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  • Literacy and Adult Education in Egypt: Achievements and Challenges

    • Authors: Mohamed M. Ghoneim Sywelem
      Pages: 793 - 799
      Abstract: This paper set out to examine the issue of Literacy and Adult Education in Egypt. The paper discussed the current status of Literacy and Adult Education in Egypt and the policies undertaken by either the Government or Non- government Organizations (NGOs) to provide programs to educate Adult Learners, and face the Illiteracy problem which remains one of the principal issues that limit the development and social transformation in Egypt. The paper followed the descriptive research method, and it concluded with some recommendations to explore alternative ways of improving quality and practice of Literacy and Adult Education programs under the rubric of lifelong learning. It argued that Literacy and Adult Education programs should help adult learners to improve their lives as individuals and as positive members in the community, especially after the Egyptian Revolution which called for “Aish, Horreya, Adala Egtema'eya!” or “Bread, freedom, social justice!”.
      PubDate: 2015-06-03
      Issue No: Vol. 3, No. 7 (2015)
  • Analytical Comparison of Swarm Intelligence Optimization versus Behavioral
           Learning Concepts Adopted by Neural Networks (An Overview)

    • Authors: Hassan M. H. Mustafa
      Pages: 800 - 806
      Abstract: Generally, in nature, non-human creatures perform adaptive behaviors to external environment they are living in. i.e. animals have to keep alive by improving their intelligent behavioral ability to be adaptable to their living environmental conditions. This paper presents an investigational comparative overview on adaptive behaviors associated with two diverse biological systems (Neural and Non-Neural). In more details, intelligent behavioral performance of Ant Colony System () in order to reach optimal solution of Traveling Sales-man Problem (TSP) is considered. That's investigated herein versus concepts of adaptive behavioral learning concerned with some animals (cats, dogs, and rats), in order to keep survive. More precisely, investigations of behavioral observations tightly related to suggested animals, supposed to obey discipline of biological information processing. So, Artificial Neural Network () modeling is a relevant tool to investigate such biological system observations. Moreover, an illustrative brief of optimal intelligent behaviors to solve is presented. Additionally, considering effect of noisy environment on learning convergence, an interesting analogy between both proposed biological systems is introduced. Finally, performance of three learning algorithms shown to be analogously in agreement with behavioral concepts of both suggested biological systems' performance.
      PubDate: 2015-06-04
      Issue No: Vol. 3, No. 7 (2015)
  • Model of Teaching Writing in Arabic to Raise Students’ Environmental
           Awareness Attitude

    • Authors: Aceng Rahmat
      Pages: 807 - 812
      Abstract: The objective of this research is to develop of teaching writing model, to improve the ability of writing, and to improve the students’ awareness attitude toward the environment. The study used research and development approach proposed by Borg and Gall with the genre method. Learning Arabic through the genre method gives the emphasis on the language use in accordance with the functions of language. The model of teaching material development integrates the knowledge of writing, written material and caring attitude. The techniques used in this teaching writing are formulating the hypothesis, collecting the data, analyzing the data, and constructing the findings with the emphasis on caring attitude. The method used in the development of this model of teaching materials was the procedural model proposed by Borg & Gall. Procedural model is a descriptive model that describes the flow or the procedural steps to be followed to produce teaching materials. The stages in the procedural model include: (1) research and gathering initial information, (2) planning, (3) development of initial product format, (4) the initial trial, (5) revision of the product, (6) field trials, (7) revision of the product, (8) field test, (9) the revision of the final product, and (10) the dissemination and implementation. The model was tested in a Madrasah Aliyah in Jakarta. Test results show that t-observed is 12.23 and the t-table at 0.05 significance level is 1.70. The t-observed is greater than the t-table. This means that there is a significant difference between the learning achievements before and after the use of Arabic language teaching materials integrating the values of environmental concerns. In conclusion, these materials can improve student learning outcomes and effective to use in learning the Arabic language that integrates the attitude values concerning the living environment.
      PubDate: 2015-06-06
      Issue No: Vol. 3, No. 7 (2015)
  • The Experiences of Female Principals in the Gauteng Province

    • Authors: Michèle Schmidt; Raj Mestry
      Pages: 813 - 821
      Abstract: Gender bias towards South African female principals remains a problem and compelling issue. The South African Constitution addresses gender equality, yet women still do not experience equal rights in practice. Using a theory of intersectionality, this study highlights the experiences of three Coloured South African female principals and how they negotiated various challenges and obstacles that they were faced with in their day-to-day running of their schools. Using openended questionnaires and semi-structured interviews, it was found that the principals’ strong upbringing and family support, and sound educational background paved the way for them to become effective leaders despite numerous challenges. The results provide a significant contribution to the small body of literature employing intersectionality theory as well as the literature around female principals’ experiences in South Africa. Sub-intersectional themes emerged providing a deeper understanding of their experiences, challenges and successes. These contextual themes examine the impact of social networks that include family and friends as well as professionally and types of discrimination and stereotyping on their experiences as principals.
      PubDate: 2015-06-05
      Issue No: Vol. 3, No. 7 (2015)
  • Barriers in Teaching Learning Process of Mathematics at Secondary Level: A
           Quest for Quality Improvement

    • Authors: Kaniz Fatema Pia
      Pages: 822 - 831
      Abstract: Mathematics is critical and significant to recognize the computerized world and match with the newly developing information technology knowledge in and is penetrating everywhere in the world. Considering the interrelation of mathematics and science Bangladesh Education Policy, 2010 prioritize mathematics education. However, in spite of this understanding of its importance the overall performance of students in mathematics is unsatisfactory and the number of students in science discipline quality of education. The main focus of the research is to find out the existing barriers in teaching- learning process of mathematics of grade IX-X. The research questions are to reveal the major problems in the teaching- learning process of mathematics and propose possible solution in order to overcome these barriers. A mixed design approach (triangulation) was used to collect data from teacher and students involved in the teaching and learning of mathematics. It was found that the problems are multifaceted and accordingly the solutions require overall effort from all concerned stakeholders. The problems range from pedagogical, social, economic, administrative and policy aspect to attitude of students and teachers, competence of teacher, and the overall teaching learning process. I believe this study will have a contribution in endeavor of identifying some of the major factors which obstruct the teaching and learning of mathematics and thereby towards possible solution. It could be also used as an initial work for those who are interested to do further studies in this area.
      PubDate: 2015-06-09
      Issue No: Vol. 3, No. 7 (2015)
  • The Competence of Teachers Embedded in the Classroom and Child Education
           Programs in Jordan, and It’s Compatibility with the Required
           Competence of Teacher in the Age of Information Technology

    • Authors: Nahil M. Aljaberi
      Pages: 832 - 843
      Abstract: The aim of this study is to determine the competencies and technological roles of teachers who are able to employ technology in education and keep themselves up-to-date with the requirements of the era of information and communication technology. Moreover, it aims to identify the presented image of the teacher and his/her roles as reflected by the teacher education programs courses (namely, Child Education and Classroom Teacher Education Programs) from the viewpoints of faculty members; as well as to determine the image of the teacher and his/her roles from the viewpoint of students enrolled in the Child Education and Classroom Teacher Education Programs. Additionally, the study aims to explore and identify the perceptions of students majoring in Classroom Teacher Education and Child Education and their future roles as teachers. The researcher based her work on theoretical papers, published research, and different literature in a collection of relevant data to extract facts and conclusions, as well as following the descriptive analytical method which relies on the quantities method to determine the roles of teacher preparation programs to grade students enrolled in Classroom Teacher and Child Education programs through a questionnaire which included (78) items. In order to determine the roles of the teacher through the student's views, the researcher employed another questionnaire consisting of (63) items. The same approach was also used in determining the students' perceptions of their future roles as teachers through a third questionnaire that consisted of (42) items. The scales have been applied to all students enrolled in Classroom Teacher and Child Education programs at Petra Private University. The study concluded that most of undergraduate courses for Classroom Teacher and Child Education programs have failed to reflect the competencies of the teachers and technological competencies of the preparation and design of teaching from the perspective of teachers. The study also showed that students have a blurry image of their future roles as teachers, and the roles of guidance and counseling and skills related to ethical and professional technology employing the most mysterious of these roles.
      PubDate: 2015-06-11
      Issue No: Vol. 3, No. 7 (2015)
  • An Investigation of Difficult Topics in the Senior Secondary School
           Mathematics Curriculum as Perceived by Student Teachers

    • Authors: Akanni Olubukola
      Pages: 844 - 848
      Abstract: This study investigates difficult topics in the senior secondary school Mathematics curriculum as perceived by student teachers. The study also investigated the influence of teachers teaching experience and gender differences on their perception of Mathematics topics. The participants consisted of 30 male and 30 female students drawn from two tertiary institutions in Lagos state through stratified random sampling procedure. The relevant data were generated using Mathematics Topic Difficulty Assessment Questionnaire (MTDAQ). The instrument has a reliability of 0.87 when tested during the pilot study. Five hypotheses were formulated and tested all at 0.05 level of significance. Results obtained indicated that there exist a significant difference of teachers teaching experience and there were no significant gender differences on their perception of Mathematics topics. Based on the findings of this study, some conclusions were drawn and recommendations were made.
      PubDate: 2015-06-12
      Issue No: Vol. 3, No. 7 (2015)
  • The Impact of Culture on the Nutritional Status of Children and Mothers
           Durrinng Recurring Food Insecurity: The Case of Boreicha Woreda (SNNPRS)

    • Authors: Abebe Demewoz Mengesha; Tadesse Tesssema Ayele
      Pages: 849 - 867
      Abstract: The major goal of this study was to assess the impact of culture on the nutritional status of children and mothers during the recurring food in security with a particular reference to Boriecha Woreda, Sidama Zone in the Sothern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State (SNNPRS). The research was conducted into two purposively selected peasant associations (Kebeles) of Boriecha Woreda, Yirba- Duuwancho and Belila-Medolomukeanqa. This selection was based on the two reasons. The first reason is that both kebeles have health centers where malnourished children and their respective mother’s receive health services. The second reason both kebeles are centers for the most drought prone areas compared to the other kebeles in the woreda. To achieve this goal, an attempt was made to collect the data in the study area by using different mechanisms. Qualitative research methodology was employed in the study for its appropriateness to explore the impact of culture on the nutritional status of children and mothers during the recurring food in security in the study area. However, with a limited degree the research was also utilized quantitative research method. Data was collected through the use of interview, focus group discussion, personal observation and document review. In the research areas, the targeted groups were pregnant and lactating women those who were suffering from malnutrition (under nutrition), mothers who had malnourished child, household head husbands of the family with the problem, the community elders, health post workers, religious leaders, aid delivery program workers were among others. The results obtained from the study suggest that the culturally patterned role and status of women and socially constructed gender hierarchy, in the study society, as well as the extended and unplanned family structures found directly contributed for the recurrence, frequency and prevalence of acute, moderate and severe malnutrition (under nutrition) among children (
      PubDate: 2015-06-12
      Issue No: Vol. 3, No. 7 (2015)
  • The Use of Information and Communication Technology in Technical and

    • Authors: Hassana Oseiwu Ali
      Pages: 868 - 872
      Abstract: The problem of this study is the implementation of ICT skills acquisition and its use in technical education for the realization of vision 2020. The purpose of this study therefore is to determine how the implementation of ICTS programmes has been in Primary and Basic Secondary schools? And to relate the interest of students/teachers in ICTs programmes in Primary/Secondary schools. The design of this study is descriptive survey. A simple random sample was used to select 180 Primary school pupils from 11260 population, 200 Junior Secondary students out of 5077and 150 teachers out of 768 from both the primary and secondary section of the UBE. The instrument for data collection was a valid questionnaire containing 25 items and was established at 0.76 reliability. The findings indicated that ICT education at the basic level of our education system is very low. There is also a general quest for computer education knowledge among pupils/students and teachers, and that, those who had little knowledge acquired such through private effort. Schools in the local government area are yet to be equips with computer facilities. There is significant difference between the attitudes, interest and quest for ICT education among pupils/students and teachers. Teachers also saw the need for compulsory computer education at both levels and considered it very important, said it is not yet important to use ICT knowledge for teacher’s employment, but consider it above average important for teachers in-training. It was recommended that attention be shifted to the basic level of education, through strengthening ICT programmes by monitoring implementation at the local government level especially the UBE schools.
      PubDate: 2015-06-14
      Issue No: Vol. 3, No. 7 (2015)
  • Statistical Analysis of Seasonal Temperature Variation and Thunderstorm
           Activity over Yola North-East Nigeria

    • Authors: Alexander Chinago Budnuka
      Pages: 873 - 880
      Abstract: The study examines in detail the relationship between seasonal temperature and thunderstorm occurrence in one hand and thunderstorm characteristics over Yola, North- East, Nigeria in the other hand. These include annual fluctuations, diurnal and trend. Data for this work were extracted from the archive of Nigerian Meteorological Agency, Oshodi Lagos from 1970 - 1999 for analysis. The result shows that season temperature does not influence or have any impact on thunderstorm (TS) occurrence during the study period. It was however discovered that range in seasonal temperature inversely affect TS occurrence. The study shows that 85.37% of the total TS occurrence during the study period is attributed to or accounted for by seasonal temperature range. The lower the range in seasonal temperature the higher the TS expected to occur. This implies that the higher the temperature range, the most likely TS will not occur. The result on annual TS occurrence shows a decrease in thunderstorm activity over time during the study period. It was observed that more TS tend to occur during wet season than during dry season. Thunderstorm activity within Yola exhibitsa mono peak or a single maximum in August. Further analysis reveals that the diurnal pattern of thunderstorm occurrence shows a late evening peak. The study also reveals among other things that there is statistical difference in diurnal, seasonal and annual variation of thunderstorm at 95% level of confidence in the study area. Finally, it was revealed that there is significant relationship between seasonal range in temperature and TS occurrence over Yola throughout the period of study The study also shows that there are months in the study area without a peal of thunderstorm. Full understanding of thunderstorm occurrence will be of great help to policy makers. Death resulting from TS strike will be avoided if children are prevented from playing during the peak hours and when range in temperature is low especially during rainy season.
      PubDate: 2015-06-15
      Issue No: Vol. 3, No. 7 (2015)
  • A Pedagogical Model to Deconstruct Videos in Virtual Learning Environments

    • Authors: J. António Moreira; Fouad Nejmeddine
      Pages: 881 - 885
      Abstract: In times of profound change, and given the breakneck speed at which information and communication technologies (ICTs) are developing, we often feel the need to (re)think the teaching-learning processes in an ever more plural school in which pedagogy has to be versatile and customised. The video is recognized by most teachers as a powerful communications medium which, in combination with other learning resources and instructional strategies, can perform a vital role in modern education. With the intention of renewing and innovating these processes, many teachers have sought to use videos. For pedagogical, technological or training reasons, however, this has not always been an easy task. The purpose of this paper is to reflect on these issues, presenting a pedagogical model to deconstruct videos in order to promote their efficient use in virtual learning environments.
      PubDate: 2015-06-15
      Issue No: Vol. 3, No. 7 (2015)
  • Use of Internet and Electronic Information Resources by Teachers and
           Students of Physiotherapy Colleges of Punjab, India: A Case Study

    • Authors: Rajeev Manhas; Asha, Gurmeet Kaur, Sapna Rani
      Pages: 886 - 892
      Abstract: Information is the key component of modern society and almost each and everything is based on the information and depends upon its resources. The emergence of national knowledge networks in some countries like India, National Knowledge Network exhibits the importance of information and its sharing among the stakeholders. The tools of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) like Internet and electronic information resources are their use, is the matter of daily concern now. These tools have also made tremendous impact on the academic activities of the faculty members, researchers, students and the other health sciences professionals. After the advent of these tools, a significant transition is seen in users’ approach and the way they seek information and the methods they use in research and learning activities. In such an academic environment, institutions of higher learning such as physiotherapy colleges are also doing their best to provide their users access to this vast reservoir of information. The present survey is an attempt to assess the effectiveness of the Internet and electronic information resources as an educational tool and to explore what role they plays in the educational system through an examination of the physiotherapy colleges of Punjab, India. The Internet and electronic information resources are inseparable part of today’s medical education system. The present study also explores the satisfaction levels of the users with Internet and electronic information resources facilities provided by the physiotherapy colleges under study. The questionnaire was distributed to 200 respondents i.e. teachers and students of the physiotherapy colleges affiliated (upto December 2012) to Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Faridkot, Punjab, India to get the responses relating to their use of Internet and electronic information resources. One hundred fifty seven questionnaires (64 teachers and 93 students) were received back. The overall response rate of the survey was 78.5%.
      PubDate: 2015-06-16
      Issue No: Vol. 3, No. 7 (2015)
  • Using Outline to Enhance Reading Comprehension in a High School English
           Language Classroom

    • Authors: Prof. Jose G. Tan Jr.
      Pages: 893 - 896
      Abstract: Reading has always been a key to successful learning. In every facet of human lives, reading plays an important role be it in sports, business, leisure or academe. In language learning for example, reading is undeniably a tool for learning. This has become an important part of learning a language. With the changing fortune of time, modern technology has taken its toll. The i-pod and x-box have probably overtaken great stories of the old times. As a result, today’s learners spend less time reading authentic texts. Studies have shown that it is common for students in high school to have difficulties with reading comprehension. Situations like this may jeopardize the development of learners’ language skills and strategies necessary for them to become proficient readers. Things must be considered in this changing time. Hence, a language teacher is faced with the burden to deal with classroom scenarios where reading comprehension is of vital interest. On this ground, one innovation is the use of outlining to enhance reading comprehension. The researcher envisions through this research to widen approach to a meaningful reading comprehension.
      PubDate: 2015-06-17
      Issue No: Vol. 3, No. 7 (2015)
  • Stakeholders’ Views on Science Education - Curricular Delphi Study
           in Georgia

    • Authors: Marika Kapanadze; Claus Bolte, Theresa Schulte, Ekaterine Slovinsky
      Pages: 897 - 906
      Abstract: To compare the different stakeholders’ views about science education and contribute to bridge the gap between science communities in Georgia, a Curricular Delphi study was conducted as part of the International PROFILES Curricular Delphi Study on Science Education in the context of the PROFILES project, funded from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme. The aim of this curricular Delphi study was to engage different stakeholders from science or science education related areas in reflecting on contents and aims of science education as well as in identifying desirable aspects and approaches of modern science education with regard to scientific literacy. This paper presents the results of two rounds of Curricular Delphi Study in Georgia. The results from the first and the second rounds of this national curricular Delphi Study, makes clear that Georgian stakeholders stress the importance of scientific contexts, connected with everyday life in both educational and out of school settings..
      PubDate: 2015-06-17
      Issue No: Vol. 3, No. 7 (2015)
  • The Project Approach Meta-Project: Inquiry-Based Learning in Undergraduate
           Early Childhood Teacher Education

    • Authors: Adam S. Kennedy; Erin Horne, Kelcie Dolan, Cindy Herrera, Naomi Malutan, Kathleen Noetzel
      Pages: 907 - 917
      Abstract: This article describes a case study involving the planning, phases, and outcomes of an exploration of the Project Approach led by four teacher candidates as part of an undergraduate early childhood teacher preparation program. Four undergraduate junior-level teacher candidates investigated the phases of the Project Approach during their junior year; this work took place during a 26-week learning module comprised of a seminar and part-time student teaching placement in a preschool setting. The candidates aligned the stages of their investigation with the phases of the Project Approach, which provided a framework complementary to that of action research, within which the candidates directed their own exploration of essential issues of early childhood pedagogy and curriculum. This investigation took place both at the Loyola and at a preschool in which the Project Approach was in use. Candidates assumed the role of the teacher and led actual projects with preschoolers; these served as culminating events for their project. In addition, at the conclusion of the module, candidates planned and hosted a session at which they shared documentation of their learning and outcomes of the investigation for an audience of university faculty and other teacher candidates. Candidates demonstrated an increased understanding of the Project Approach and a greater appreciation for its use with preschoolers. They also identified perceived advantages and challenges of implementing projects in various types of early childhood settings. Candidates exhibited high levels of collaboration with mentor co-teacher educators, and acquired knowledge and skills that informed their roles in guiding preschoolers through project planning and investigation during student teaching.
      PubDate: 2015-06-17
      Issue No: Vol. 3, No. 7 (2015)
  • How Teachers Experience Practical Reflectivity in Schools: A Case Study

    • Authors: Alcina Oliveira Martins; Maria Nazaré Coimbra, Isabel P. Pinto, Rosa Serradas
      Pages: 918 - 922
      Abstract: The aim of this study is to analyze the essential capacities and attitudes of teachers concerning the concretization of teacher’s reflective practices, by considering potentialities and constraints through the perceptions of teachers and supervisors, in a public school in Porto, Portugal. In the case study, a mixed research strategy was used, with the application of an enquiry questionnaire to basic school teachers, as well as interviews to their supervisors. The results show the importance of practical reflectivity and teachers’ collaborative work, based on continuous learning. As constraints, supervisors draw attention to a discontinuous reflection, limited to the initial moment of activity planning. On the other hand, teachers point out the problem of being overloaded by school daily tasks and a superficial evaluation of practices, which hinder the deepening of practical reflectivity.
      PubDate: 2015-06-26
      Issue No: Vol. 3, No. 7 (2015)
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