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  Subjects -> SOCIOLOGY (Total: 603 journals)
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Academia y Crítica     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Acta Sociologica     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 38)
Acta Sociológica     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Acta Universitaria     Open Access   (Followers: 7)
Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, Social Analysis     Open Access  
Advanced Journal of Social Science     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Advances in Applied Sociology     Open Access   (Followers: 22)
Advertising & Society Review     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 15)
AFFRIKA Journal of Politics, Economics and Society     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 5)
African and Asian Studies     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 22)
African Identities     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 15)
African Sociological Review : Revue Africaine de Sociologie     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Ageing & Society     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 47)
Akademik İncelemeler Dergisi     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
AlterNative : An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 36)
Alternative Spirituality and Religion Review     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 13)
American Behavioral Scientist     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 25)
American Journal of Cultural Sociology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 22)
American Journal of Human Ecology     Open Access   (Followers: 14)
American Journal of Orthopsychiatry     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 9)
American Journal of Sociological Research     Open Access   (Followers: 19)
American Journal of Sociology     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 401)
American Sociological Review     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 344)
American Sociologist     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 16)
Análise Social     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
Anduli : Revista Andaluza de Ciencias Sociales     Open Access  
Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Sklodowska, sectio I – Philosophia-Sociologia     Open Access  
Annuaire du Collège de France     Open Access   (Followers: 6)
Annual Review of Sociology     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 320)
Anthropological Quarterly     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 68)
Anthropologie et Sociétés     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 11)
AntropoWebzin     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Antyajaa : Indian Journal of Women and Social Change     Hybrid Journal  
Anuari del Conflicte Social     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Applied Research in Quality of Life     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 12)
Arabian Humanities     Open Access   (Followers: 5)
Argumentos     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Arquivos do CMD : Cultura, Memória e Desenvolvimento     Open Access  
Arte, Individuo y Sociedad     Open Access   (Followers: 5)
Artes Humanae     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Arys: Antigüedad, Religiones y Sociedades     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Asian Journal for Poverty Studies     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Ateliers d'anthropologie     Open Access   (Followers: 7)
Atenea (Concepción)     Open Access  
Aztlan : A Journal of Chicano Studies     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 5)
Barn : Forskning om barn og barndom i Norden     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Behavior Analysis in Practice     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 15)
Behavioural Public Policy     Hybrid Journal  
Berliner Journal für Soziologie     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 12)
BMS: Bulletin of Sociological Methodology/Bulletin de Méthodologie Sociologique     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 4)
BOGA : Basque Studies Consortium Journal     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Bronte Studies     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 6)
Caderno CRH     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Cadernos CERU     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
Cadernos Zygmunt Bauman     Open Access  
Cahiers d'Asie centrale     Open Access   (Followers: 7)
Cahiers de l'Urmis     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Cahiers de recherche sociologique     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 6)
Cahiers québécois de démographie     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Cahiers Société     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
Canadian Ethnic Studies     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 2)
Canadian Graduate Journal of Sociology and Criminology     Open Access   (Followers: 8)
Canadian Journal of Sociology / Cahiers canadiens de sociologie     Open Access   (Followers: 10)
Canadian Journal of Women and the Law     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 3)
Canadian Review of Sociology / Revue Canadienne De Sociologie     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 12)
Canadian Social Science     Open Access   (Followers: 14)
Caribbean Studies     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 12)
Catalyst : A Social Justice Forum     Open Access   (Followers: 10)
Celebrity Studies     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 12)
CERN IdeaSquare Journal of Experimental Innovation     Open Access   (Followers: 5)
Chinese Journal of Sociology     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 5)
Chinese Sociological Review     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 3)
Chinese Sociology & Anthropology     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 11)
Chophayom Journal     Open Access  
Chrétiens et sociétés     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Ciência & Tecnologia Social     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Ciência & Trópico     Open Access   (Followers: 6)
Ciencia e Cultura     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Ciencia, Cultura y Sociedad     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Ciencia, Docencia y Tecnología     Open Access  
Cities in the 21st Century     Open Access   (Followers: 15)
Citizenship Teaching & Learning     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 9)
City & Community     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 39)
City, Culture and Society     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 26)
City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 33)
Ciudad Paz-ando     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Clepsidra. Revista Interdisciplinaria de Estudios sobre Memoria     Open Access  
Clio. Femmes, Genre, Histoire - Articles     Open Access   (Followers: 10)
Clivatge. Estudis i testimonis sobre el conflicte i el canvi socials     Open Access  
Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 18)
Commonwealth Youth and Development     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 4)
Communication Monographs     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 9)
Community Empowerment     Open Access  
Comparative Sociology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 42)
Comparative Studies in Society and History     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 54)
Configurações     Open Access  
Conflict and Society     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 4)
Conflicto Social     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Confluences Méditerranée     Full-text available via subscription  
Contemporary Family Therapy     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 3)
Contemporary Pacific     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 13)
Contemporary Sociology : A Journal of Reviews     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 36)
Contemporary Voice of Dalit     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 1)
COnTEXTES     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Contexts     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 6)
Contributions to Indian Sociology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 5)
Controversias y Concurrencias Latinoamericanas     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Cosmopolitan Civil Societies : An Interdisciplinary Journal     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Crime, Histoire & Sociétés     Open Access   (Followers: 9)
Criminologie     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Critical Discourse Studies     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 29)
Critical Horizons     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 4)
Critical Sociology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 38)
Critical Studies on Terrorism     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 47)
Cross-cultural Communication     Open Access   (Followers: 10)
Cuadernos de Marte     Open Access  
Cuadernos del CENDES     Open Access  
Cuban Studies     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 5)
Cultura y Representaciones Sociales     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Culturales     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Cultures & conflits     Open Access   (Followers: 7)
Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 10)
Current Sociology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 49)
Dalogue and Universalism     Full-text available via subscription  
Debates en Sociología     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Design and Culture : The Journal of the Design Studies Forum     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 29)
Dhaulagiri Journal of Sociology and Anthropology     Open Access  
Diferencia(s)     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Dilemas : Revista de Estudos de Conflito e Controle Social     Open Access  
DIMENSI : Journal of Sociology     Open Access  
disClosure : A Journal of Social Theory     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Distinktion : Scandinavian Journal of Social Theory     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 14)
Diversité urbaine     Full-text available via subscription  
East Central Europe     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 10)
Ecopolítica     Open Access  
Educação, Escola e Sociedade     Open Access  
Éducation et socialisation     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Eko-Regional : Jurnal Pembangunan Ekonomi Wilayah     Open Access  
Em Debate     Open Access  
Emotion Review     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 20)
Emotions and Society     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 2)
Empiria. Revista de metodología de ciencias sociales     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Enfances, Familles, Générations     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
Entramados : educación y sociedad     Open Access  
Entramados y Perspectivas     Open Access  
Environmental Sociology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 2)
Environnement Urbain / Urban Environment     Open Access   (Followers: 10)
Epos : Genealogias, Subjetivaçãoes e Violências     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Espacio Abierto     Open Access  
Espiral     Open Access  
Espirales     Open Access  
Estudios Geográficos     Open Access  
Estudios Rurales     Open Access  
Estudios sobre las Culturas Contemporáneas     Open Access  
Estudios Sociologicos     Open Access   (Followers: 7)
Estudos de Sociologia     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Ethnicities     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 26)
Ethnologia Actualis     Open Access  
Ethnologia Fennica     Open Access  
Ethnologies     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 4)
Études françaises     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 4)
European Journal for Sport and Society     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)
European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology     Hybrid Journal  
European Journal of Sociology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 40)
European Review of Applied Sociology     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
European Societies     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 15)
European Sociological Review     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 48)
Eutopía - Revista de Desarrollo Económico Territorial     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Evaluation     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 20)
Extensão Rural     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Facta Universitatis, Series : Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology and History     Open Access  
Families, Relationships and Societies     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 9)
Family & Community History     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 18)
Family Relations     Partially Free   (Followers: 15)
Feministische Studien     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)
Finance and Society     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Fokus pa familien     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 1)
Forum Sociológico     Open Access  
Frontiers in Human Dynamics     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Frontiers in Sociology     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Games and Culture     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 31)
Gender and Behaviour     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 9)
Genre & histoire     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Genre, sexualité & société     Open Access   (Followers: 5)
Good Society     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 3)
Grounded Theory Review : an International Journal     Open Access   (Followers: 6)
Group Analysis     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 4)
Hábitat y Sociedad     Open Access  
Health Sociology Review     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 14)
Health, Culture and Society     Open Access   (Followers: 13)
Heritage & Society     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 18)
Hispania     Partially Free   (Followers: 2)
Homo Ludens     Open Access  
Horizontes y Raíces     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Hospitality & Society     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 4)
Housing and Society     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 4)
Human and Social Studies     Open Access  
Human Architecture : Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge     Open Access   (Followers: 5)
Human Behavior, Development and Society     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Human Factors in Information Technology     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 38)

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