to 50% compost (w/w). The results showed that germination of seeds without the addition of compost was adversely affected by the oil pollution. In the controls (without oil), the highest biomass yield of 492 mg was recorded at 50% compost/soil and the lowest yield of 245 mg in soil only (without compost). However, there was total inhibition to growth at initial 10% oil level suggesting that 10% oil level is above the trigger level for plant growth. On addition of compost, contamination levels were diluted and plants grew in soil with the least diluted content of 5% oil level. The aboveground biomass yield was enhanced reaching 130±22, 55±9.8 and 39±36 mg at 2.5, 3.75 and 5% diluted oil concentrations, respectively.
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
  • Evaluation of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field Intensity in
           Power Station and Substations of Hamadan City and Calculating its
           Occupational Received Dose by Personnel

    • Abstract: Public and occupational exposure to Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields induced by electrical equipment is a significant issue in the environment and at the workplace due to their potential health effects on public health. This study was conducted for evaluation of the magnetic field intensity in transmission or distribution substations of Hamadan City and calculating its occupational received dose by personnel. The intensities of the magnetic and electric fields were measured at seven high-voltage electric power substations. Measurements were done in all the points where usually personnel were present at these places using a Holaday electro-magneto meter (model HI-3604 instrument, USA). Then calculation of electromagnetic exposure received by personnel and comparison with ICNIRP recommendations was performed. The maximum value of induced magnetic field was observed at CVT, sectionner and breaker of 400-kV substation (40.06±21.69, 38.76±13.59 and 35.56±17.52 m Gauss, respectively). While, the intensity of induced magnetic fields in battery room, control room and relay room is negligible. The maximum calculated value of TWA for magnetic fields was registered at 230-kV substation (25.16±8.32 μTesla). The measurements of the low frequency magnetic field around different substations indicate that the measured values were lower than the value of 100 μTesla recommended by ICNIRP guidelines. The intensities of electric and magnetic fields in the selected stations are lower than the ICNIRP standard levels for public and occupational exposures.
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Energy-saving Management in Housing and Public
           Service: Russian Experience

    • Abstract: The functioning of the housing and public services affecting the interests of the entire population under conditions of socially-oriented market economy in the Russian Federation is the strategic indicator of evaluation of the social and economic policy conducted by the state. Attributed to the problems of the industry are rather low incomes of the basic mass of the Russian population which results in the low consumer demand of the people for the housing and public services; the monopolistic position of the producers and suppliers thereof, as well as the unjustifiably exaggerated prices for the energy commodities; inconsistency of the tariff-setting rules, high costly characteristic of production and rendering the Housing and Public Services (HPS), etc. The place and role of the federal, regional and municipal authorities have been revealed and substantiated in the process of incorporating the energy-saving technologies in the industry. The “Concept of complex modernization of HPS and a transfer to building the energy-efficient houses” developed by the All-Russia public organization Delovaya Rossia has been studied. The consideration has been given to the element structure of the energy-saving management system in the housing and public services. A scientific approach to the shaping and development of the energy-saving management system in the housing and public service of Russia has been proposed which will be based on the principles of uninterrupted operation of the housing and public service, financial balance of the private partner, state controllability.
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
  • Wavelet Linear Prediction Coding with Feed Forward Backpropagation Neural
           Network for Noisy Speaker Identification System

    • Abstract: Recently, speaker identification systems become very attractive for researchers. As a matter of fact, the results of new identification systems have been very crucial in the academic community. In the presented study, An average Framing Linear Prediction Coding (AFLPC) technique for noisy speaker identification systems is proposed. The work of the modified LPC with Wavelet Transform (WT), termed AFLPC, is investigated for speaker identification based on previous study by the author. The study procedure is based on feature extraction and voice classification. In the classification phase, Feed Forward Back-Propagation Neural network (FFBPN) is applied because of its rapid response and ease in implementation. In the practical investigation, performances of different wavelet transforms in conjunction with AFLPC were compared with one another. In addition, white Gaussian (AWGN), restaurant, babble and train station noises with 5 and 0 dB were examined for proposed system and other systems presented in the literature. Consequently, the FFBPN classifier achieves a better recognition rate (96.87%) with the Wavelet Packet (WP) and AFLPC termed WPLPCF feature extraction method.
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
  • Development of Laboratory Courses for Specialized Remote Access Laboratory
           in iLab

    • Abstract: This study proposes an approach to the development of laboratory research courses for industrial interfaces. The National Instruments Laboratory Complex and the iLab software by Massachusetts Institute of Technology are used as the material and technical base of the research which provide a platform to introduce students to the concept of virtual laboratories in general and to the use of industrial interfaces in particular. Using virtual and hybrid laboratories in the educational process will on the one hand enable the student to perform experiments with equipment and material, to gain practical skills in experiments conducting and to familiarize oneself in detail with a computer model of a unique object without the risk of costly equipment damage or bodily injury. On the other hand, the connection of existing laboratory equipment and devices via the Internet in a hybrid laboratory allows the laboratory activity to be moved to a new level, where multiple students might simultaneously conduct laboratory work remotely and have a more flexible schedule which would be hardly feasible in the traditional laboratory work.
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
  • A Methodological and Scientific Approach to Developing a Research Agenda
           in Education

    • Abstract: This study reports on the development of a National Educational Research Agenda. The study surveys 912 stakeholders regarding their perceptions of pertinent education issues believed to be significant in the context of the current educational reform. Through a modified Delphi Technique (DT), thirteen faculty members in a National Arab-Gulf university reduced the 2332 remarks to nine categories containing 10 Research Statement/Questions (RS/Q). The knowledge based research agenda will produce a research program aimed at improving teacher practices and students’ educational outcomes from which these results and findings will be used to support new educational decisions and policies.
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
  • Modeling and Characteristic Analysis of Current-Fed Contactless Power
           Transfer System

    • Abstract: This study presents a characteristic analysis based on stroboscopic mapping modeling method and fixed points theory in current-fed Contactless Power Transfer (CPT) system. Circulation influence of resonant converter caused by bypass diode in the switch tube and rectifier in secondary is taken into account for loss analyzing, so that the main loss of system is analyzed and quantified. Besides, the piecewise linear stroboscopic mapping model of system is established for analyzing the characteristics of soft switching frequency, output voltage and efficiency when load varies. Simulation is conducted to verify the validity of the proposed model to analysis the output characteristic of current-fed CPT systems.
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
  • Measurement and Analysis of Physicochemical Parameters Concerning
           Thermopylae Natural Hot Spring Waters

    • Abstract: The present study describes a measuring station, implemented at the hot water source place, for collecting data of various physico-chemical factors. The integrated systems is able to continuously measure, process and transmit via a radio transmitter data regarding OPR, conductivity, water temperature and pH. An additional unit receives and stores data in convenient form for data analysis. The second part of the study presents a statistical study of the data with a time series analysis. The most important results are (1) Statistically significant correlations were found between the involved physico-chemical factors and (2) Data exhibit various periodicities.
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
  • Trapezoidal Fuzzy Number Attitude Indicators Group Decision Making
           Approaches Based on Fuzzy Language

    • Abstract: The study proposed a trapezoidal fuzzy numbers group decision making method based on attitude indicators, in order to solve the multi-attribute group decision making problem for the evaluation of the information given in the form of fuzzy language. Given the weights determining method of trapezoidal fuzzy number complementary judgment matrix under the case of the weight of each attribute, weight and decision-makers weight information are not entirely solved each attribute weight information according to this method, then introduced attitude indicators and put fuzzy language trapezoidal fuzzy number decision matrix into a decision matrix with attitude indicators. Use the incomplete decision making information to build target programming model to get the decision-makers weight to meet the objective function. Eventually, get the groups risk attitude and the programs comprehensive sorting situation by integrate the attitude indicators of decision-makers. The study also verified the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed method by a numerical example.
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
  • Investigation of Groundwater Quality Control in Adamawa-Cameroon Region

    • Abstract: According to the standard method recommended by the American Public Health Association (APHA), 34 samples were collected and analyzed for various parameters such as pH, temperature, color, turbidity, total hardness, electrical conductivity, total dissolved solids, dissolved oxygen, total alkalinity, iron, manganese, major ions chloride, calcium, sulfate, nitrate, phosphate, sodium and potassium in order to master the hydro-chemical changes of water quality in the Adamawa-Cameroon region. This analysis indicates that, some parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, iron, turbidity and temperature are in alarming proportions in certain samples compared to the standards recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Also, ordinary Kriging analysis was conducted to investigate the spatial distribution of these non standard parameters. The global water quality index for the region has been calculated and its value is equal to 82.11. The approach used in this study can be recommended to control the evolution in time and space properties of groundwater and can be conducted in other areas for the study of similar phenomena.
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
  • Impact of Destructive Leadership on Subordinate Behavior via Voice
           Behavior,Loyalty and Neglect in Hanoi, Vietnam

    • Abstract: Scholars’ examination of antecedents in organizations revealed that destructive leadership behaviors of managers have a strong influence on their employees’ behaviors due to their physical and psychological proximity to employees and their ability to administer rewards and punishments as well as performance ratings. Drawing from the destructive leadership, social learning and empirical evidence, this study examined the impact of how destructive leadership differentially affect (that is, promote or inhibit) the occurrence of subordinate behavior mechanism via loyalty, voice behavior and neglect in the context of business enterprises in Hanoi, Vietnam. Data collected from 323 employees and statistically analyzed using Statistical Product and Service Solutions (SPSS) software provided support for the hypothesized relationships. Results showed that destructive leadership behavior is an important antecedent of workplace loyalty, voice behavior and neglect which provides a strategic focus that enables organizations to effectively guide managers’ behavior to create a civil work environment. Therefore, organizations should be aware of the salience of managers as role model of setting the tone for the interpersonal treatment among employees as well as working environment. This, in turn, will relate to positive employee attitudes and behaviors, reducing dissatisfaction and voluntary turnover rates in enterprises.
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
  • Cost Analysis of Rotaviral Treatment in Libyan Public Hospitals

    • Abstract: Limited data exist on economic burden of rotavirus gastroenteritis in Libya. Aim of this study is to perform cost analysis of rotavirus disease in Libya. A prospective cross sectional study was conducted among rotavirus children aged below five years from August 2012 to April 2013 at three public hospitals in Libya. The cost of rotavirus treatment is calculated the cost of rotavirus treatment from the hospital and patient’s perspective for hospitalized and ambulatory case. A total of 311 patients were enrolled in this study. Of these 239 cases were inpatients while 72 cases were outpatients. The average treatment cost of a hospitalized rotavirus episode was US$ 667.76 and out of this US$ 480.36 (72%) was by the hospital, while US$ 187.40 (28%) by the patient. The average cost of treatment for ambulatory rotavirus case was US$ 166.34, of which US$ 120.02 (72%) was from hospital cost and US$ 46.32 (28%) from patient’s cost. These costs for inpatient and outpatient were during the whole treatment period. Hospital and patient’s cost of rotavirus treatment showed the disease posed a considerable economic burden on Libyan government and families. Applying preventive measures would be more appropriate such as introducing rotavirus immunization to reduce the disease.
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
  • Some Bounds and Conditional Maximum Bounds for RIC in Compressed Sensing

    • Abstract: Compressed sensing seeks to recover an unknown sparse signal with p entries by making far fewer than p measurements. The Restricted Isometry Constants (RIC) has become a dominant tool used for such cases since if RIC satisfies some bound then sparse signals are guaranteed to be recovered exactly when no noise is present and sparse signals can be estimated stably in the noisy case. During the last few years, a great deal of attention has been focused on bounds of RIC. Finding bounds of RIC has theoretical and applied significance. In this study we obtain a bound of RIC. It improves the results. Further we discuss the problems related larger bound of RIC and give the conditional maximum bound.
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
  • Humanoid Robot Arm Adaptive Control: Experimental Implementation

    • Abstract: In this study, a partially model based adaptive control of humanoid robot arm is presented. The aim of the adaptive control scheme is to deal with the uncertain parameters in its own dynamic model such as link masses or actuators inertias as well as to cope with changing dynamics in the tasks like passing objects between a human and a robot. The main idea here is to derive a dynamic model of the robot’s arm via a software package and parameterized it. Then, employ the adaptive control scheme to identify uncertain parameters such as link masses and actuator inertias online. This scheme will also be suitable for the tasks where robot is lifting weight and or passing an object to a human or vice versa (which is the ultimate goal of this work). The adaptive scheme is simulated and experimentally tested on the Bristol Robotics Laboratory humanoid Bristol- Elumotion-Robot-Torso (BERT) Arm. Humanoid BERT robot is developed as a collaboration between Bristol Robotics Laboratory and Elumotion (a Bristol based robotic company).
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
  • Human Action Recognition Based on Multiple Instance Learning

    • Abstract: In this study, a novel method based Multiple Instance Learning is proposed for human action recognition in video image sequences. First of all, HOG and T-HOG model is used for extracting space-time interest points feature, optical flow model is used for extracting motion features which are used to characterize human action. Then we combine spatial-temporal points of interest vector with the optical flow vector to form a hybrid feature vector. Final Multiple Instance Learning algorithm is presented which is used to recognize human actions. Experimental results show the effectiveness of the proposed method in comparison with other related works in the literature and the proposed method can enhance the robustness, also tolerate noise and interference conditions.
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
  • Statistical Analysis for Quality Welding Process: An Aerospace Industry
           Case Study

    • Abstract: The analysis of a Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Process (GTAW) was realized in an aerospace industry for steel heat exchangers, components that have their function in the air conditioning system of an airplane. It was identified the optimal levels and most significant variables for welding process that directly or indirectly influence quality defects. The welding process for heat exchangers has significant quality defects which delays the manufacturing process, as well as increases downtimes in the production area. For this case study, Taguchi’s methodology of design of experiments was used considering the characteristics of the process, i.e., low production rate and a large number of variables to be analyzed. Based on the results were identified the optimal levels and most significant variables that influence on quality defects which were rod type on level 1, cleaning unit previous brazing zone on level 1, amperage on level 2, electrode type on level 1 , rod cleaning on level 1. With the recommended conditions, the GTAW defects were diminished by 36%, increasing the level of productivity and decreasing production costs.
      PubDate: 19 June, 2014
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