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Universal J. of Medical Science     Open Access  
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Universal J. of Physics and Application     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
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Universal Journal of Public Health
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  • Is there Relationship between Pectoralis Minor Muscle Length and Shoulder
           Rotator Muscles Strength'

    • Abstract: Publication date:  May 2018
      Source:Universal Journal of Public Health  Volume  6  Number  3  Tuğba Kocahan   Bihter Akınoğlu   Çağlar Soylu   Özge Çoban   and Necmiye Ün Yıldırım   Problem Statement: In joint movement, agonist and antagonist muscle strength, as well as the length and the shortness of these muscles is an important parameter. Muscle shortness is one of the factor that responsible of sports injuries. Shoulder is one of the most injured joint in Judo. In this joint, determination of the relationship between muscle shortness and agonist-antagonist muscles strength will be effective to increase muscle strength, sportive performance and prevent sports injuries. Purpose of Study: This study was conducted to determine the relationship between pectoralis minor (PM) muscle length and shoulder internal(IR)/external(ER) rotation isokinetic muscle strength in Judo athletes. Methods: The study included 80 (56 males, 24 female) professional Judo athletes aged between 14-25 (mean 17,31±2,51). Isokinetic muscle strength was assessed by ISOMED 2000® device. Pectoralis minor length was evaluated using a flexible tape measure in resting position. The assessments were made bilaterally. Findings and Results: There was a strong and statistically significant correlation between the PM length and the shoulder IR and ER peak torque values at both angular velocities and both sides (p
      PubDate: May 2018
  • Assessment of the Daily Safety and Operations Huddle of a Pharmacy

    • Abstract: Publication date:  May 2018
      Source:Universal Journal of Public Health  Volume  6  Number  3  Kenneth M Komorny   Amy Rosenberg   and Emily McCleary   A daily huddle was tested in an academic medical center pharmacy department to see if it resulted in a positive impact on the safety culture and communication. The huddle is a short daily briefing conducted at shift change in a main pharmacy area with a dial in number for those not present in the main pharmacy area. The purpose of the huddle is to raise awareness of any current safety or operational issues. The effectiveness of the huddle was primarily tested through a targeted survey and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Patient Safety Culture Survey results. A survey evaluating daily huddle effectiveness had a 24% response rate. The majority of respondents indicated positive feelings towards the huddle: 58.7% indicated effective communication of information between shifts, 67% indicated effective communication of safety events, and 63% indicated effective communication of daily operational issues. Additionally, the department's AHRQ Patient Safety Culture Survey results improved following the huddle implementation. Departmental staff gave their work unit an overall safety score of the top possible answer, excellent, (vs. very good, acceptable, poor, failing) 11% of the time before the huddle began. Eight months after the huddle started, the number of respondents answering with the top possible score increased to 23% (p
      PubDate: May 2018
  • Appraisal of HIV/AIDS Information and Usefulness among Senior Secondary
           School Students in Zaria Town, Kaduna State, Nigeria

    • Abstract: Publication date:  May 2018
      Source:Universal Journal of Public Health  Volume  6  Number  3  Suleiman, M. S.   A study to appraise HIV/AIDS information and its usefulness among senior secondary students in Zaria town, Kaduna State of Nigeria was undertaken. Senior secondary school students in Nigeria are mostly teenagers and are more often than not interested in sexual relationships. The adolescents at this period may want to test sex without much consideration of the end result of engaging in such actions. It may be noticed that HIV/AIDS is one of the greatest challenges to sustainable economic, socio-cultural and political development of any civilization. It is acknowledged fact that the adolescents of today are leaders of tomorrow; therefore, for a meaningful sustainable development to be attained in any society, young people are required to live healthy lives. Therefore, social survey research was adopted for this research work. A sample of 240 students, across 8 selected senior secondary schools in Zaria town was used as the population sample. The questionnaires were coded and analyzed using the SPSS software. The data collected was then subjected to simple descriptive statistical analysis. The study revealed that majority of the respondents had knowledge of HIV/AIDS, but are reluctant to submit themselves to HIV/AIDS test. Most of the respondents are aware of the various mode of transmission of HIV/AIDS as well agreed that use of condom as a mode of prevention. It was also noted that the students' sources of information and their effectiveness were through posters and pamphlets. The study concluded by recommending that the government and other stakeholders should technically strategize on HIV/AIDS campaign initiative in secondary schools. HIV/AIDS policy should be initiated and implemented for sustainable development. As a matter of policy, all secondary schools in the state should have a functional HIV/AIDS club.
      PubDate: May 2018
  • Tensegrity Structure: Experimental Methodology for Wheelchair Design

    • Abstract: Publication date:  May 2018
      Source:Universal Journal of Public Health  Volume  6  Number  3  Carlos Mauricio da Costa Ramos   Raquel Barbosa Teixeira   and José Luiz Mendes Ripper   This experimental research is inserted in the universe of people with special needs and intends to develop a new technology to design the structure of wheelchair. This structure consists of a tensegrity module composed of bamboo sticks and tensioned cables and adopts all the anthropometric standards with the observance to the ergonomic studies and individual needs of the use of the wheelchair users. This new concept of structure design, as it is unprecedented, results in an innovative product and allows new interpretations and unfolding. This research also initiates a new interpretation of tensegrity by its application to orthotics for rehabilitation that is currently widely diffused in the plastic arts, architecture, but incipient in product design. The use of tensegrity can meet some needs as a favorable body adaptation due to the malleability of the structure that absorbs the more sudden movements that can cause discomfort, injury and bad accommodation of the user to the wheelchair, besides providing a product of low cost and of easy production , because the structure is assembled by fit and wired.
      PubDate: May 2018
  • A Report Based on Analysis of Posture and Occupational Health of Welders
           in Different Welding Units

    • Abstract: Publication date:  May 2018
      Source:Universal Journal of Public Health  Volume  6  Number  3  Das Suman   Banerjee Debamalya   and Mukherjee Shankarashis   Analysis of work posture of workers is an effective research area in manufacturing sector in India. Manufacturing plays a significant role to develop a country. Lots of human involvements are required to successfully execute the various operations involved in this area. Long manual working hours with traditionally designed tools and un-ergonomic work posture can cause musculoskeletal disorders and other occupational health problems among welders. Prolonged working hours exceed the physical capacity of the workers that causes' discomfort, physical fatigue, joints pain, swelling, strain, sprain of ligaments and soft tissues. Work related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSD) in the form of repetitive motion injuries, cumulative trauma disorders, body fatigue and strain injuries are very common health problems of workers of different small & medium scale welding units in our country. The productivity and cost benefits of welding units are highly related with the physical comfort of the welders. The data of musculoskeletal disorder of workers of welding units was collected evaluated and validated by using RULA, OWAS and Discomfort Questionnaire and a design solution suggested.
      PubDate: May 2018
  • The Sweat Factor in Bikram Yoga

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Mar 2018
      Source:Universal Journal of Public Health  Volume  6  Number  2  Bradley Y. Bartholomew   It is common ground that the practice of hatha yoga will yield many health benefits, both physical and mental. Much of the recent research on hatha yoga has focused on Bikram Yoga, which differs from other forms of hatha yoga by virtue of it being practiced in an elevated ambient temperature which occasions profuse sweating, and is generally referred to as 'hot yoga'. Much of the recent research tends to be negative about this form of yoga, for instance Bikram yoga doesn't assist in removing impurities from the body, doesn't increase aerobic fitness and doesn't yield any more benefits, physically or mentally, than other schools of hatha yoga. This article reviews the sweaty rituals that have evolved throughout human history, principally the Buddhist and Hindu practices, the Greco-Roman baths, the Finnish Sauna, Russian Bania, Islamic Hammam, Japanese Mushi-Buro, the African sweat huts, Irish sweat mounds and the Native-American & Eskimo sweatlodge, and it is shown that most of these sweaty traditions have a purification, rejuvenation and spiritual significance, and that human beings have a primary and primeval need to sweat. The fact that Bikram yoga resonates with this primeval need elevates it to a higher level than other schools of hatha yoga. The health benefits (both physical and mental) of profuse sweating are also presented, in particular that it rids the body of toxins such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and some pesticides and thus is a cleansing and rejuvenating process. But over and above the health benefits profuse sweating as a purification ritual is a major morale booster; it is a natural way to make us feel good and to make us feel good about our lives.
      PubDate: Mar 2018
  • Cancer Survivorship in General Practice - Barriers Encountered by General
           Practitioners in Ireland

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Mar 2018
      Source:Universal Journal of Public Health  Volume  6  Number  2  Marie O'Shea   and Claire Collins   Cancer survivors may experience a wide range of complex health issues as a result of their cancer type and treatment. With increased rates of health care utilisation compared to non-cancer patients, the transition back into the primary care setting post-cancer treatment can be difficult for both GPs and patients to navigate. To identify the current barriers encountered by GPs in Ireland in the area of cancer survivorship, an online survey of GPs was undertaken. A total of 514 completed surveys were analysed, a response rate of 18.2%, which is typical of response rates from GPs in Ireland and internationally. The majority of GPs had never attended a survivorship course, conference or workshop. Only 17.2% and 19.7% of GPs respectively considered that they had enough information on the possible long-term issues from cancer treatments. Further education on cancer survivorship and improved access to services for GPs is necessary in order for the healthcare system in Ireland to be prepared to provide improved cancer survivorship care.
      PubDate: Mar 2018
  • Psychosocial Safety Climate Predicts Health and Safety Status of Ghanaian
           Fuel Attendants

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Mar 2018
      Source:Universal Journal of Public Health  Volume  6  Number  2  Edward W. Ansah   Joseph K. Mintah   and Joseph K. Ogah   The purpose of this study was to determine the level of psychosocial safety climate (PSC) at fuel stations in Accra and test the paths via which PSC predicts health and safety of the attendants. We surveyed 876 conveniently sampled attendants from four major Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs). A questionnaire derived from three pre-existing ones (PSC-12, Job Content Questionnaire and Short Form Health Survey) was used for data collection. It yielded composite reliability between 0.91 and 0.95. Partial Least Squared-Structural Equation Model was used for analysis. Results shows a high risk of (36.08) PSC perception among the attendants. PSC directly, and indirectly, via the path of job resources, predict health and safety of the attendants. Job demands have significant direct influence on health and safety with its path being the strongest (r = -0.66) and most significant (t = 39.48, p = 0.00) compared with PSC (r = 0.16) and job resources (r = -0.12). The health, safety and well-being of the fuel station attendants appears to be preserved where management takes practical steps to raise PSC of the fuel stations and supervisor provides increased support for the attendants. An increase in PSC is most likely to cause increase in supervisor support to the attendants. In such stations, daily productivity is more likely to increase due to well-being of the workers.
      PubDate: Mar 2018
  • An Open-label Randomized Clinical Study to Compare the Effects of a
           Nutritional Supplement versus Vitamin E on Fibroscan Score in Nonalcoholic
           Steatohepatitis (NASH) Patients

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Mar 2018
      Source:Universal Journal of Public Health  Volume  6  Number  2  Shahed Ashraf   Jamshed Alam   Jahangir Alam Sarkar   Faiz Ahmed Khondaker   Yusuf Farhana   and Naila Atik Khan   Background: Despite the benefit of lifestyle changes, there is no standard treatment for Fibrotic NASH. However the concept of reversibility of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis with various natural biologically active compounds and antioxidant micro-nutrients is not new. Aim: The aim of this study was to compare effectiveness of Viusid® (a nutritional supplement) and Vitamin E in reducing steatosis and liver fibrosis score in patients with fibrotic NASH. Methods: 52 patients diagnosed with nondiabetic and noncirrhotic NASH on liver fibroscan were divided into 2 groups randomly and given Viusid® 3 sachets daily to 25 patients or Vitamin E 800 IU daily to 27 patients along with a hypocaloric diet and exercise for 3 months. Results: After 3 months treatment with Viusid®, as compared with Vitamin E, was associated with a significant reduction of both mean steatosis score (CAP value reduces from 286±16.3 to 208±18.5 dB/m in Viusid® group vs. from 278±14.4 to 253±12.1 dB/m in Vitamin E group; p
      PubDate: Mar 2018
  • The Factors Associated with the Delayed First Antenatal Care in the

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Mar 2018
      Source:Universal Journal of Public Health  Volume  6  Number  2  Hanna Horiguchi   and Minato Nakazawa   The maternal mortality ratio has decreased in many countries since 2000, but in the republic of the Philippines. World Health Organization recommends that the standards of antenatal care (ANC) should start as early as possible in the first trimester, while only 63.4% of pregnant women began the ANC within the first trimester. This study aimed to clarify socio-economic status and current situation regarding pregnancy, and to explore the factors associated with the timing of the first ANC in Leyte by comparing the women who took first ANC within first trimester (early ANC group) with the women whose first ANC delayed after 4 months of pregnancy (late ANC group). We visited 108 women who had pregnancy experience by opportunistic sampling and conducted the semi-structured interview. The early ANC group and the late ANC group were 76 and 27 respectively. Only one person did not take any ANC and 4 people did not remember the timing of first ANC. Monthly income and consultation with husband significantly differed between 2 groups. Around 15% women did not have accurate knowledge about determining pregnancy. In conclusion, it is necessary to spread the right and practical information about pregnancy and antenatal care in the community.
      PubDate: Mar 2018
  • A Systematic Review on Long Term Effects of Weight Loss Diet on Body
           Weight and Lipid Profile: Findings from Randomized Controlled Trials

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Mar 2018
      Source:Universal Journal of Public Health  Volume  6  Number  2  Nurul Umirah Abdul Manaf   Aryati Ahmad   and Noor Aini Mohd Yusoff   Various diets with different macronutrient compositions have been designed and practiced to achieve desirable weight loss. However, evidence on the benefits and risks of these diets over long- term duration on weight loss and fasting serum lipid is still scarce with different opinions and perspectives. A systematic literature search for relevant eligible trials was conducted on randomized controlled trials (RCTs) with parallel design that examined the effects of weight loss diet on body weight and fasting serum lipid, in overweight or obese adults aged 18 to 50 years old; focusing on calorie restriction with specific macronutrient distribution. Nine trials with a total of 1016 individuals fulfilled inclusion criteria. After 12 months, low carbohydrate diet (LC) showed significant increment in body weight (weighted mean difference, 1.22kg: 95% confidence interval (CI), 0.17 to 2.28, P=0.02) and triglyceride (TG) value (weighted mean difference, 0.11mmol/L, 95% CI: 0.02, 0.19, P=0.01). Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL-C) did not significantly change after both diets. In conclusion, the long term use of LC should be reconsidered due to unfavorable effect of LC on weight changes and TG. Nevertheless, more long term studies are warranted to confirm the efficacy and safety of these weight loss diets.
      PubDate: Mar 2018
  • Environmental and Psychosocial Factors into Polices Designed to Promote
           Drinking Water Consumption among Children and Adolescents

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Mar 2018
      Source:Universal Journal of Public Health  Volume  6  Number  2  Arely Vergara-Castañeda   María de los Angeles Peña-Farfán   Donovan Raúl Ríos-Hernández   Laura Martino-Roaro   Edgar Vergara C   César Jesús Sandoval-García   and Ma. Rosario Ayala Moreno   Low drinking water intake in Mexico is considered a public health problem due to its linkage with some other negative factors related to lifestyle and eating behavior. Choosing beverages is the result of the interaction between physiological mechanisms, common knowledge and social context; including social interaction, availability, convenience, marketing, peer pressure and cultural practices. Until recently, there was limited interest on these ecological factors related to water consumption in Mexican children and adolescents. Understanding the relationships among this population habits and psychosocial or environmental factors, which shape drinking behavior, will enable the identification of specific populations at the risk of low water intake and allow to understand the problem of low drinking water consumption and the need to consider this factors while planning an strategy or policy to improve water intake among children and adolescents. In Mexico, one sixth of the population has no access to drinking water and almost 40% lack basic sanitation. These figures are worse in marginalized vulnerable urban communities where it has been suggested that only 18% of children and adolescents reach water consumption recommendations. As this population spends most of their time in schools and home, these places should been considered key places to promote water consumption as long as the availability, quality of water, sociodemographic conditions, water security, and social norms/cultural behaviors being ensured. Despite drinking water promotion has gained a global spotlight and even though numerous campaigns and policy interventions to promote water intake has been considering for creating population-wide improvements in health behavior, there is a need to innovate campaigns and widespread government public health initiatives through a novel approach which involves multicomponent environmental modification. Thus, in this paper, we provide an overview of the major environmental and psychosocial factors related to water consumption behavior that should be considered to guarantee a better impact of drinking water policies.
      PubDate: Mar 2018
  • Seroprevalence of Hepatitis A Virus in Children and Adults

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Jul 2018
      Source:Universal Journal of Public Health  Volume  6  Number  4  Tekin Karsligil   and Mervat Saeed   Hepatitis A is the most common form of acute viral hepatitis in the world. Major geographical differences in endemicity of hepatitis A are closely related to hygienic and sanitary conditions and other indicators of the level of socioeconomic development. In this study we aimed to investigate the seroprevalence of hepatitis A for adults and pediatric in university hospital- Gaziantep, and to demonstrate the relationship between various socio-demographic data and seropositivity. Serum samples were investigated by ELISA method for Anti HAV IgG and Anti HAV IgM. A total of 102 individuals, 55 male and 47 female, were included in the study. Anti HAV IgG positivity was detected in 87(85.3%), anti HAV IgM positivity was detected in 2 (2.0%). There weren't any significant gender differences in HAV IgG. By analysis according to the age, Anti-HAV IgG seropositivity increased with age. Although there was no significant difference in HAV IgG seropositivity according to the types of drinking water supply, HAV IgG seropositivity was detected in a less percentage in individuals who drink the commercial water. In Turkey HAV infection has been shifted to older ages than younger age. The disease is more complicated in advanced age than younger people. We recommend the importance of applying the vaccine.
      PubDate: Jul 2018
  • Biomolecular Aspect of Apoptosis Pathway: Caspase-8 and Caspase-9 on

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Jul 2018
      Source:Universal Journal of Public Health  Volume  6  Number  4  Theopilus Wilhelmus Watuguly   Objective: The Polyphenol compound of Phaleria macrocarpa has potential as an anticancer agent, and it has shown to inhibit lung carcinogenesis. The objective of this study was to elucidate the role of polyphenol induced apoptosis via caspase-8 and caspase-9. Methods: Balb/c mice were randomly divided into 2 groups: Group 1: control group with administration of sterile aquades and group 2: treatment group with administration of 50 mg polyphenols. The development of lung tumors was confirmed by observing post-operation tissue at week 8, 17 and 26. The expression of caspase-8 and caspase-9 were assayed. Data was analyzed using Kruskal-Wallis, Mann-Whitney, one way ANOVA, Post hoc LSD test, with a significance level of p < (0.05). Results: Administration of 50 mg polyphenols from P. macrocarpa extract, showed inhibition of lung carcinogenesis through increased expression of caspase-8 and caspase-9 in the treatment group at week 8, 17 and 26 (p = 0.000). Conclusion: The administration of poliphenol from P. macrocarpa extract was shown to effectively inhibited lung carcinogenesis through increased of caspase-8 and caspase-9 in mice strain Balb/c.
      PubDate: Jul 2018
  • Intra-subject Variability of Impact Shock of Foot on the Ground during
           Walking and Running Activities

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Jul 2018
      Source:Universal Journal of Public Health  Volume  6  Number  4  Graziella Aghilone   and Massimo Cavacece   Aim: The intra–subject variability is evaluated by a deterministic acceleration model in the frequency content between walking and running activities. The usefulness of this research is to explore the dependence of peak acceleration of foot on different pedestrian's velocity. Method: The mathematical model can be represented in time domain as a sum of Fourier harmonic components. The mathematical approach is applied to fit the accelerations of the foot, acquired during the impact shock of the human body on treadmill during walking and running activities at different speeds. Spectral analysis evaluates the frequency field of impact shock during walking and running activities. Results: The fitting of experimental data, by a mathematical approach, offers the analysis of the peak force of the foot on the ground, the dynamic acceleration factor (DAF) and the activity rate harmonics during walking and running activities. Conclusion: Marked differences in vertical accelerations are illustrated between walking and running activities. Recommendations could be deducted with regard to the dose of impacts that can be beneficial or detrimental to human health.
      PubDate: Jul 2018
  • The Effectiveness of Health Information Technology on Promoting Medication
           Adherence in Adults with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2: A Systematic Review

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Jan 2018
      Source:Universal Journal of Public Health  Volume  6  Number  1  Claudia Jorge de Sousa Oliveira   Helena José   Alexandre Castro Caldas   and Carolina Gonçalves Venda   The objective of this review is to identify the effectiveness of health information technology on promoting medication adherence in adults with diabetes mellitus type 2. More specifically, the review questions are: What is the effectiveness of health information technology on promoting medication adherence in adults with diabetes mellitus type 2' What is the effectiveness of health information technology for enhancing medication adherence in adults with diabetes mellitus type 2 on quality of life' What is the effectiveness of health information technology for enhancing medication adherence in adults with diabetes mellitus type 2 on hospital readmissions'
      PubDate: Jan 2018
  • Evaluation of Nutritional Status in Relation to the Cognitive Performance
           of Medical Students at Oman Medical College

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Jan 2018
      Source:Universal Journal of Public Health  Volume  6  Number  1  Firdous Jahan   P.J.Joseph Francis   Rizwan Qasim   Zaid Mukhlif   and Zoya Shaikh   Objective: Dietary assessment to describe eating practices and asses the nutritional status of students in relation to the cognitive performance of students by Mini-Mental State Examination. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted using a food frequency questionnaire, Mini mental state examination, anthropometric measurements, and blood analysis for measuring hemoglobin(Hb) and glucose levels. Third year medical students of Oman medical college Sohar campus (Sample size, N=80) were involved in this study. Statistical Analysis was done using the food frequency, MMSE and blood analysis data to study the dietary patterns, nutrition status and cognitive performance of the students. Results: The data revealed low intake of legumes, eggs and red meat (mutton/beef), hence low protein intake by majority of students. 47.5% of the students consumed only two meals in a day. 20.9% of the students were underweight, 13.4% were overweight and 9% were obese. Physical inactivity was present in 51.2% of the students. Low hemoglobin (Hb
      PubDate: Jan 2018
  • Validation of the Declared Withdrawal Periods of Antibiotics

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Jan 2018
      Source:Universal Journal of Public Health  Volume  6  Number  1  Razia Khatun   Abdul Jabbar Howlader   Shamim Ahmed   Nazrul Islam   Khorshed Alam   Shariar Haider   Mohammad Showkat Mahmud   and Md. Amirul Hasan   Drug residues in poultry and poultry products are becoming an alarming or burning concern for public health because of improper use of drugs/feed additive, or failure to observe drug withdrawal period, non-existence of restrictive legislation and lack of consumer awareness in the poultry industry. The declared withdrawal periods and safe level/tolerance level of any antibiotics will be stay in same points. The aim of the study was to validate the declared withdrawal periods and to see whether there is any alteration of these declared withdrawal periods that farmers are practicing in in-situ and ex- situ condition in Bangladesh context. For this, a total of 2100 broilers and 2100 eggs were collected from different markets of poultry rich area in seven divisions of Bangladesh. Seven different drugs such as Enrofloxacin, Oxytetracycline, Ciprofloxacin, Sulfonamide, Chloramphenicol, Gentamycin, Furazolidone were used as Maximum Residue Limit (MRL). In case of Enrofloxacin, Ciprofloxacin and Sulfonamides residues persist in broiler meat after the declared withdrawal periods, on the other hand Oxytetracycline, Cloramphenical and Gentamycin maintains the withdrawal period as per stated but the Furazolidone disappears for broiler meat before the declared withdrawal periods. It was found that 55% poultry samples remain above MRL during 1-3 interval period's in the validation of withdrawal period indicates not safe for human health. It can be concluded that lack of observation of withdrawal period might be a common practice given the high level of antibiotics in the poultry farm of Bangladesh.
      PubDate: Jan 2018
  • Prevalence of Worm Infection in Relation to Body Mass Index in Children of
           5-10 Yrs of Age in Tehsil Narowal, Pakistan

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Jan 2018
      Source:Universal Journal of Public Health  Volume  6  Number  1  Muhammad Abdul Shakoor   Imtiaz Ahmad Khan   Hajira Ahmed   Mahpara Safdar   Zaheer Ahmed   and Asma Afreen   Aim: To assess the magnitude of worm infections, their type and to correlate the impact of worm infections in children with their body mass index. Method: The study was carried out on school going children for 5-10 years of age in Tehsil Narowal, District Narowal, and Pakistan. They were of different age groups with lower socio economic status. 406 children randomly selected from various government and private schools from the various union councils for both genders (male and female). Early morning fresh stool samples were collected in sealed labeled plastic containers with lid and analyzed microscopy for the presence of eggs/ova/larvae or worm infections in laboratory. Anthropometric measurements were taken at the spot by using measuring scale for weight and height along with their mid arm circumferences. Body Mass Index was calculated and compared with standard percentile charts for age and gender. Results: 145 (35.71%) children found with various types of worm infection. 56 (35.67%) and 89 (35.74%) children were positive with helminthes male and female respectively in the studied population. Sixth and seventh year of age in both male and female were more susceptible for the infestation. Taenia saginata was the more common found organism in gastrointestinal tract of male population and Giardia lamblia in female among the children of studied area. 137 (94.48%) children were infected with the single intestinal worm while only 8 (5.52%) children with more than one intestinal worm. 57.24% had lower, 41.4% had normal and only 1.4% had above normal BMI among infected children. Majority (65.9%) had normal, 27.2% had lower than normal, and 6.9% had above normal BMI found among non-infected children. Conclusion: From the results of present study it can be concluded that intestinal worms play significant role in reducing anthropometric measurement of school going children. The factors including personal hygiene, dietary habits, type of drinking water, animals and pets keeping, overcrowded and congested living environment, large family members, toilet facility, toilet trainings, personal hygiene awareness, PICA habits and lack of de-worming contributes largely towards the worm burden in the children. A single cause is not only the attributing factor to reduce the anthropometric measurements.
      PubDate: Jan 2018
  • Impact of Health Education on Awareness of Sedentary Lifestyle as
           Predisposing Factor to Cardiovascular Diseases among Secondary School
           Principals in Zone 4 Nigeria

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Jan 2018
      Source:Universal Journal of Public Health  Volume  6  Number  1  Adetoun Tayewo Akinwusi   and Olusola Jacob Odelola   Skeletal muscles contract to produce body movement. Essentially, skeletal muscle activities affect the health of other organs such as heart, adipose tissue, brain. Engaging in physical exercise enhances proper functioning of body organs, thus promoting healthy living. Nigerian secondary school principals are not known to engage in physical exercise, probably due to poor awareness of its importance to their health. Meanwhile, a life of inactivity otherwise called sedentary lifestyle is a risk factor to cardiovascular disease. In recent times, cardiovascular disease has led to a significant increase in deaths among administrators in Nigeria. Therefore, this study examined impact of Health Education on awareness of sedentary life style as predisposing factor to cardiovascular diseases among secondary school principals in zone 4, Oyo State, Nigeria. The study adopted a single group pre-test-post-test quasi experimental research design. Participants were given Health education on sedentary lifestyle and related diseases as its resultant effect. A split plot analysis of variance (SPANOVA) was employed to find the difference in pre-test-post-test scores of the participants. The result showed that, health education given was effective. The participants' awareness level increased, thus willing to refrain from sedentary lifestyle and adopt a sporting lifestyle. It was recommended that, the Ministry of Education should mandate school managements to create time during the school hours for principals and members of staff to engage in physical exercises. Also, health education in which disease prevention will feature prominently should form part of the agenda during meetings of school principals.
      PubDate: Jan 2018
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