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3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 5)
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Bharatiya Vaigyanik evam Audyogik Anusandhan Patrika (BVAAP)     Open Access  
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Biotechnology Progress     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 21)
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Centaurus     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 3)
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Cold Regions Science and Technology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 2)
Comparative Technology Transfer and Society     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 1)
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ITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 9)
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Journal Cover   Journal of Applied Sciences
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   ISSN (Print) 1812-5654 - ISSN (Online) 1812-5662
   Published by Asian Network for Scientific Information (ANSInet) Homepage  [30 journals]
  • An Overview of Traditional Malay Medicine in the Malaysian Healthcare

    • Abstract: This study shall provide an overview of Traditional Malay Medicine in the Malaysian Healthcare System. A literature review was done from journal databases, identify miscellaneous books, publications and organisation websites that provide services related to traditional Malay medicine. The search generated 32 results from over 2000 articles screened using the inclusion criteria. Articles reviewed can be divided into a few characteristics including case study of usage of TMM herbs on clinical diseases, role of traditional Malay healers in society, society perception and acceptance towards Malay medicine and regulation requirements for complementary medicine. The results have been summarised and categorised according to the parameters of two models, the healthcare system framework and doctor patient consultation framework. Formal training of practitioners and future recommendations of the Traditional Malay Medicine industry is also discussed.
      PubDate: 02 April, 2015
  • Evaluation of a Dynamic 3D S-Box Based on Cylindrical Coordinate System
           for Blowfish Algorithm

    • Abstract: In order to measure the degree of security of RAF algorithm, some cryptographic tests must be applied such as randomness test, avalanche criteria, correlation coefficient and criteria of S-Box. In this study, we analyze the security of RAF. The security analysis is divided into two phases. The first phase investigates the output of the entire RAF, including the avalanche text and the correlation coefficient. The second phase investigates the quality of the dynamic 3D S-Box generated by the RAF by using the avalanche criterion (AVAL), the Strict Avalanche Criterion (SAC) and the Bit Independence Criterion (BIC). In addition, RAF algorithm is compared with the Blowfish Algorithm (BA). The avalanche text findings show that both algorithms produced satisfactory results on the second round. The correlation coefficient for RAF showed better non-linearity than BA. The S-Box analyses show that the dynamic 3D S-Box in the RAF is equipped with more security features than dynamic S-boxes in BA. C++ is used in the implementation of both algorithms. MATLAB computing software is used to implement the properties (AVAL, SAC and BIC) as well as the avalanche text and the correlation coefficient.
      PubDate: 02 April, 2015
  • Geophysical Investigation of Subsurface Water of Erunmu and its Environs,
           Southwestern Nigeria Using Electrical Resistivity Method

    • Abstract: Acute drinkable-water shortage is an important problem confronting the people of Erunmu, a suburb of Ibadan, southwestern Nigeria. Geophysical survey was carried out to evaluate the groundwater potential of the basement complex and to delineate potential locations for siting boreholes in the study area. A total of twenty five Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES) were carried out. Data acquisition involved the use of the Schlumberger electrode configuration with half current electrode spacing (AB/2) ranging from 1-100 m. Interpretation of the geoelectrical data involved the use of curve matching technique and computer iteration. Geoelectrical cross sections and isoresistivity and 3D isopach maps were constructed based on lateral combination of inverted soundings from the VES surveys. Available lithologic data from hand-dug wells were used to evaluate geophysical results. The interpretation revealed three and four-model curves H-, HA-, A- and KH-types, with the the H-type curves being the dominant types. Four subsurface layers comprising top lateritic soil, weathered layer, fractured basement and fresh basement were inferred from the interpretation. The top soils are of varying thickness and resistivity values. The fractured and weathered basement with relatively lower resistivity are inferred to be the aquiferous zone and could bear productive water for groundwater supply. The basement was inferred as the lowermost infinitely thick layer with resistivity mostly greater than 1500 Ωm. The results of the soundings greatly contribute to the understanding of the hydrogeology of the basement complex. The fractured and weathered basement aquifers can be developed for sustainable water supply to Erunmu and adjacent communities.
      PubDate: 02 April, 2015
  • Discussion and Measurement of Applying a Cooling Fogging Air-Conditioning
           System for Working Environment Cooling and Air Quality Improvement

    • Abstract: The traditional blowing spray cooling system uses turbulent fan and mist at ambient temperature to cool an open space based on the principle of evaporative cooling. However, its cooling effect is affected by the mist temperature, spray capacity and ambient wet-bulb temperature. If the spray particle temperature is not reduced, the cooling effect is limited. Before reaching the preset target ambient temperature, the spray capacity of the system needs to be increased, thus may overwet the environment and affect its applicability. This study used the refrigerating air conditioning technology to modify a water chiller to a cooling fogging chiller for the blowing spray cooling system. The system can spray 8°C low temperature mist under high pressure, thus improving the poor cooling efficiency of the conventional design. The on/off of the cooling fogging air-conditioning system can be controlled by the ambient humidity, thus avoiding excessive ambient humidity. The measurement results showed that the system can reduce the ambient temperature by an average of 5.5°C or more, ensure the stability of the humidity change, increase the number of anions in the environment during operation, thus effectively improving the ambient air quality.
      PubDate: 02 April, 2015
  • A New Secure Storing System for Biometric Templates Based Encryption and

    • Abstract: The security of templates is the critical part of biometric system and one of the most crucial issues in any proposed system. In fact, features such as voice, face, fingerprints and many others can be covertly acquired or stolen by an attacker and misused. Therefore, storing biometric templates a secure way is crucial. This study proposes a novel approach that combines an improved encryption method with a new concealment technique to establish a secure data template storing system. The Hill Cipher algorithm has been improved to be more secure by using a large and random key with large data block and also extending it to include the special characters. In the other hand a new concealment method proposed by combine two of the popular methods DWT and DCT for embedding and extraction the secret data in order to compensate the drawbacks of both of them and to make the hidden information much more secure against the attacks, wavelet transform which use dyadic filters to decompose cover image into 4-levels (HH, HL, LH and LL) and discrete cosine Transforms to convert a signal of the selected coefficients (HH, HL and LH) into elementary frequency components then according to the percentages entering by a user the encrypted data will distribute. The efficiency of encryption and concealment have been checked out with a number of widely used metrics such as Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) and Normalized Correlation Coefficient (NCC).
      PubDate: 02 April, 2015
  • Examining the Role of Information and Communication Technology to Improve
           Job Satisfaction

    • Abstract: Empirical research relevant to the role of information and communication technology (ICT) in shaping business to-business salesforce job satisfaction remains relatively scarce. The authors propose and empirically test a causal model that theoretically represents structural relationships among factors comprising ICT and resulting salesperson job satisfaction. The finding of the study also indicate that information technology has no direct effect on job satisfaction except for the situations that the firms are high technology-oriented. However, administrative skills simplify the effect of ICT on job satisfaction. Also results indicate that ICT indirectly influences job satisfaction through salesforce administrative performance. While ICT infrastructure, training and support positively relate to administrative performance, none of them influence outcome performance significantly. In addition, salesperson technology orientation moderates the effect of both ICT infrastructure and support on job satisfaction. Managerial insights and implications from the research are discussed. Besides, we concluded that salespeople technology-orientation attenuate the influence of ICT infrastructure and support on job satisfaction.
      PubDate: 02 April, 2015
  • Evaluation of Ceramic Students Awareness Associated with Exposure to
           Hazardous Materials at the University Level

    • Abstract: Ceramic supplies contain toxic substance and it produces a wide range of environmental problems and raises a number of public health issues. The hazardous waste produced by ceramicists, in addition to working in a loosely organized area and the lack of research studies that care about student’s well-being, all put students’ health at risk. Therefore, ceramic students need to take responsibility for their own health at least to the extent they are aware of the problem. The aim of this study is to investigate ceramic student’s awareness of hazardous ceramic materials and to determine whether gender or students major has any impact on student’s awareness. A questionnaire consists of eleven questions was mailed to 300 students in 5 different universities in the Middle East that have ceramic programs. A total of 255 ceramic students responded to the survey instrument. Information collected from the questionnaire was coded for statistical analysis (SPSS program). The results showed a low awareness among ceramic students regarding the hazardous nature of ceramic material. Also, student’s gender and major has no effect on student’s awareness. The study pointed to the importance of art-safety courses to become a required part of any art curriculum.
      PubDate: 02 April, 2015
  • Effect of Farmers Socio-economic Toward Adoption Level of Agricultural
           Technology in Sigi Regency Indonesia

    • Abstract: The objectives of this study were to (1) Know the adoption level of agricultural technology on Field School Program of Integrated Plant Management in Sigi Regency Indonesia and (2) Analyze the effect of farmers socio-economic toward agricultural technology adoption on Field School Program of Integrated Plant Management. The study was conducted in Sigi Regency Indonesia. The number of respondents in this study were 67 household heads. Sampling was done by simple random. Descriptive statistic was used to answer the first objective and multiple regression analysis was used to answer the second objective. The result showed that, technology adoption on Field School Program of Integrated Plant Management was still low in Sigi Regency Indonesia, it was because the resource of farmers was still low. The household income, age of household heads, land area of rice farming, frequency of following agricultural extension, frequency of visiting demonstration plot and education of household heads affected technology adoption on Field School Program of Integrated Plant Management in Sigi Regency Indonesia. The increasing of farmers resource was very needed so that farmers could adopt the better agricultural technology.
      PubDate: 02 April, 2015
  • Study of Cuttings Transport Using Stable Foam Based Mud in Inclined

    • Abstract: Drilling of high angle, horizontal and other more complex trajectory wells are common strategies to economically produce hydrocarbon from the reservoirs. During directional drilling, hole cleaning is a vital aspect which needs to be monitored and controlled. For this purpose, foam-based mud using the Under Balanced Drilling technique (UBD) is employed to obtain a better cutting transport. Solid particle is one of the lubricating agents that is widely used in water-based mud. Previous studies have shown that microbeads could significantly reduce the friction in water-based mud. However, the application of polymer beads in foam-based mud is yet to be proven. Similar to the improvement in the water-based mud, it is expected that polymer beads such as Styrene Methacrylate could enhance the rheological properties of the foam-based mud. The polymer beads might significantly reduced the torque and drag by reducing the coefficient of friction of the foam-based mud. Polymeric particles could act as the foam or emulsion stabilizer which improved the stability of the foam. The half-life of the bubbles could be extended due to the addition of polymers. The fine sizes of the polymer beads were enhanced the stability of bubbles. Theoretically, the gas phase in the foam drilling mud was pulled the cuttings upward because of their buoyancy, thereby counteracting the gravity force. Therefore, the more stable the bubble in the foam drilling, the better the cuttings transportation will be. Introduction of polymer beads in the foam-based mud improved the foam stability. Reduction of the torque and drag force improved the carrying capacity of the cuttings in directional drilling. The suitable lubricating agent can reduce the drilling operation problems such as stuck-pipe. This will result in smooth drilling operation and great benefits in term of economy.
      PubDate: 02 April, 2015
  • Ear Identification Based on Improved Algorithm of ICPSCM

    • Abstract: This study presents a brief processing of ear identification and making an improvement of ear recognition via combination of Iterative Closest Point (ICP) algorithm with the Stochastic Clustering Method (SCM). The objective of this study is to enhance the matching template scheme using BPNN based on the ICP algorithm combined SCM method. An effective SLLE (Supervised Locality Linear Embedding) variation for ear recognition was designed based on JAVA programming language. The software provides basic functions for ear identification analysis by using two kinds of algorithm, respectively. In particular, the combined method provides effective identification through BPNN environment condition. Analysis results are expressed realistically through different database. Finally, with the application of ICP and SCM based multilayer neutral network to identify 20 ear images, the experiment results shows 96.12% accuracy.
      PubDate: 02 April, 2015
  • Effects of Different Sizes of Cylinder Diameter on Vortex-Induced
           Vibration for Energy Generation

    • Abstract: Vortex-Induced Vibration (VIV) is the turbulent motion induced on bluff body that creates irregular lift forces and results in alternating movement of the body. Vortex-Induced Vibration (VIV) powered system seems a viable idea of alternative source of energy as it has the ability to take advantages of low current speed of water. This work aims to investigate the effects of different sizes of cylinder diameter on VIV system. The study is vital in order to maximize and exploit VIV efficiently to transform the turbulent kinetic energy into valuable source of energy. Five cylinders with the range of 0.25-2.00 inches diameter are tested at water velocity of 0.453 m sec‾1 to study the behavior of VIV by using a water tunnel facility specifically developed for this study. Results from this experiment indicates that, the 2.0 inches cylinder gives the highest amplitude of oscillation motion that is equal to 0.0065 m within the range of Reynolds number (300
      PubDate: 02 April, 2015
  • Identification Based on Iris Geometric Features

    • Abstract: Biometric based authentication system aims to reconstruct the existing token based system. As there is a great need for secured identification in the current information era, it is achieved by biometric features. Iris based recognition system even though is one of the youngest biometric trait for human identification has received a larger impact. Among the various biometric traits, iris has the richest set of information which can be used for human identification. Iris consists of several features such as color, texture feature, macro features and geometric features. In this study, we propose to extract the geometric features based on the pupil, collarette and iris which are used for recognition. This innovative methodology proposes the extraction of geometric information based on the radius, roundness, diameter, roughness, smoothness and other geometric structures of the iris. The results exhibit that these features are discriminating features for identification. This proposed methodology based on geometric features for identification has proven better identification results.
      PubDate: 02 April, 2015
  • Nanoscale DGMOSFET: DC Modelisation and Analysis of Phase Noise in RF

    • Abstract: A numerical model for drain and gate currents in symmetrical Double Gate MOSFET (DGMOS) including short-channel and quantum effects is developed. This modelisation in a good agreement was successfully conducted with electrical characteristics of a SILVACO software simulation. So, mixed-mode modeling of a Radio Frequency (RF) LC oscillator, built around the considered DGMOS is developed. The quantum model was applied to the device, whereas, the rest of the circuit is governed by Kirchhoff ‘s laws. The first goal of this work is to establish the DC characteristics, the key is to achieve an analyse of quantum effect on static electrical performances of this device. The second goal is the investigation of phase noise in the considered oscillator. Then, analyse via the LTV (Linear Time Variant) model, the Impulse Sensitivity Function (ISF) of the circuit which describes carefully the sensitivity of an oscillator to any impulse current injection in any node of the circuit. Finally, the phase noise modeling, confronting some analytical developments to mixed-mode simulations was improved.
      PubDate: 02 April, 2015
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