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Linguistics and Literature Studies
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ISSN (Print) 2331-642X - ISSN (Online) 2331-6438
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  • Immediate Phonological Features in Representing Regional Identity: Cases
           of Northern English Vowels in Contemporary Films

    • Abstract: Publication date:  May 2018
      Source:Linguistics and Literature Studies  Volume  6  Number  3  Qu Changliang   In Roman Jakobson's phonological framework of language, although distinctiveness of the phonological units (phonemes as well as distinctive features) is most widely known for its nature of "mediacy", i.e. they fulfill the role of meaning differentiation as signifiants that do not have any direct signifiés, it is their "immediacy" that highlights the last stage of his six-decade-long study of language sound, showing that certain phonological features, mostly non-distinctive, carry direct rather than indirect information that forms an important part of the communication. Features of any linguistic variety may be investigated socio-historically. While the globalized age offers unprecedentedly more opportunities for the English learners in China to be exposed to the English varieties, it is necessary for the English language teaching to give enough socio-historical interpretation to these varieties and their features, especially when they do appear in contemporary popular media. This essay exemplifies the socio-historical role of certain phonological features by illustrating their presence in some typical English films produced in the recent two decades and aims to help understand the cultural implicature of these features so as to offer a bridge to more efficient communication.
      PubDate: May 2018
  • Architecture as Meaningful Language: Space, Place and Narrativity

    • Abstract: Publication date:  May 2018
      Source:Linguistics and Literature Studies  Volume  6  Number  3  Nikolaos-Ion Terzoglou   A semiotics of architecture should focus on the process of the production of meaning through the articulation and organisation of space (and time). This articulation has, at least, a mental side (conception) and a material side (realisation). However, it would be misleading to try to reduce this double articulation into a formal logic alone (Pierce). Proxemics has convincingly demonstrated that spatial forms are part of social life and that their meaning depends on (and refer to) cultural values. We should study and think of the semiotics of space in the broader context of a semiotics of culture, insofar as its system of signs aims at the production of cultural meaning that is part of a code of social hierarchies and distinctions. In this paper, I propose a preliminary intersection between semiotics, literary theory and modal narratology. To decipher the social values that are inherent in spatial forms we need not only a general theory of their interpretation but also a theory of their manner of telling, their narrative structure, their plot, and how this plot is anchored and activated into specific and determinate social chronotopes. A possible strategy that would allow for the above intersection to take place could be a broad conception of the notion of 'text' that includes 'space' as a narrative process and as a discourse that follows a specific 'narrative grammar'. Therefore, architectural semiotics should lay emphasis on the process of the conception, design and production of spatial meaning as if this process was the writing of a social text, a codification of a narrative in space. In this paper, I will focus on a fragment of this project, examining some of the semiotic correlations and conceptual conjunctions between literature and architecture.
      PubDate: May 2018
  • The Semantics and Perception of ME Happiness in The Canterbury Tales

    • Abstract: Publication date:  May 2018
      Source:Linguistics and Literature Studies  Volume  6  Number  3  Agnieszka Wawrzyniak   The aim of the paper is to focus on the conceptual construal of ME happiness in The Canterbury Tales in order to reconstruct the culture in Chaucer's world. The analysis is based on The Canterbury Tales (The British Library Copies edited by Barbara Bordalejo). The paper will refer to the etymology of the lexemes that constituted the concept of mediaeval happiness as well as to their semantic similarities and differences. Furthermore, the attempt is also to juxtapose Middle English and Present Day English concepts of HAPPINESS thereby reflecting on two distinct cultures and hence on two distinct worldviews. In my study I will refer to works by Wierzbicka (1991, 1992) in an attempt to recreate world out of words (Bartmiński and Tokarski 1993).
      PubDate: May 2018
  • The Crisis and Construction of Identity in Joyce Carol Oates's Novel The
           Tattooed Girl

    • Abstract: Publication date:  May 2018
      Source:Linguistics and Literature Studies  Volume  6  Number  3  Wang Jing   In The Tattooed Girl, Joyce Carol Oates focuses mainly on the issue of identity, portraying the individual identity crisis and dramatizing racial and class conflicts between the privileged Jews and "white trash", a marginalized white group. This paper will study the issue of crisis and construction of identity in this novel from the following aspects: how the characters struggle with the identity crisis, in what ways they attempt to invent their own identity respectively and whether their attempts succeed. By analyzing the tragic ending of the novel, this thesis will discuss how the recurring theme in Oates's works that whether it is possible to escape one's destiny, manifests in this particular novel.
      PubDate: May 2018
  • Deliberative Dialogues: Deontic Turn-taking and Illocutionary Acts

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Mar 2018
      Source:Linguistics and Literature Studies  Volume  6  Number  2  Cristina Corredor   In deliberation, the participants' goal is to reach a common conclusion on the best available course of action. The aim of this contribution is to study some deontic aspects that characterize deliberative dialogues as a dialogical (and dialectical) practice. In particular, my exploration is an attempt to consider the way in which deliberation dialogues are structured by virtue of the obligations (commitments, duties) and rights (entitlements, authorizations) that participants assign and recognize each other, on the basis of their performed speech acts. Taking a point of departure in the Austinian approach to speech acts, I will contend that these normative positions, mutually recognized, contribute to determine the illocutionary effect of the utterances and thus the particular speech acts performed in the dialogue. Before that, I will suggest that the proposed claim put forward in a deliberative dialogue can be seen as a verdictive speech act, in that a proposal issues a practical judgement and commits the proponent to giving reasons in support of it. Moreover, whenever an agreement is reached on a proposed claim for action, a new exercitive speech act can be said to have been instituted in which the participants' joint commitment not only concerns the proposal agreed upon, but also the reasons given and the inferential license that connects both.
      PubDate: Mar 2018
  • A Cognitive Linguistics Study of Ekegusii Onomastics: The Case of the

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Mar 2018
      Source:Linguistics and Literature Studies  Volume  6  Number  2  Aunga Solomon Onchoke   This paper will try to explore the motivation behind a cultural specific metaphor in Ekegusii onomastics as seen from a cognitive linguistics viewpoint. The study aims to identify and explain the Ekegusii names of people describe their social-cultural values and account for the cognitive processes involved in their interpretation. The data included a list of Ekegusii names collected from a primary school in the heartland of Gusii and discussed by an interview panel of natives combined with the researcher's knowledge, intuitions, experience, and introspection, then they were analyzed using the Cognitive Metaphor Theory of Lakoff and Johnson. The results suggest that interpretations and usage of personal names create mental images, have a meaning, and reflect the culture of the Abagusii people. Also, it is evident that metaphors pervade the lexicon of Ekegusii onomastics and form networks by which they conceptualize people's names in concrete terms as events, evil spirits, achievements, behavior, objects, places, animals, plants and special occurrences. The study concludes by suggesting further research into socio-cultural metaphors and metonymy in onomastics in African and other languages.
      PubDate: Mar 2018
  • Morphologically Complex Words in Tai Khrang

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Mar 2018
      Source:Linguistics and Literature Studies  Volume  6  Number  2  Unchalee Singnoi Wongwattana   This article aims to study morphologically complex words in Tai Khrang spoken in the lower northern part of Thailand to examine their syntactic and semantic associations. Data were collected from Ban Nong Moet (Saen to Subdistrict, Khanuworalakburi District, Kamphaeng Phet Province) and Ban Sa Yai Shi (Nong Sano Subdistrict, Sam Ngam District, Phichit Province) as well as from naturally occurring texts such as local narratives and dialogues on Face book. The result shows that morphologically complex words in Tai Khrang are compounded in two strategies such as syntactic and semi-syntactic compounding strategies. As for the syntactic strategy, it is the most salient word formation in the language that is in a complex and sophisticated manner that could reflect the people worldviews and culture. They are performed in three syntactic categories such as synthetic, verb-verb and noun-noun compounds. The synthetic compounding operates like simple clauses, nominalization, and phrases. The verb-verb strategy displays serial verb constructions. And the noun-noun strategy displays different semantic associations graduating from more to less transparent.
      PubDate: Mar 2018
  • Kevin Davies and the Immanency in the Statement: Interpellation's Links in
           Literature and Society

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Mar 2018
      Source:Linguistics and Literature Studies  Volume  6  Number  2  Lee Patterson   Appearing after the legacy of Language school poetry and its imitators, Kevin Davies' work in his books Comp. and The Golden Age of Paraphernalia, can be read as a development of this poetry and identified with a new current in the form: Post-Language Poetry. To support this thesis, this essay finds value and relevance in Kevin Davies' work as it explores a range of aesthetic, cultural, and political issues. After analyzing concepts of authorial presence, interpellation, site-specificity, and the limits of the performative subject, this essay places a special importance on Althusserian Interpellation to illuminate these parallel issues. The essay concludes that Davies' work both produces codes and interrogates existing codes that render subjective images of the interpellated subject.
      PubDate: Mar 2018
  • Learners of English as a Second Language in Australia: Their Perceptions
           of Learning Environment and Factors Affecting Their Motivation

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Mar 2018
      Source:Linguistics and Literature Studies  Volume  6  Number  2  Masanori Matsumoto   This is a preliminary case study on students from a university in Japan learning English as a second language (L2). Three students volunteered to report weekly their motivational changes through a four-week English course provided by a language institute in Australia and to be interviewed twice at the beginning and the end of the course. The results show that learning experience in a new environment could help them develop the "L2 Selves"; however, the same factor they experience both inside and outside the classroom class could affect either positively or negatively their motivation. Also, their motivational intensity does not exhibit a significant change through the course. The study discusses the participants' actual experience of the primary difference in the contents of the English class between Japan and Australia may work positively their learning due to their desire to develop the English proficiency. However, the relationship between their perceptions of environmental factors reflected on their prior learning experiences and their motivational intensity could be more complex than we imagine. There may be a gap between learners' general perception of motivational factors and its influence on the deterioration and the development of motivation to learn.
      PubDate: Mar 2018
  • "There is a possibility that"...—Shell Nouns in Academic Writing by
           Chinese and Swedish

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Mar 2018
      Source:Linguistics and Literature Studies  Volume  6  Number  2  Yishan Gao   and Yi Zhang   This paper analyzes the use of a special type of abstract nouns, shell nouns, in two corpora consisted of 60 research articles published by scholars from China and Sweden. The frequency, classes, lexico-grammatical patterns and premodifiers of shell nouns are investigated in this study. The results indicate that though in general Chinese use significantly less shell nouns than their Swedish counterparts, especially in the cognition class of shell nouns, there is no significant difference between the two groups of authors in other classes, lexico-grammatical patterns or premodifiers of shell nouns. A possible explanation for the results is offered from the perspective of genre and discourse community. Pedagogical suggestions based on these findings are also illustrated for the teaching of shell nouns.
      PubDate: Mar 2018
  • The Dream Vision: The Other as the Self

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Mar 2018
      Source:Linguistics and Literature Studies  Volume  6  Number  2  Natanela Elias   The Middle Ages were hardly known for their openness or willingness to accept the other, however, research indicates that things were not quite as they seemed. In this particular presentation, I would like to introduce the possibility of resolving conflict (social, political, religious) via literature, and more specifically, through the use of the popular medieval genre of the dream vision.
      PubDate: Mar 2018
  • THE OBJECT OF LOVE IS FOOD Conceptual Metaphor in Selected Dholuo Benga
           Music of 1970s and 2000s

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Jan 2018
      Source:Linguistics and Literature Studies  Volume  6  Number  1  Lydia Akuno   Pamela Anyango Oloo   and Magonya Achieng' Lilian   One of the ways in which people express their emotions creatively in a society is through music. Benga music is a genre of Kenyan popular music that has been in existence from 1960s to date. Over the years, Dholuo benga music has seen artistes of 1970s like Ochieng Kabaselleh, Kasongo, Owino Misiani, and many others, giving way to more recent Dholuo benga artistes of the year 2000s like Atomi Sifa, Madanji Perimeter and Otieno Aloka. Dholuo is a Nilotic language spoken along the shores of Lake Victoria, Kenya. Aspects of language, like metaphorical expressions, usually vary over time due to external and internal influences on a speech community. Variations may also occur depending on different individuals' conceptualizations of emotions. Dholuo benga love songs are characterized by metaphorical expressions of love which are evidence of conceptual metaphors of love as perceived by Dholuo benga artistes over the decades. The aim of this comparative study was to establish similarities and variations in conceptualization of OBJECT OF LOVE AS FOOD by two male Dholuo benga artistes in Kenya, in two different time frames (1970s and 2000s). The study therefore hoped to explain language use in Dholuo benga love songs over time. The study was guided by Lakoff and Johnson (1980) Conceptual Metaphor Theory. The study population comprised a total of ten Dholuo benga love songs. Thirteen metaphoric expressions of love were extracted from lyrics of the ten love songs by Ochieng Kabaselleh and Atomi Sifa. Purposive sampling technique was used to select the love songs with required metaphorical expressions and saturated sampling technique was employed to get the requisite linguistic metaphors of love. The study findings are that there exist similarities and variations in the conceptualization of OBJECT OF LOVE IS FOOD between the 1970s and 2000s male Dholuo benga artistes.
      PubDate: Jan 2018
  • Subverting the Rational: An Appreciation of Cave Birds by Ted Hughes

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Jan 2018
      Source:Linguistics and Literature Studies  Volume  6  Number  1  Zhang Pinggong   This article aims to explore how in the Cave Birds poems Ted Hughes employs innovative poetic strategies to subvert the established and dominant value system of modern humanism and rational determinism. His critical attitude towards dominant value system of secular humanism and scientific determinism is constant, and his criticism about modernity enters a new stage in Cave Birds. The affirmation of what he considers as positive actually involves a good deal of abstraction from the complex predicament of human in modern world. The form of individuality and the wholeness of being that the poet propagates in Cave Birds basically demand a disengagement of consciousness from the outer reality. Through an internal and metaphorical expression of an individual's transformation, his poetic works attempt to defamiliarize the recurrent subject matter of Human-Nature relationship.
      PubDate: Jan 2018
  • Autonomous Learning and Principles for Deep Knowledge

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Jan 2018
      Source:Linguistics and Literature Studies  Volume  6  Number  1  I-Chin Nonie Chiang   This study aims to understand whether students have the ability to interpret the connotation of deep knowledge based on afterschool autonomous learning activities, habitual domains and principles for deep knowledge, and to use deep knowledge principles to analyze the relationship between the common autonomous learning activities and knowledge as well as students' rating on various types of deep knowledge. There were 71 participants in this study, and data were collected from group discussions and written records. The results showed that the students have the ability to understand the connotation of deep knowledge and propose a variety of autonomous learning methods. This study explored how these autonomous learning methods are closely connected to the deep knowledge of habitual domains based on the methods proposed by the students. The author also gave teaching suggestions in accordance with the participants' rating on the deep knowledge.
      PubDate: Jan 2018
  • The Use of Relative Clauses in Humanities and Social Sciences Research
           Articles: A Case Study

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Jan 2018
      Source:Linguistics and Literature Studies  Volume  6  Number  1  Tanju Deveci   and Roger Nunn   For authors to publish their research papers in peer-reviewed journals, it is important to provide a clear rationale for their study, have a strong methodology, interpret their findings effectively, and highlight the contribution of their study to existing literature. However strong these aspects of content may be, it is nonetheless authors' language and communication competence that influence whether or not the message is conveyed to readers successfully. To this end, authors need to be meticulous in sentence construction. Varying sentence complexity is one important consideration in this respect. Although relative clauses play a significant role in sentence complexity, they have received relatively limited attention from researchers investigating academic writing. This case study is an attempt to identify how authors in humanities and social sciences use relative clauses in their research articles. To this end, we investigated their use in research papers in five journals. Our corpus was comprised of 22,801 running words. Data revealed that relative clauses accounted for 40% of the total number of sentences in the corpus. They were more commonly used in the introduction and discussion & conclusion sections. Reduced relative clauses were also generally more common than full relative clauses, with comparatively frequent use in the results section. We also found that the active voice was more dominant than the passive voice in relative clauses in all sections except the methodology, discussion and conclusion sections. We discuss the results from the perspective of transitivity, and offer some recommendations.
      PubDate: Jan 2018
  • Beaver Fur and Deer Skin: Teaching Colonial American Literature in
           Taiwan's Context

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Jan 2018
      Source:Linguistics and Literature Studies  Volume  6  Number  1  Ya-Shu Chen   English majors in Taiwan mostly are not familiar with American literature, let along American literature in the colonial times. However, should one compare the colonial history of Taiwan in the Age of Exploration with that of America in the similar era by the Dutch, students are more willing to participate in class discussion, their learning attitude has changed from passive to more active, and the result is therefore more rewarding too. The main reason of such a result lies in that, in my opinion, both colonial histories of Taiwan and US are alike, that is, both were discovered by Europeans in the Age of Exploration, and there are similarities between the colonization processes in Tainan, Taiwan, and several Dutch colonies along the east coast of America. The two colonial powers used trade as a means, exchanging mink and deerskin with native Aborigines respectively and eventually led to the abolition of the two indigenous peoples. This study aims at exploring similarities and differences between Taiwan and US colonial histories through examining their colonization processes in detail. I hope that from such a comparison, putting colonial American literature in the context of colonial Taiwan, American literary history may become more interesting to Taiwan Students.
      PubDate: Jan 2018
  • A Comparative Study of the Effects of Task Repetition, Unguided Strategic
           Planning, and Pressured On-line Planning on the Accuracy of
           Upper-intermediate EFL Learners' Written Production

    • Abstract: Publication date:  Jan 2018
      Source:Linguistics and Literature Studies  Volume  6  Number  1  Navid Bayat   The present study set out to explore the effects of task repetition (TR), unguided strategic planning (USP), and pressured on-line planning (POP) on the accuracy of Iranian EFL Upper-intermediate learners' written production. To achieve this, 90 EFL learners from three intact classes of an English institute were randomly assigned to three experimental groups. All participants in three groups experienced a written narrative task based on a set of six pictures as pre-test, a week prior to the 10-session treatment, two weeks after it as post-test, and for the treatment itself as well. Participants in the first group (TR) were required to write a 150-word narrative based on the pictures they were shown and repeat the performance a week later. In the second group (USP), participants were given 10-minute planning before performing the narrative task. Finally, students in the third group (POP) were asked to perform the task within the time limit of 17 minutes. All participants' performance was then analyzed and measured in terms of accuracy. The findings of the study revealed that repeating the task contributed in improvement in accuracy. In a similar vein, giving students the opportunity for on-line planning resulted in a similar effect on accuracy in their output, whereas no statistically significant enhancement in accuracy was achieved in strategic planning group.
      PubDate: Jan 2018
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