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027.7 Zeitschrift für Bibliothekskultur / Journal for Library Culture     Open Access   (Followers: 56)
Academy of Information and Management Sciences Journal     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 63)
Access     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 21)
African Journal of Library, Archives and Information Science     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 64)
Against the Grain     Partially Free   (Followers: 139)
AIB Studi     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 9)
Aldébaran     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Alexandría : Revista de Ciencias de la Información     Open Access   (Followers: 13)
Alexandria : The Journal of National and International Library and Information Issues     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 61)
Alsic     Open Access   (Followers: 16)
American Archivist     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 137)
American Libraries     Partially Free   (Followers: 191)
Anales de Documentacion     Open Access   (Followers: 13)
Annals of Library and Information Studies (ALIS)     Open Access   (Followers: 265)
ANZTLA EJournal     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Archival Science     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 50)
Archivalische Zeitschrift     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 4)
Archivaria     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 22)
Archives and Manuscripts     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 43)
Ariadne Magazine     Open Access   (Followers: 185)
Aslib Proceedings     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 201)
AtoZ : novas práticas em informação e conhecimento     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Australasian Journal of Information Systems     Open Access   (Followers: 10)
Australasian Public Libraries and Information Services     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 37)
Australian Academic & Research Libraries     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 119)
Australian Library Journal     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 173)
B Sides     Open Access   (Followers: 22)
Bangladesh Journal of Library and Information Science     Open Access   (Followers: 43)
Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 145)
Bibliometrie - Praxis und Forschung     Open Access   (Followers: 28)
Biblios     Open Access   (Followers: 19)
Biblioteca Universitaria     Open Access   (Followers: 17)
Bibliotecas : Revista de la Escuela de Bibliotecología, Documentación e Información     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Biblioteka     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Biblioteka i Edukacja     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
Bibliotheca Orientalis     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 11)
Bibliothek Forschung und Praxis     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 117)
Bibliotheksdienst     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 37)
BIBLOS - Revista do Departamento de Biblioteconomia e História     Open Access   (Followers: 13)
BiD : textos universitaris de biblioteconomia i documentació     Open Access   (Followers: 6)
Bilgi Dünyası     Open Access   (Followers: 5)
Bioinformatics     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 201)
Boletín Cultural y Bibliográfico     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Book History     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 107)
Bridgewater Review     Open Access   (Followers: 5)
BuB - Forum Bibliothek und Information     Free   (Followers: 15)
Bulletin des bibliotheques de France     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 2)
Bulletin du Centre de recherche français à Jérusalem     Open Access   (Followers: 7)
Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology     Open Access   (Followers: 14)
Bulletin of the John Rylands Library     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 12)
Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 238)
Cataloging & Classification Quarterly     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 176)
Children and Libraries : The Journal of the Association for Library Service to Children     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 12)
CIC. Cuadernos de Informacion y Comunicacion     Open Access   (Followers: 8)
Ciencias de la Información     Open Access   (Followers: 13)
Code4Lib Journal     Open Access   (Followers: 164)
Códices     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Collaborative Librarianship     Open Access   (Followers: 21)
College & Research Libraries News     Partially Free   (Followers: 257)
College & Undergraduate Libraries     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 207)
College & Research Libraries     Open Access   (Followers: 400)
Communicate : Journal of Library and Information Science     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 43)
Communication Booknotes Quarterly     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 15)
Communications in Information Literacy     Open Access   (Followers: 206)
Community & Junior College Libraries     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 51)
Computers in Libraries     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 44)
D-Lib Magazine     Open Access   (Followers: 780)
DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology     Open Access   (Followers: 78)
Digital Investigation     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 404)
Digital Library Perspectives     Hybrid Journal  
Documentation et bibliothèques     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 3)
e & i Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 8)
e-Ciencias de la Información     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Eastern Librarian     Open Access   (Followers: 10)
EDUCAUSE Review     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 153)
Egyptian Informatics Journal     Open Access   (Followers: 10)
El Profesional de la Informacion     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 19)
Em Questão     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Encontros Bibli : revista eletrônica de biblioteconomia e ciência da informação     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Ethics and Information Technology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 63)
European Journal of Information Systems     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 110)
Evidence Based Library and Information Practice     Open Access   (Followers: 366)
Faculty of Information Quarterly     Open Access   (Followers: 24)
Focus on International Library and Information Work     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 10)
Foundations and Trends® in Information Retrieval     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 106)
FreePint     Partially Free   (Followers: 18)
Georgia Library Quarterly     Open Access   (Followers: 27)
Ghana Library Journal     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 12)
Health Information Management Journal     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 7)
HLA News     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 6)
Human Factors in Information Technology     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 39)
i-com     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 7)
Idaho Librarian     Free   (Followers: 10)
IFLA Journal     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 184)
In Monte Artium     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 4)
In the Library with the Lead Pipe     Open Access   (Followers: 67)
InCite     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 20)
Informaatiotutkimus     Open Access   (Followers: 5)
Informação & Informação     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Información, Cultura y Sociedad     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Information     Open Access   (Followers: 48)
Information & Culture : A Journal of History     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 30)
Information - Wissenschaft & Praxis     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 33)
Information Manager (The)     Open Access   (Followers: 20)
Information Processing & Management     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 103)
Information Retrieval     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 146)
Information Sciences     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 121)
Information Systems Frontiers     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 28)
Information Systems Research     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 117)
Information Technologies & International Development     Open Access   (Followers: 100)
Information Technologist (The)     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 13)
Information Technology and Libraries     Open Access   (Followers: 258)
Information Today     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 20)
Informationspraxis     Open Access   (Followers: 7)
Informing Science - The International Journal of an Emerging Transdiscipline (InformingSciJ)     Open Access   (Followers: 9)
Innovation : Journal of Appropriate Librarianship and Information Work in Southern Africa     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 4)
Insights : the UKSG journal     Open Access   (Followers: 94)
InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information     Open Access   (Followers: 27)
Interlending & Document Supply     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 62)
International Information & Library Review     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 451)
International Journal of Business Information Systems     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 17)
International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 8)
International Journal of Digital Curation     Open Access   (Followers: 128)
International Journal of Digital Library Systems     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 72)
International Journal of Information and Decision Sciences     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 17)
International Journal of Information Management     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 187)
International Journal of Information Privacy, Security and Integrity     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 27)
International Journal of Information Retrieval Research     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 29)
International Journal of Information Technology, Communications and Convergence     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 18)
International Journal of Intellectual Property Management     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 27)
International Journal of Intercultural Information Management     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 14)
International Journal of Legal Information     Open Access   (Followers: 138)
International Journal of Library and Information Science     Open Access   (Followers: 160)
International Journal of Library Science     Open Access   (Followers: 229)
International Journal of Library Science     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 46)
International Journal of Multicriteria Decision Making     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 11)
International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval     Partially Free   (Followers: 12)
International Journal of Organisational Design and Engineering     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 6)
International Journal of Web Portals     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 15)
International Journal on Digital Libraries     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 552)
Investigación Bibliotecológica     Open Access   (Followers: 9)
it - Information Technology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 16)
JISTEM : Journal of Information Systems and Technology Management     Open Access   (Followers: 12)     Open Access   (Followers: 14)
JMIR Medical Informatics     Open Access   (Followers: 5)
Journal of Academic Librarianship     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 820)
Journal of Access Services     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 32)
Journal of Advancements in Library Sciences     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 26)
Journal of Archival Organization     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 21)
Journal of Balkan Libraries Union     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Journal of Copyright in Education & Librarianship     Open Access   (Followers: 5)
Journal of Creative Library Practice     Open Access   (Followers: 68)
Journal of Data Mining and Digital Humanities     Open Access   (Followers: 18)
Journal of Documentation     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 159)
Journal of East Asian Libraries     Open Access   (Followers: 5)
Journal of Education in Library and Information Science - JELIS     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 75)
Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 235)
Journal of eScience Librarianship     Open Access   (Followers: 123)
Journal of Global Information Management     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 13)
Journal of Health & Medical Informatics     Open Access   (Followers: 51)
Journal of Hospital Librarianship     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 133)
Journal of Information & Knowledge Management     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 155)
Journal of Information Engineering and Applications     Open Access   (Followers: 14)
Journal of Information Literacy     Open Access   (Followers: 639)
Journal of Information Science     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 845)
Journal of Information Systems     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 18)
Journal of Information Technology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 52)
Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 8)
Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 28)
Journal of Interlibrary Loan Document Delivery & Electronic Reserve     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 103)
Journal of Law, Information and Science     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 24)
Journal of Librarianship and Information Science     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 696)
Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication     Open Access   (Followers: 59)
Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 158)
Journal of Library Administration     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 222)
Journal of Library and Information Science     Open Access   (Followers: 383)
Journal of Library Innovation     Open Access   (Followers: 395)
Journal of Library Metadata     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 178)
Journal of Management Information Systems     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 77)
Journal of Religious & Theological Information     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 15)
Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults     Open Access   (Followers: 23)
Journal of Research Practice     Open Access   (Followers: 29)
Journal of Scientometric Research     Open Access   (Followers: 14)
Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 106)
Journal of the Association for Information Systems     Open Access   (Followers: 28)
Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association     Open Access   (Followers: 84)
Journal of the Institute of Conservation     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 26)
Journal of the Medical Library Association     Open Access   (Followers: 161)
Journal of the Society of Archivists     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 30)
Journal of the South African Society of Archivists     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 6)
Journal of the Southern Association for Information Systems     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Journal of the University Librarians Association of Sri Lanka     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 14)
Judaica Librarianship     Open Access   (Followers: 6)
Kansas Library Association College & University Libraries Section Proceedings     Open Access   (Followers: 13)
LASIE : Library Automated Systems Information Exchange     Free   (Followers: 26)
Libellarium : journal for the history of writing, books and memory institutions     Open Access   (Followers: 8)
LIBER Quarterly : The Journal of the Association of European Research Libraries     Open Access   (Followers: 53)
Library & Archival Security     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 62)
Library & Information Science Research     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1028)

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Journal Cover International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems
  [SJR: 0.297]   [H-I: 38]   [8 followers]  Follow
   Hybrid Journal Hybrid journal (It can contain Open Access articles)
   ISSN (Print) 0218-8430 - ISSN (Online) 1793-6365
   Published by World Scientific Homepage  [118 journals]
  • Reusable Coordination Components: Reliable Development of Cooperative
           Information Systems
    • Authors: Eva Kühn
      Abstract: International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems, Ahead of Print.
      Today’s emerging trends like factory of the future, big data, Internet-of-things, intelligent traffic solutions, cyber-physical systems, wireless sensor networks, smart home, smart city and smart grid raise new challenges on software development. They are characterized by high concurrency, distribution and dynamics as well as huge numbers of heterogeneous devices, resources and users that must collaborate in a reliable way. The management of the interactions and dependencies between the participants is a complex task posing massive coordination problems. The here proposed approach is twofold: (i) to analyze similarities in the communication and synchronization behavior of such applications and to identify coordination patterns; and (ii) to give a precise specification of them by means of a suitable coordination model which enables the development of coordination pattern-based software components as solutions. The vision is to compose advanced cooperative information systems from proven, configurable, reusable, generic components that run on a suitable target platform, in order to reduce software development time, risks and costs. In this paper we delimit the idea of “coordination patterns” from other related pattern approaches and motivate the need for a well-defined model to specify them. Several coordination models to achieve this goal are discussed, and the advantages of a new coordination model termed the “Peer Model” are pointed out. The feasibility of the approach to identify coordination patterns, to model them and to provide generic components that can be reused in different scenarios through configuration and composition is evaluated by means of a coordination pattern found in several industrial use cases.
      Citation: International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems
      PubDate: 2017-01-09T10:10:04Z
      DOI: 10.1142/S0218843017400019
  • Information Governance in Dynamic Networked Business Process Management
    • Authors: Mohammad R. Rasouli, Rik Eshuis, Paul W. P. J. Grefen, Jos J. M. Trienekens, Rob J. Kusters
      Abstract: International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems, Ahead of Print.
      Competition in today’s globalized markets forces organizations to collaborate within dynamic business networks to provide mass-customized integrated solutions for customers. The collaboration within dynamic business networks necessitates forming dynamic networked business processes (DNBPs). Networked business processes need to be supported by high quality information that is exchanged in a trustworthy environment. Information governance (IG) is described as a holistic approach to different mechanisms that support high quality and secure information exchanges. However, dynamism of networked business processes causes IG issues like unsecured information access and low quality information products to emerge. In this paper, a comprehensive list of the IG issues in DNBPs is identified through structured steps. The identified IG issues are characterized within four main categories, respectively, information product quality, information service quality, information security, and metadata issues. For the evaluation of the practical significance of the identified IG issues, a case study is conducted in a business network that provides mobility solutions. In this way, the paper closes the gap between studies on IG, which have mostly concentrated on IG within the borders of a single organization or IG in stable business networks, and studies on dynamic business networks, which have addressed the formation of dynamic inter-organizational interactions without paying rigorous attention to information artefacts that are exchanged.
      Citation: International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems
      PubDate: 2017-01-09T10:10:03Z
      DOI: 10.1142/S0218843017400044
  • Automatic Business Process Test Case Selection: Coverage Metrics,
           Algorithms, and Performance Optimizations
    • Authors: Kristof Böhmer, Stefanie Rinderle-Ma
      Abstract: International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems, Ahead of Print.
      Business processes describe and implement the business logic of companies, control human interaction, and invoke heterogeneous services during runtime. Therefore, ensuring the correct execution of processes is crucial. Existing work is addressing this challenge through process verification. However, the highly dynamic aspects of the current processes and the deep integration and frequent invocation of third party services limit the use of static verification approaches. Today, one frequently utilized approach to address this limitation is to apply process tests. However, the complexity of process models is steadily increasing. So, more and more test cases are required to assure process model correctness and stability during design and maintenance. But executing hundreds or even thousands of process model test cases lead to excessive test suite execution times and, therefore, high costs. Hence, this paper presents novel coverage metrics along with a genetic test case selection algorithm. Both enable the incorporation of user-driven test case selection requirements and the integration of different knowledge sources. In addition, techniques for test case selection computation performance optimization are provided and evaluated. The effectiveness of the presented genetic test case selection algorithm is evaluated against five alternative test case selection algorithms.
      Citation: International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems
      PubDate: 2016-12-16T10:10:52Z
      DOI: 10.1142/S0218843017400020
  • A Survey on Lightweight Authentication Schemes in Vertical Handoff
    • Authors: Ikram Ali, Mohammad Faisal, Sohail Abbas
      Abstract: International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems, Ahead of Print.
      Lightweight authentication is one of the solutions proposed in order to reduce the time required for authentication during vertical handoff across heterogeneous networks. Reducing the handoff latency is considered to be a challenging issue. It arises when a user requires maintaining its service continuity while traveling across heterogeneous networks. For example, a mobile user may change access networks while being engaged in different scenarios, such as browsing Internet, using real-time applications or collaborating in cooperative information systems. Delay in the vertical handoff creates many problems, i.e. packet loss, service interruption, security problems, etc. Fast and lightweight authentication schemes are always tempted in such application domains because of many benefits, for instance seamless and efficient handoff, service continuity, guaranteed quality of service (QoS) and suitability for real-time applications while maintaining security. Various techniques have been proposed in this domain to reduce authentication delay. However, these methods do not fully address all the issues in the problem domain; for example, these methods have deficiencies in terms of security, monetary cost, signaling cost and packet latency. In this paper, a comparative study of different lightweight authentication methods is presented but the main focus of this work is one of the different implementations. An overview of major problems and their solutions are presented along with their strengths and limitations. Different emerging research areas are also presented in the domain of lightweight authentication in the vertical handoff.
      Citation: International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems
      PubDate: 2016-11-28T01:55:37Z
      DOI: 10.1142/S0218843016300011
  • Guest Editorial: Cooperative Information Systems in the Digital Age
    • Authors: Georg Weichhart, Michael Rosemann
      Abstract: International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems, Ahead of Print.
      Cooperative information systems (CIS) are at the core of a digital economy that is dedicated to providing hyper-connected citizens with access to intuitive and sophisticated technology. No longer are commercial applications the only driver of development activities, but wider societal and individual deployment areas are now explored. CIS researchers have for more than two decades studied the nature and requirements of cooperative systems linking latest technologies with hybrid user bases. However, the current opportunity-rich landscape of digital technologies such as mobile and social computing, advanced data analytics, robotic process automation or smart devices has triggered entire new, exciting research questions. In light of this setting, the 23rd International Conference on Cooperative Information Systems took place within the context of the 14th OnTheMove Federated Conferences and Workshops in Rhodes, Greece, in October 2015. This Special Issue features the carefully selected and comprehensively reviewed best papers from this event.
      Citation: International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems
      PubDate: 2016-11-28T01:55:37Z
      DOI: 10.1142/S0218843017020014
  • A Schema-Based Approach to Enable Data Integration on the Fly
    • Authors: Daniela Nicklas, Thomas Schwarz, Bernhard Mitschang
      Abstract: International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems, Ahead of Print.
      On-the-fly data integration, i.e. at query time, happens mostly in tightly coupled, homogeneous environments where the partitioning of the data can be controlled or is known in advance. During the process of data fusion, the information is homogenized and data inconsistencies are hidden from the application. Beyond this, we propose in this paper the Nexus metadata model and a processing approach that support on-the-fly data integration in a loosely coupled federation of autonomous data providers, thereby advancing the status quo in terms of flexibility and expressive power. It is able to represent data and schema inconsistencies like multi-valued attributes and multi-typed objects. In an open environment, this best suites the application needs where the data processing infrastructure is not able to decide which attribute value is correct. The Nexus metadata model provides the foundation for integration schemata that are specific to a given application domain. The corresponding processing model provides four complementary query semantics in order to account for the subtleties of multi-valued and missing attributes. In this paper we show that this query semantics is sound, easy to implement, and it builds upon existing query processing techniques. Thus the Nexus metadata model provides a unique level of flexibility for on-the-fly data integration.
      Citation: International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems
      PubDate: 2016-11-23T09:14:28Z
      DOI: 10.1142/S0218843016500106
  • Acentric Scheduling Strategy for SLA-Based Multi-Tenant Queries
    • Authors: Lida Zou, Qingzhong Li, Wenhao Li, Lanju Kong
      Abstract: International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems, Ahead of Print.
      The response time for multi-tenant queries is one of the most important indicators in the service level agreements (SLA). The service provider tries to optimize query scheduling strategy to finish queries of different tenants before the deadline to avoid penalty due to jeopardizing the SLA. With continuous expansion of tenants scale, peer-to-peer (P2P) structure becomes more and more popular in organizing and managing multi-tenant data. In this paper we propose an acentric scheduling approach for SLA-based multi-tenant queries according to the distribution characteristics of multi-tenant data. Our scheduling approach deploys multiple scheduling engines on the computing nodes in the cloud, where the computing node of each engine schedules its assigned queries, estimates whether these queries could be finished before the deadline, and migrates the queries that might jeopardize the SLA to another engine which can respond to it before the deadline. Since the high efficiency of the scheduling process is critical, we improve the balanced binary tree and use it to organize queries on each computing node. Using this structure, the online time complexity of the scheduling strategy is [math]. Our extensive experiments demonstrate that our scheduling strategy is sufficient to meet the high scheduling efficiency requirement, while the penalty cost can be reduced up to [math] compared with the benchmarking solution and with a better scalability.
      Citation: International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems
      PubDate: 2016-10-27T02:22:04Z
      DOI: 10.1142/S021884301650009X
  • Decidability and Complexity of Web Service Business Protocol Synthesis
    • Authors: L. Nourine, R. Ragab, F. Toumani
      Abstract: International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems, Ahead of Print.
      Automatic synthesis of web services business protocols (BPs) aims at solving algorithmically the problem of deriving a mediator that realizes a BP of a target service using a set of specifications of available services. This problem, and its variants, gave rise to a large number of fundamental research work over the last decade. However, existing works considered this problem under the restriction that the number of instances of an available service that can be involved in a composition is bounded by a constant [math] which is fixed a priori. This paper investigates the unbounded variant of this problem using a formal framework in which web service BPs are described by means of finite state machines (FSM). We show that in this context, the protocol synthesis problem can be reduced to that of testing simulation preorder between an FSM and an (infinitely) iterated product of FSMs. Existing results regarding close decision problems in the context of the so-called shuffle languages are rather negative and cannot be directly exploited in our context. In this paper, we develop a novel technique to prove the decidability of testing simulation in our case of interest. We provide complexity bounds for the general protocol synthesis problem and identify two cases of particular interest, namely loop-free target services and hybrid states-free component services, for which protocol synthesis is shown to be respectively np-compete and exptime-complete.
      Citation: International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems
      PubDate: 2016-09-19T07:32:04Z
      DOI: 10.1142/S0218843016500088
  • Template-Based Bitmap View Selection for Optimizing Queries Over Tree Data
    • Authors: Xiaoying Wu, Dimitri Theodoratos
      Abstract: International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems, Ahead of Print.
      Developing and exploiting flexible techniques for optimizing the evaluation of queries over loosely structured data (e.g. tree or graph databases) is of crucial importance for modern database applications. In this context, we consider a new type of views which can be materialized as compressed bitmaps over tree data. We introduce the concept of view structural template to define classes of views. We then define and address a novel view selection problem (called view class selection (VCS) problem) where the goal is to select classes of bitmap views in order to optimize the overall evaluation cost of all tree pattern queries (TPQs) that can be issued against a database while satisfying a space constraint and ensuring that all the TPQs can be answered using exclusively the materialized views. We show that the VCS problem is NP-hard and we design two heuristic greedy algorithms which iteratively generate new batches of candidate view classes and make them available for selection. Each algorithm uses a different view class expansion technique to enable the systematic generation of candidate view classes from classes with smaller templates. We run extensive experiments to evaluate both the effectiveness of the algorithms and their efficiency on real, benchmark and synthetic datasets. Our algorithms are able to suggest high quality selections of view classes in a reasonable amount of time.
      Citation: International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems
      PubDate: 2016-09-14T01:40:54Z
      DOI: 10.1142/S0218843016500052
School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences
Heriot-Watt University
Edinburgh, EH14 4AS, UK
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