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Applied Physics Research     Open Access   (Followers: 6)
Asian Culture and History     Open Access   (Followers: 15)
Asian Social Science     Open Access   (Followers: 8)
Cancer and Clinical Oncology     Open Access   (Followers: 6)
Computer and Information Science     Open Access   (Followers: 14)
Earth Science Research     Open Access   (Followers: 9)
Energy and Environment Research     Open Access   (Followers: 12)
Engineering Management Research     Open Access   (Followers: 7)
English Language and Literature Studies     Open Access   (Followers: 21)
English Language Teaching     Open Access   (Followers: 31)
Environment and Natural Resources Research     Open Access   (Followers: 7)
Environment and Pollution     Open Access   (Followers: 12)
Global J. of Health Science     Open Access   (Followers: 10, SJR: 0.416, CiteScore: 1)
Higher Education Studies     Open Access   (Followers: 59)
Intl. Business Research     Open Access   (Followers: 7)
Intl. Education Studies     Open Access   (Followers: 10)
Intl. J. of Biology     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Intl. J. of Business and Management     Open Access   (Followers: 21)
Intl. J. of Chemistry     Open Access   (Followers: 12)
Intl. J. of Economics and Finance     Open Access   (Followers: 16)
Intl. J. of English Linguistics     Open Access   (Followers: 12)
Intl. J. of Marketing Studies     Open Access   (Followers: 20)
Intl. J. of Psychological Studies     Open Access   (Followers: 5)
Intl. J. of Statistics and Probability     Open Access   (Followers: 5)
J. of Agricultural Science     Open Access   (Followers: 12)
J. of Education and Learning     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
J. of Educational and Developmental Psychology     Open Access   (Followers: 17)
J. of Food Research     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
J. of Geography and Geology     Open Access   (Followers: 15)
J. of Management and Sustainability     Open Access   (Followers: 8)
J. of Materials Science Research     Open Access   (Followers: 8)
J. of Mathematics Research     Open Access   (Followers: 6)
J. of Molecular Biology Research     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
J. of Plant Studies     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
J. of Politics and Law     Open Access   (Followers: 11)
J. of Sustainable Development     Open Access   (Followers: 22)
Mechanical Engineering Research     Open Access   (Followers: 17)
Modern Applied Science     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Network and Communication Technologies     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
Review of European Studies     Open Access   (Followers: 11)
Sustainable Agriculture Research     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
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Journal of Politics and Law
Number of Followers: 11  

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ISSN (Print) 1913-9047 - ISSN (Online) 1913-9055
Published by CCSE Homepage  [41 journals]
  • The European and Russian Far Right as Political Actors: Comparative

    • Abstract: The article is devoted to the comparative analysis of the far right (nationalist) as political actors in Russia and in Europe. Whereas the European far-right movements over the last years managed to achieve significant success turning into influential political forces as a result of surging popular support, in Russia the far-right organizations failed to become the fully-fledged political actors. This looks particularly surprising, given the historically deep-rooted nationalist tradition, which stems from the times Russian Empire. Before the 1917 revolution, the so-called «Black Hundred» was one of the major far-right organizations, exploiting nationalistic and anti-Semitic rhetoric, which had representation in the Russian parliament – The State Duma. During the most Soviet period all the far-right movements in Russia were suppressed, re-emerging in the late 1980s as rather vocal political force. But currently the majority of them are marginal groups, partly due to the harsh party regulation, partly due to the fact, that despite state-sponsored nationalism the position of Russian far right does not stand in-line with the position of Russian authorities, trying to suppress the Russian nationalists. This is sharply contrasting with the situation with the far right in Europe, which are more well-established and institutionalized as political actors, using conventional forms of political activity. However, despite some differences with the European counterparts, the Russian far right have obvious potential as political actors, which can be realized under certain circumstances, enabling them to play more significant in the political system of Russia.
      PubDate: Tue, 11 Jun 2019 03:51:19 +000
  • Reviewer Acknowledgements for Journal of Politics and Law, Vol. 12, No. 2

    • Abstract: Reviewer acknowledgements for Journal of Politics and Law, Vol. 12, No. 2, 2019.
      PubDate: Fri, 31 May 2019 03:05:12 +000
  • A Brief Analysis of the Essence of Education and Human
           Ethics-Hegel’s View

    • Abstract: Education and ethics were like two sides of a coin. This was stated by Hegel in the early modern period. However, these two concepts are viewed separately in the contemporary era. Therefore, the objective of this paper is to analyze both education and ethics enabling the well-ordered society to understand the relationship between education and ethics. The methodology adopted for this study was descriptive based on the previous literature. Hegel pointed out that ethics is the essential requirement of human beings and the reasonable way of individual existence. Only when individuals become members of the state can they truly achieve freedom and liberation. Education should be ethical education, that is, education is the intermediary of the individual's free will to realize the ethical essence. Education should remove the individual's subjective capriciousness and individualism, make them integrate into the ethical entity constituted by the social system and historical tradition, and realize the individual's self-improvement in the ethical entity. Hegel's principle of the philosophy of law is a work of political philosophy, which contains abundant educational thoughts. By discussing the self-movement process of objective spirit, Hegel explains how to realize the reasonable existence of man, that is, the existence as ethics. Ethics is the essence of human determinacy, which refers to the unity of individual will and universal will. It is only as a member of the ethical entity that an individual can truly gain freedom and liberation. Hegel pointed out that the highest ethical entity is the state. The ethical nature of an individual is reflected in becoming a citizen of the state.
      PubDate: Fri, 31 May 2019 03:01:24 +000
  • Power of Arbitration Agreement

    • Abstract: Arbitration certainly plays a pivotal role in characterizing commercial relations that are of various kinds among individuals, and this, in turn, leads to make arbitration clause contained within contracts so as to settle disputes created by such contracts. It, in a way or another, aims at preventing litigants from recourse to a court of law. Instead, litigants should be fully committed to refer their disputes to a well-trusted arbitrator whose responsibility is to adjust their de facto or potential dispute, and should also be committed to put the arbitrator's judgment into effect. This paper sheds some light on determining the principle of power of arbitration agreement when an original contract is prepared. It provides the definition, the concept and the legal foundation of power of arbitration agreement.
      PubDate: Fri, 31 May 2019 03:00:17 +000
  • Rights of Interior Decoration Designer "A study in Light of UAE
           Federal Law No. 7 of 2002 on the Protection of Copyright and Neighboring

    • Abstract: This study includes the answer to the question that may be raised regarding the possibility of considering the design of the interior decoration as classified as protected works in the UAE law, and the consequent enjoyment by the designer of the literary and financial rights of the author. Paragraph 11 of UAE Federal Law No. 7 of 2002 on the protection of copyright and related rights refers to the design of decoration as one of the examples of the technical works mentioned by the legislator. The answer to the questions raised in this study is divided into two axes: the first is the technical framework and guarantee the historical development of the design, the role of the Arab design in the development of the design of the decoration and the definition of the designer and distinguish it from the architectural design. The second axis included the legal framework and included the conditions that must be met in the decoration design in order to enjoy legal protection, the rights of the decorator and then the legal protection of the right of the decorator.
      PubDate: Fri, 31 May 2019 02:58:51 +000
  • Forced Emergence of Title to Land Lots as a Phenomenon of Russian Law

    • Abstract: The paper studies the legal enforced emergence of private and public title of compulsory origin to land plots in the Russian Federation which is not typical for the European legal practice. The authors examine the causes and consequences of its appearance and note that this is due to the national specifics of Russia's transition to a market economy and a rule-of-law state. The article analyzes legal procedures for the forced reissuance of the right of permanent (unlimited) property use, the emergence of the right of common share ownership of citizens who are the owners of a premises (apartments) in multi-family residential house, the forced transfer to public property of heirless estate, redistribution of landed property among different levels of public authority, transfer of a land lot which cannot by law belong to a citizen or a legal entity to public property, as well as a number of others issues.The authors believe that the legal practice of the compulsory emergency of the right to own land plots is in many respects a necessary condi-tion for securing important public interests which is inadmissibility of the existence of an ownerless estate where condition may threaten life, health and other legally protected goods, the invasion of land in civil circulation, attraction of additional financial resources to the Federal, regional and municipal budgets through the collection of land tax (or rent payment in the case of forcing the owner of the property to include a joint leasehold agreement).
      PubDate: Fri, 31 May 2019 02:57:36 +000
  • The Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Inflation:
           Econometric Analysis and Forecasts in the Case of Sri Lanka

    • Abstract: There are several reasons why the dynamic interaction between FDI and inflation must be studied. First, Foreign Direct Investment is found as one of the important determinants of the process of economic growth and development of Sri Lanka. Therefore, the literature empirically examining the causal relationship between the inflation and FDI is significant because the rate of high inflation affects the inflows of FDI inflows into the economy of Sri Lanka and slows down the process of economic growth and development. The main objective of this study is to examine the linkages between FDI and inflation in Sri Lanka for the time periods from year 1978 to year 2017. The dependent variable of the model used in this study is Inflation and the independent variable of the model is FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). The data used in the model are the annual time series collected from Annual Report of Central Bank of Sri Lanka. The tools to analyze the data are graphical representation, Johansen Co-integration test, simple regression model, Residual Analysis, Stability Test, and Granger Causality Test. A long run relationship is found between the variables. The dependent variable: INF – Inflation is inversely related with the independent variable: FDI – Foreign Direct Investment. One-way causal relationship from FDI to INF is ensured. The forecast sample is ranged from 2009 to 2017. The simple regression model affirms the significant impacts of the FDI – Foreign Direct Investment on the INF – Inflation. The forecasting model derived from the simple regression model is rather incompatible to forecast the value of dependent variable (Inflation).
      PubDate: Fri, 31 May 2019 02:55:26 +000
  • The United Nations and Its Duty to Implement International Protection:
           Studying Different Situations in Three Different Continents

    • Abstract: The paper aims to investigate the role of UN through its human intervention to solve the national issues to save the human life from genocide, ethnic cleansing, war crimes practiced by some states against their own citizens. To achieve its aim, the study used the historical and descriptive approach to analyze data of three case studies; Syrian crisis, Somalian crisis, and Kosovo’s crisis, in which the states practiced Methods of repression and torture against their peoples to the extent that they needed essential intervention by the international community to stop the criminal massacres. Through the analysis of study it has been concluded that the UN does not apply human intervention principles to all states properly, and it is still affected by some powerful authorities. Finally, the study recommended that UN need to rethink its strategies that can enable human intervention be applied consistently and to all states their population suffer from disasters.
      PubDate: Fri, 31 May 2019 02:54:18 +000
  • The Balanced Obligation and the Basis for Compliance in International Law:
           Reflections on the Question of International Obligation

    • Abstract: In this essay, we use the implementation of multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) in developing countries (specifically, the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity in Ghana) to illustrate why and how States can implement international agreements and for that matter comply with international law without necessarily compromising on equally implementing effective policies to meet their domestic responsibility, particularly when such MEAs may be deemed by some as instruments that curtail the enjoyment of benefits from a State’s natural resources and endowments.The essay examines the nexus between compliance with international law (international obligation) and meeting domestic responsibility (particularly when the international treaty or agreement to be complied with seems to have some negative implications for the domestic population or State policy). Do States always have an incentive to comply with and execute their international obligations' Should the need for or argument against an international agreement or treaty necessarily lead to its abandonment by States' Can States effectively balance the execution of international obligation with meeting domestic responsibility' Should the effective implementation of a State’s international obligation be regarded as a zero sum for the State’s domestic responsibility' What should be the basis for compliance in international law' These are some of the few questions that this essay seeks to address.
      PubDate: Fri, 31 May 2019 02:53:04 +000
  • Discriminating the Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election

    • Abstract: This research identifies the most important factors that influenced how voters actually cast their votes in the 2016 presidential election. We conducted a canonical linear discriminant analysis of ANES data. Our findings suggest that Obama job approval and evaluations of whether the country was on the “right” or “wrong” track were the strongest determinants of voter choice. Specifically Clinton voters were more likely to approve of Obama and feel that the country was on the right track. In addition, Clinton voters were more supportive of the Affordable Care Act, to oppose the building of a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, to believe that the economy has improved since 2008. Clinton voters also were slightly younger, better educated, and more likely to be non-white.
      PubDate: Fri, 31 May 2019 02:51:49 +000
  • The Non-Proliferation Treaty in the Mirror of Contemporary International
           Public Order

    • Abstract: International law is aimed to control self-interest seekers’ behaviors with respect to very universal values which present foundations of the contemporary international community as a whole. The global pluralism may be considered as a product of international public order regulating common interests or needs. Achieving comprehensive results necessitate unified approaches to the most essential issues of international affairs such as non-proliferation of mass destructive nuclear weapons; however, paradoxical treatments in the context of nuclear international co-operations by influencer states show confusing directions against object and purpose of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. This paper through reviewing non-proliferation regime as a tool for global governance establishes that universal public policy requires nuclear-weapon states’ compliance from integrity of the Treaty, including disarmament, non-proliferation, and peaceful use. Therefore, selective approach as well as inconsistency to object and purpose of the treaty weakens the pillars of the international public order consolidated by peremptory norms of international law.
      PubDate: Fri, 31 May 2019 02:50:02 +000
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