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Journal of Ecophysiology and Occupational Health
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ISSN (Online) 0974-0805
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  • New Analysis for Identification of Eye Diseases from the Blood Sample

    • Authors: B. Srilatha, V. Malleswara Rao
      Pages: 79 - 88
      Abstract: In the present day, many different parcel of ailments that can influence ordinary human life. One such illness is called diabetic. This will impact in two cases one is eating routine and the second one is heredities. Because of this diabetic malady, 80% of individuals it will begin impact from the eye and afterward remaining body organs like kidney, liver heart, nerves and so forth. So this proposition needs to separate the element of eye. From this element, it will give the anomaly of the proportion in seriousness level insightful. Because of this approach, it will save the vision in early stage furthermore it will give the alarm to the rest of the body organs. This proposition will begin gathering the constant pictures from the diagnostic centre. These pictures were taken from the fundus camera. These pictures are full of noise, raw and unprocessed pictures. So that, next stride needs to remove the noise from the pictures. In this venture, all different types of filters are used to remove noise and performance of all the filters are verified using different parameters like SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio), MSE (Mean Square Error), SSIM (Similarity Index), RMSE (Root Mean Square Error), PSNR ( Peak Signal to Noise Ratio). And after that next is feature extraction. They are veins, microaneysams, exudates, and optic disk for every element it is utilized best picture preparing calculations and at last gives gentle, direct, seriousness of the diabetic and this outcome is contrasted and glucose level estimation of similar patients. It was co-equal in both contextual investigations. On this task subsequently changed into completed, such a lot of evaluation like each functions regular and peculiar snap shots with their corresponding blood pattern and evaluation equations table and subsequently it turned into plot the graph blood sugar values Vs all of the functions normal and abnormal values.At last this will give straightforwardly eye ailment from the glucose values. So this proposed evaluation of software program will supply greater advantage for opthamologists to discover eye sickness from blood sugar ranges.
      PubDate: 2018-02-27
      DOI: 10.18311/jeoh/2017/14747
      Issue No: Vol. 17, No. 3-4 (2018)
  • The Effectiveness of Changing Lifestyle Education on Physical and Mental
           Health of Patients in Sanandaj

    • Authors: Sherareh Mefahkeri, Mahmoud Goudarzi, Noushin Hadizadeh
      Pages: 89 - 93
      Abstract: This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of changing life-style education on improving the physical and mental health of patients with cardiovascular disease. For this purpose, among patients referring to the cardiovascular clinic of Tohid Hospital in Sanandaj, in 2016,using random sampling, with available medical records, 30 subjects were selected in experimental and control groups (15 in the experimental group and 15 in the control group) and the age range was 20 and higher. For collecting data before and after training, the general health questionnaire by Goldberg and Hiller (1979) was used. The results of single-variable covariance analysis (ANCOVA) showed that there was no significant difference in lifestyle-based education on physical and mental well-being of normal people with cardiovascular disease (p>.05).
      PubDate: 2018-02-27
      DOI: 10.18311/jeoh/2017/18295
      Issue No: Vol. 17, No. 3-4 (2018)
  • The Role of Urban Spaces and Structures in Increasing the Social Vitality
           of Citizens with an Emphasis on Urban Design Approaches

    • Authors: Nasim Eisazadeh, Hassan Vahdani
      Pages: 94 - 103
      Abstract: As the greatest symbol of civilization, city has been found in order to provide human beings with safety, security, welfare, and composure; this human product has and will have a permanent and inclusive impact on his life. From the very beginning of life on earth, human beings have shown a desire for social life and living together. A close analysis of the process of economic, cultural, scientific and social developments throughout history reveals men’s insatiable need and quest for a society in which they can easily experience social institutions and products derived from collective life; Basically, it can be claimed that the birth and the development of human talents and abilities are the direct product of socialization and the use of diversity and multiplication of society. Therefore, humans have always tries to provide required social spaces for the development of scientific and specialized talents, for cultural exchanges and for spending leisure time. Machine life, continuous and permanent endeavors of citizen to enjoy family life, economic problems, and many other difficulties have made human beings procure comfort and psychological well-being through seeking social vitality. Thus, it is necessary for people to establish a vibrant community and make urban transform urban space into a safe place for the development of healthy social relationships and increase the community’s mental security by creating a joyful atmosphere with proper planning and matching the needs of the people, in order to finally escape problems, the ultimate results of which are mental disorders and psychological stress. The present study used documentary and library method in order to assess views; theories and topics related to the subject of research; then, it extract effective indicators for creating urban happiness. Required data was collected through field method (questionnaire, observation, interviews and field surveys); finally, some solutions have been presented in order to enhance the level of social vitality in the city.
      PubDate: 2018-02-27
      DOI: 10.18311/jeoh/2017/18296
      Issue No: Vol. 17, No. 3-4 (2018)
  • The Effect of Types of Market Entry Modes on Organizational Design in
           Hotels in Tehran Province

    • Authors: Samira Taheri, Mohammad Reza Moradi, Mohammad Ali Manafzadeh, Esmail Ghaderi, Soran Mowlaie
      Pages: 104 - 109
      Abstract: Nowadays, due to competition among organizations and companies in order earn more benefits; it has become particularly significant to dominate the existing resources. One of the strategic decisions in the market is market entry mode. Choosing a suitable competitive strategy depends on the company’s decision to enter the market before or after its rivals. The present study was carried out in order to examine the relationship among the variables of market entry modes and organizational design in hospitability industry. Regarding its objectives, the present research was an applied study, and in terms of collecting the required data, it was descriptive. The statistical population included all of the 127 hotels located in Tehran Province. Krejcie and Morgan Decision Making Model were utilized in order to determine the sample size as 96 individuals. The results of the present study indicated that all market entry modes (ownership, contract, and franchising) had a positive significant effect on organizational design. In fact, survival and growth of the company depends on successful entry of hotel to the market.
      PubDate: 2018-02-27
      DOI: 10.18311/jeoh/2017/18957
      Issue No: Vol. 17, No. 3-4 (2018)
  • Some Aquatic Macrophytes and their Metal Accumulation Potentiality

    • Authors: Jamshed Zaidi, A. H. Kha, Amit Pal
      Pages: 110 - 117
      Abstract: The present study analyses the potential capacity of aquatic macrophytes to accumulate heavy metals from contaminated waters of three different aquatic bodies namely Mahil Talab, Sumera Talab and Kothi Talab (lake). Four different macrophytes taken for study due to their abundance, are named as Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.), Hydrilla verticillata (L.F.), Chara spp. (L.) and Lemna minor (L.) Samples for the analysis of heavy metals were collected from these ponds during the period of October 2015 to September 2016. Five heavy metals named as Fe, Cd, Cu, Cr, Pb and Ni were analyzed in water, sediments and selected plant species which were abundant in water. The amount of metals and their accumulation status recorded in the studied macrophytes are arranged in the given sequence Fe>Pb>Cd>Cr>Cu>Ni. On the basis of metal concentration in different aquatic plants, water bodies and sediment, Pb and Cd was found to be target metal for the removal from the selected water bodies. The present experiments were carried out in the laboratory to analyze the Pb and Cd uptake capacity by above mentioned aquatic macrophytes. From the aspect of phytoremediation in present research, out of the four different macrophytes as above E.crassipes and Chara spp. may be considered as more affective for remediation of contaminated water bodies of Bundelkhand region especially for Pb and Cd removal.
      PubDate: 2018-02-27
      DOI: 10.18311/jeoh/2017/17923
      Issue No: Vol. 17, No. 3-4 (2018)
  • Relationship of New Products Development with Sales Strategy in Isfahan
           Insurance Companies

    • Authors: Esmail Ghaderi, Samira Taheri, Mohammad Reza Moradi, Mohammad Ali Manafzadeh, Soran Mowlaie
      Pages: 118 - 122
      Abstract: The present research has been designed and implemented to investigate the relationship between sales strategies and the development of new products in insurance companies in Isfahan. From the perspective of the method, this study is a descriptive study of the type of correlation, in terms of purpose, applied; in terms of collecting information, surveying is a time-cross-sectional one. The statistical population of this study includes 17 active insurance workers in Isfahan city. Reliability of the questionnaire was calculated by Cronbach’s alpha for the sales strategy equal to 0.940 and for the development of new products was 0.768. The final findings of SPSS software showed a significant relationship between the development of new products and their dimensions (technology, management, marketing, and commercialization) with sales strategies in insurance companies, among which the commercialization dimension, Had the highest correlation coefficient with sales strategies.
      PubDate: 2018-02-27
      DOI: 10.18311/jeoh/2017/19610
      Issue No: Vol. 17, No. 3-4 (2018)
  • Apoptotic Response of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells against Dose Dependent
           Exposure to Organophosphate Pesticide-Monocrotophos

    • Authors: Akriti Srivastava, Pankhi Vatsa, Shripriya Singh, Dipak Kumar, Aditya Bhushan Pant
      Pages: 123 - 130
      Abstract: The severe health implications associated with the exposure of organophosphate pesticides are highly pronounced owing to their indiscriminate use. Monocrotophos, a predominantly used organophosphate pesticide, is a hazardous chemical that predisposes the exposed population towards multiple health disorders. We investigated the toxic effects of MCP on human mesenchymal stem cells to ascertain its overall detrimental effects on the normal physiology. There was a remarkable reduction in the cell viability accompanied with increased oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunctions with the increasing exposure concentrations. The decreased cell viability is probably an outcome of monocrotophos induced apoptotic cell death indicated by elevated expression of Bax and caspase-3 and reduced BCl2 expression and as such calls for a stringent abatement in its haphazard use to prevent the incidence of many life threatening ailments.
      PubDate: 2018-02-27
      DOI: 10.18311/jeoh/2017/17922
      Issue No: Vol. 17, No. 3-4 (2018)
  • Relationship of Social Responsibility with Competitive Advantage in
           Sanandaj Governmental Banks

    • Authors: Khabat Ahmadi, Hadis Alipoor, Serveh Hejrat, Saeed Delfani, Soran Mowlaie
      Pages: 131 - 135
      Abstract: Social responsibility is one of the most important elements of the existential philosophy of organizations, so that the importance of observing it by organizations in comparison with other organizations can create a competitive advantage for them. In this paper, we try to examine the relationship of social responsibility with its four components (economic responsibilities, legal responsibilities, ethical responsibilities, and humanitarian responsibilities) with competitive advantage. This is an applied research and research method is descriptive of survey type and a questionnaire has been used to collect data. The statistical population of this research is the employees and clients of the National Bank of Sanandaj which were analyzed and analyzed using parametric statistical tests. The results of the research show that there is a positive and significant relationship between social responsibility and its components with competitive advantage, among which is the moral responsibility of the bank because it adheres to ethical principles and protects personal secrets and fair and non-discriminatory treatment with Its customers have the most relationship with a competitive advantage.
      PubDate: 2018-02-27
      DOI: 10.18311/jeoh/2017/19811
      Issue No: Vol. 17, No. 3-4 (2018)
  • The Effect of Organizational Structure on Employees’ Job Performance in
           Private Hospitals of Ahvaz

    • Authors: Hadis Alipoor, Keyvan Ahmadi, Salah Pouya, Khabat Ahmadi, Soran Mowlaie
      Pages: 136 - 140
      Abstract: The success of any organization depends on its performance. Any organization, office, section, group, system, or institute has a responsibility andeach organization can be said that has been created to conduct the particular task. Performance is also an activity, which is both conducted to do that task and also the result of the activity, in fact performance is pure result of person’s attempt, affected and changed by his abilities and characteristics as well as his perception of the responsibility and other factors.This study aims to determine the effect of organizational structure (structural aspects) on employees’ job performance of a private hospital in Ahvaz. This research is applied in terms of goal, and based on the manner of collecting data; it is descriptive of correlation-survey type. Statistical population includes all employees in the mentioned hospital in June, 2016 as 589 people, in which sample volume was calculated as 239 employees using Cochran formula. Research tool is theStefan Robbins questionnaire of 24 questions to measure organizational structure and Patterson questionnaire of 15 questions to evaluate job performance. To check the reliability of questionnaires, Cronbach’s alpha coefficient test was used, the value of which for organizational structure was obtained as 0.86 and for job performance as 0.81. To determine the validity, content validity was used. To analyze data, Pearson correlation coefficient, multi-variable regression and singlesample T, given data normalization, were used. The results indicate that organizational structure (structural aspects) has a significant negative effect on job performance of employees in a private hospital of Ahvaz. That means, as regulations and complexity in the level (vertical, horizontal, geographical), formality and organizational concentration is more, employees’ job performance reduces.
      PubDate: 2018-02-27
      DOI: 10.18311/jeoh/2017/19831
      Issue No: Vol. 17, No. 3-4 (2018)
  • The Relationship between Marital Satisfaction and Alexithymia

    • Authors: Sudabeh Darjazini, Maryam Moradkhani
      Pages: 141 - 152
      Abstract: Background and Purpose: Expressing feelings and emotions not only has an important effect on intimacy growth, but it is also an important factor in distinguishing satisfied couples from the dis-satisfied ones. Thus, the present study aims at investigating the relationship between marital satisfaction and feelings identification and expression among women. Methods: The present study was a descriptive-correlational study with a single-subject design conducted cross-sectionally. In the present study, as many as 325 married women participated (from four health medical centers that had the highest number of referrals). In the present study, ENRICH Marital Satisfaction Scale as well as 20-item Toronto Alexithymia Scale (TAS-20) was used. For determining the significance of the relationship existing between background variables, marital satisfaction, and alexithymia, the researchers applied independent t-test, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), and the Pearson correlation coefficient were respectively used. Findings: With respect to the marital satisfaction and women’s alexithymia, the results of one-way analysis of variance indicated no significant statistical difference in women’s mean marital satisfaction; (F = 1.381, P = 0.249) and (F = 1.836, P = 0.140) in terms of different ages, (F = 0.481, P=0.696) and (F = 2.309, P = 0.076) in terms of different ages of their spouses, (F = 0.423, P=0.655) in terms of different durations of marital life, (F = 0.612, P=0.608) and (F = 1.94, P = 0.122) in terms of different number of children, and (F = 0.61, P = 0.603) and (F = 0.557, P = 0.644) as for women who lived with either parents or relatives (either theirs or those of their husbands). Independent t-test indicated that the there is no significant statistical difference between marital satisfaction (t = 0.185, df = 321, and p = 0.853) and alexithymia (t = 0.776, df = 321, and p = 0.444) at different age groups. The results of one-way analysis of variance indicated that there is a significant statistical difference in the mean of marital satisfaction in the groups with different educational levels (F = 5.8, P = 0.003) and different economic statuses (F = 11.209, P = 0.003). Scheffe’s Test indicated that this statistical difference has to do with women who have a higher level of education than that of their husbands. Moreover, Scheffe’s Test indicated that this difference has also to do with women enjoying a proper economic status. The results of one-way analysis of variance indicated a significant statistical difference in women’s mean alexithymia in groups with different educational levels (F=4.369, P=0.013) and different economic statuses (F = 4.369, P = 0.005). Scheffe’s Test indicated that this statistical difference has to do with women who have a higher level of education than that of their husbands. Moreover, Scheffe’s Test indicated that this difference has also to do with women enjoying a proper economic status. Discussion and Conclusion: The findings of the present study indicate that if alexithymia is solved, one can expect improved marital satisfaction. Moreover, the different educational levels and economic statuses are likely to affect marital satisfaction and alexithymia.
      PubDate: 2017-12-27
      DOI: 10.18311/jeoh/2017/19837
      Issue No: Vol. 17, No. 3-4 (2017)
  • Community Composition and Threats Status of Ornithofauna of Bakhira Bird
           Sanctuary: A Wetland Ecosystem

    • Authors: Himanshu Mishra, Vikas Kumar, Ashish Kumar
      Pages: 153 - 163
      Abstract: Understanding the diversity and structure of bird communities is indispensable to delineate the importance of regional or local landscapes for avian conservation. The aim of the present study was to appraise community composition and threat status of avifauna of Bakhira Bird Sanctuary. The various species of birds were identified by using key references. During the study period 84 species of birds were identified. Maximum 15 species of birds were found to be belonging to order Anseriformes followed by minimum 2 species in Bucerotiformes and Gruiformes. We have enlisted 22 species of wetland birds in family Anatidae. However, only 1 species has been recognized in 11 different families. The documentation of the residential status of avifauna showed that 47 resident species (R), 28 migrant species (M) and 9 as resident migrant species (RM). According to the IUCN based categorization, maximum 86.90% species were recorded as least concerned (LC), followed by 1.19% endangered (EN), 4.76% near threatened (NT) and 7.14% vulnerable (VU). Guild based classification uncovered that maximum (44) birds were carnivorous and minimum (1) piscivorous. The result of our study concluded that Bakhira Bird Sanctuary is facing huge anthropogenic threats which include trapping and hunting of birds, habitat destruction by soil erosion, sedimentation and extension of crop fields, water pollution and eutrophication.
      PubDate: 2017-12-27
      DOI: 10.18311/jeoh/2017/19906
      Issue No: Vol. 17, No. 3-4 (2017)
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